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You had to know this was coming, right? So check it out and see of they pulled it off effectively.
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The Jason Rusch version of DC's Firestorm will join the the CW drama, along with the previously cast Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond.
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The CW has released a series of Flash cards .... no, not THAT kind, bios of most of the major characters from season one of THE FLASH drawn by com...
Former Marvel editor Andy Schmidt has news for aspiring comic book creators - his classes are now going to print with IDW.
Old Hob, Slash, Mondo Gecko, Herman the Hermit Crab, and Pigeon Pete get their own series out from out of the shadow of the Turtles.
Called “Chosen,” the new trailer introduces a new metahuman and some more hints at just who Harrison Wells is and what he wants out of Barry Allen.
Peter returns to teaching, but this time at the Jean Grey School in this new(ish) ongoing series.
According to the actor portraying him, John Trank's FF reboot will feature a VERY different Doom. In fact, his name won't even be VON DOOM.
What, the headline isn't enough? Yeah, there are some fan-favorite characters coming back to DC Comics.
Have you noticed how many young, new friends Batman is friending these days. We stake stock of the Gotham - the next generation.
It's an all out brawl in this first look of Marvel Comics' Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #7
DAWN OF JUSTICE is filming in Chicago, and we're getting images, video and potential clues (or misdirection) from the set.
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