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The Humble Bundle, Archie's first, will have proceeds going towards the CBLDF and the Hero Initiative.
The Civil Rights legend discusses the second volume of his autobiographical Top Shelf graphic novel, and the state of race relations in America
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Reggie Hudlin, Denys Cowan and Derek McDuffie set to revive company and comics characters, including Static.
The Marvel Universe is dead. Long live the Marvel Universe. We ask 10 questions we still have about SECRET WARS and the end of the current MU and t...
Three of the architects of the Marvel Universe as we know it offer their opinion and insight about the recent SECRET WARS announcement.
GEOFF JOHNS & JASON FABOK answer our questions about this week's JUSTICE LEAGUE #38, a superpowered Batman and March's DARKSEID WAR prologue.
Geoff Johns and Jay Fabok welcome three veteran DC artists for the special issue, as well as talk about new heroes joining the fold.
ALL of DC's April 2015 solicits and cover images under one URL.
The exclusive first review of Warren Ellis' take on Dynamite's public domain PROJECT SUPERPOWERS project.
The venerable comic book domain was 54 years old.
What does the father/creator/architect of the Marvel Universe think about Marvel Comics ending it. Here's what he has to say...
Marvel Comics has pulled the trigger - SECRET WARS will result in the end of the Marvel Universe as fans know it.
Marvel Comics has promised the "announcement to END all announcements." Watch and read as we see if they fulfill their promise.
DC is continues to roll out their April 2015 solicitations, and they've just released their BEYOND THE NEW 52 titles.
Andrew Kreisberg says episode will feature first supervillain team-up and the reveal of Flash to the world!
Bloodshot is reborn, Ninjak returns and Imperium rolls on in Valiant's April books.
The preview of this week's Wonder Woman only has an image of Donna you're already seen, but check out where the issue is headed...
Brian Bendis & Mike Oeming's creator-owned comic finally makes its way to live action.
The DC co-publisher talks about CONVERGENCE in detail for the first time and makes it clear he wants to win back fans of the pre-New 52 DCU.
Filmmaker Eric Drath talks about 1 of 1: Genesis, his film that explores how elite athletes approach the level of superheroes.
Learn about the secret tie-ins to this summer's SECRET WARS from years ago!