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Aquaman may not get the respect he deserves in and out of universe, so we have 10 reasons he should be praised.
The Jeff Smith-led Ohio convention announces its first group of special guests for the inaugural dates in October.
Before you dive into this week's JUSTICE LEAGUE #41 and the kickoff to "Darkseid War," get up to speed with our primer.
FURIOUS 7 director James Wan is confirmed to direct Warner Bros. AQUAMAN movie, due out in 2018.
Nick Bradshaw illustrates the latest Inhumans 50th Anniversary variant covers for July's CIVIL WAR #1.
Dark Horse has promoted several members of its editorial staff.
Warner Bros.' Greg Silverman talks about their superhero movie strategy compared to Marvel, the intent for dark BATMAN V SUPERMAN, and changes to W...
Marvel's Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson, talks about his surprising absence from CAP: CIVIL WAR and his future plans with Marvel.
A new Hulk and the Agents Of S.M.A.S.H. trailer introduces Hulk to the next generation of gamma-powered heroes.
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment unveil a trailer for the next film in the animated Batman Unlimited franchise, Monster Mayhem.
Sam Humphries talks about Marvel's newest power couple and how SECRET WARS changes their dynamic.
The finale of Jason Aaron and John Cassaday's inaugural STAR WARS arc adds some potential big new elements to STAR WARS canon.
James Gunn has announced the completion of his first draft of the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.
With the rise of online booksellers, digital comics as well as concerns like rising rent and wages, comic stores invest in grassroots efforts to st...
Playmation is a new interactive game system aimed at combining traditional toy play with a digital experience.
On July 1, Marvel will unveil it's post-SECRET WARS "All-New, All Different Marvel" titles in a free magazine distributed via comic stores.
DC has released a new five-page preview of MIDNIGHTER #1 ahead of its June 3 release.
Advance reviews of four titles coming out June 3 from Dark Horse, Image, Marvel & Valiant.
Marvel released a new ANT-MAN trailer showing more of Scott Lang's comedic side and funny friends.
Comics-to-TV veterans MAN OF ACTION in charge of animated series based on video game franchise MEGA MAN.
Newsrama speaks to Charles Soule about Inhumans: Attilan Rising #1 and beyond.