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Why didn't MAN OF STEEL have post-credits scene - its executive producer really, really doesn't like then, reportedly.
See the King's original art for one of his many enduring creations with a new Artist's Edition from IDW.
Take an exclusive look at Valiant-Sized Quantum & Woody #1, the special one-shot in December!
Here's a look at a couple of previews starring Superman this week - Action Comics #36 and the send-off of Superman: Unchained.
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Everyone's favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is coming to Marvel Heroes as a not-quite-playable character.
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If the teasers we've been seeing for the last couple of weeks have all been for Secret Wars, here are 10 we don't expect to see.
The BATMAN ETERNAL co-writer tells a personal story involving Anole, Northstar and Nightcrawler.
Now we know what's going to happen to the New 52 DCU in April and May 2015. Yeah, okay... but THEN what? Here are the possibilities.
Yes, SPIDER-MAN AND THE X-MEN is really a thing, which means Skottie Young is going a variant cover to #1, and here is it.