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IDW Publishing has secured the rights to do a BACK TO THE FUTURE comic book series with original movie screenwriter Bob Gale.
BATMAN #42 featured the debut of an All-New Bat-vehicle for the new Dark Knight, as well as the surprise return of someone fans will be quite famil...
Unconfirmed reports indicate Marvel and Sony have found their Aunt May in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN film by Sony and Marvel.
With a TV series in development, the fan-favorite 'cosmic' creator is crafting a return to his creator-owned property.
Writer Jeff Parker explains how the JLU returns to battle 'anomalies' that were caused by the DC's Convergence.
Following up on Batman #41, this week's Batman #42 features a smiley, happy-go-lucky familiar figure. We try to figure it out.
Starting next week gamers can play as Batgirl in the prequel game "The Matter of Family," the first DLC to be released for Batman: Arkham Knight.
The Honest Trailers guys have finally gotten around to 2008's IRON MAN, and in their affectionate but snarky fashion demonstrate how it's an MCU ro...
Which Marvel heroes and villains have already made their MCU debut but slipped under your nose?
G.I. JOE: RETALIATION actress Elodie Yung has been hired to play Elektra.
Gabrielle Dell'Otto's variant cover for SPIDER-ISLAND #2 revealed.
Christopher Miller and Phil Lord are directing a STAR WARS standalone film focused on a young Han Solo.
Also Telltale Games announces plans for live performance of its Walking Dead story, and a new Fantastic Four TV spot.
We’ve got some EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes images from the HARK! A VAGRANT creator’s first book for kids.
A new ANT-MAN clip shows Paul Rudd's Scott Lang breaking into a safe.
Newsarama speaks to Fabian Nicieza about what it's like to return to Age of Apocalypse 20 years later.
Dark Horse has signed a multi-year overall deal for TV with Universal Cable Productions with multiple projects already named.
Check out an exclusive preview of Postal #5 from Image Comics.
Cartoonist Steve Rude has announced plans to bring back his two most popular heroes in a Kickstarter-funded newspaper strip.
Check out a pair of Dynamite previews for Swords of Sorrow #3, and Vampirella/Army Of Darkness #1.
New publisher Aftershock has announced its first wave of creative hires.
The All-New Batman gets a new ride -- let's hope he doesn't wreck it.
Audible to produce audio play based on Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez' LOCKE & KEY.