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The WIZARD OF OZ, 300, HARRY POTTER and MAGIC MIKE ... yes, MAGIC MIKE are some of the movie posters inspring the covers.
2014 is closing out strong in another up month - over 8% - over 2013.
Image and Skybound are rolling back the price of March's INVINCIBLE to 1975 levels to try to attract new readers.
Uh oh. Here's a first look at pages from next month's FF #642, launching the "End of FOUREver" arc.
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The actor Intagrammed an image of himself in what appears to be his Firestorm costume.
The Harbinger and Bloodshot writer takes time off to do what matters.World Food Programme
With the writer who wrote out Gwen Stacy returning to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Newsarama looks back ten people with tragic fates tied to the webcrawler.
"Busy schedule" is the reason Taylor is leaving the digital-first series.