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Actor Tom Cavanaugh talks viewers through the characters that will make up the S.T.A.R. Labs on THE CW's THE FLASH.
Mattel and Warner Bros are continuing their toy license deal, extending into upcoming films and TV shows.
If you haven't read ORIGINAL SIN #3 yet, you're going to want to avoid this exclusive preview of next week's ORIGINAL SIN #4. Trust us.
The Arkham Knight, Rocksteady promises, is a 'brand new villain,' so nobody tell them about these other ten guys.
The artist talks about drawing Dick as he start his new career path in July.
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Reviews of new book hot of the presses, including WOLVERINE #8 and DC's latest new ongoing series debut issue.
The second trailer to the second FRANK MILLER adaptation has arrived.
Preview pages from the July limited series that will reveal Neil Gaiman's ANGELA is actually Thor and Loki's sister.
A week-long pop culture festival will take place all around New York City leading into the 2014 edition of the New York Comic Con.
An assortment of news, including Sonic the Hedgehog on the big screen and eleven TV series in development at Xbox Entertainment Studios.
The body count expands while the search for Uatu’s killer continues, and the writer talks about the unlikely duo of Doctor Strange and the Punisher...
What, you thought he was a DAREDEVIL villain only? The KINGPIN casts such a shadow over NYC's crime world, he's one of the greatest Spider-Man vill...
Here's a look at the trailer of BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT's all-new Batmobile, battle mode, which transforms the vehicle into a mobile tank.
Wilson Fisk has been added to the cast of the 2015 13-episode series, and will be played by a former MEN IN BLACK cast member.
All three of this week's advance comic book reviews get an 8 outta 10.