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As well as reviews of 1872 #3, KANAN #6, BATGIRL #44, and DEADPOOL VS. THANOS #2.
Long-time X-writer Fabian Nicieza talks about the return of the Legacy Virus, the identity of Burner, and more in the finale of AGE OF APOCALYPSE.
"...short guy in a weird helmet who can karate-chop anything to death, why the hell not."
Meet Spider-Man's new friend -- or old one, if you think about it...
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ABC has premiered the opening sequence of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3 ahead of the season premiere.
The first trailer for the new XBox One/PC game due out September 30.
LUCK actor Tom Payne has been cast as Paul Monroe, the first of the Alexandria contigent from comic books.
It's "All-New" and "All-Different," but not all of Marvel will be in it.
Newsarama counts down the creators who contributed the most to Batman's lasting legacy.
Writers Tim Seeley & Tom King go inside this week's Bat-family reunion in GRAYSON #12 and what is means for the future.
As well as reviews of FIGHT CLUB 2 #5, FURY #1 WE ARE... ROBIN #4, and RUNAWAYS #4.
The 1993 Vertigo crossover by Neil Gaiman gets collected -- and adds a new story.
HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 director Genndy Tartakovsky says his LUKE CAGE series announced in 2007 is almost done, but hasn't heard from Marvel.
Writer Christopher Sebela is living in a real-life clown motel for a month, and wants to tell you about it.
A star of MR. ROBOT reportedly comes to CW's DC-verse as DOOM PATROL and CHECKMATE alumnus.
Facebook has unveiled a new feature allowing 360 degree videos on their site.