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Secret Wars rends Marvel's universe -- and its comics line -- with some casualties and battlefield reports.
After news earlier that artist John Cassaday's run on STAR WARS ends with June's #6, comics veteran Stuart Immonen announced to take over with #7 i...
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According to its star Miles Teller, Josh Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR will likely feature a version of the team's traditional costumes.
Prepare to geek out with the creator of the hit family sitcom as we re-live the Most Awesome Decade Ever.
Newsarama reveals exclusively four more of the 20 variant covers featuring Howard The Duck to debut in April.
A variant cover to BATGIRL #41 featuring the Joker terrorizing Barbara Gordon strikes up scorn some fans and comics pros.
A look at the comics and collections Image is publishing in June 2015.
Marvel releases a new "motion poster" for the DAREDEVIL television series on Netflix.
THE FLASH's Heatwave, a.k.a. Dominic Purcell, signs on as part of the upcoming DC superhero team show on the CW.
Mark hamill has taken to YouTube with a message for fans regarding Free Comic Book Day.
ALL of Marvel's solicits and cover images for titles going on sale in June 2015.
Writer Cullen Bunn talks about LOBO's new tone and mood with a darker, more villainous main character.
ALL of DC's June 2015 solicits and cover images under one URL.
Peter Parker, the AMAZING Spider-Man is coming back. Here's a look at the most important changes Spidey has gone through over the years.
A detailed look at some of last week's series, and a look ahead to THE FOX #1.
DC Comics has now released their June 2015 Vertigo, Collectibles and Collections solicitations.
They're not calling it "Beyond" and they aren't even putting them in their own group anymore, but here's the DC June solicitations you didn't see l...
Landry Walker and Eric Jones’ DANGER CLUB concludes this March with not just an alternate cover – but an alternate ending!
SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS by Dan Slott and Andy Kubert tells the story of a happily married Peter and Mary-Jane Parker and their child that never...
ANGELA: ASGARD'S ASSASSIN team to do 1602: WITCH HUNTER ANGELA series tying into Secret Wars.
James Spader's Ultron gets his own solo AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON poster.
Valiant celebrates X-O MANOWAR's 25th anniversary amongst its June 2015 comic titles.
Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook plot out a southern gothic fairy tale for Dark Horse titled HARROW COUNTY.