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Mark Waid talks about his and Peter Krause’s Thrillbent series, the upcoming print edition, and his “I” series.
Marvel sees DC's 'lenticular' covers and raises them a SHRINKING variant cover. Because it's Ant-Man... He shrinks... Get it?
Hot Topic is bringing back underoos - for adults!
Not really, but our other choice for a teaser image was people covered in bloody whale guts ... no really. Check out this exclusive preview.
Take an exclusive look at Tranformers: Primacy #4 from IDW Publishing.
The publisher revealed their now regular monthly variant cover. This time the popular villain/anti-hero Harley Quinn gets the spotlight.
No, this isn't a repeat of Thursday's announcement, ANOTHER in-continuity GoTG ongoing series is on its way from Marvel Comics.
Why did the 'Visitors' come to Earth? Whitehall has an idea in one of two new clips.
Check out this fan trailer for the best Star Wars movie so far, cut as if it was produced today.
Cupid the character comes to harangue Arrow, and cupid the ethereal force looks like it's hitting Ray Palmer and Felicity in this preview.
Every preview for Marvel titles on sale November 19, 2014 including AVENGERS WORLD #15, AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS #6, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #21, and...
The history of comic books is full of superheroes who embraced the dark side, and here are some of the most notable
Here's a look at DC's solicitations for the February 2015 issues of the weekly series EARTH 2: WORLD's END.
Joelle Jones and Jamie S Rich team-up once more for a new series at Dark Horse Comics.
Take a look at the short form reviews for this week's books.
Executive Editor Tom Brevoort hosts a webchat directly with fans to give some insight to the currently running story in the Avengers titles.
Joe Caramagna to adapt upcoming GUARDIANS animated series as a companion comics series.
The latest Millarworld entry is a comedic adventure through time.
No origin story this time around. Jessica has to protect SILK in this exclusive preview of SPIDER-WOMAN #1.
This parody trailer pokes Warner Bros. for their love of prequels and origin stories, to an absurd length.
IDW and Yoe Press are teaming up for a revealing look at 70+ years of Black characters and creators in comics.
She doesn't know why Peter is trying to keep her from harm's way, but we do. Check out this exclusive preview of next week's latest Spider-Verse ch...