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Put on your grain of salt hat, turn on your speculation engines, and get ready for some fun.
Home video is a key to this financial showdown, and guess who has the advantage there?
Kevin Feige kind of said "no" once. But the evidence is piling up that that's exactly what they'll be.
Artist Roc Upchurch will no longer be on Image Comics' hit series after an arrest, the writer and co-creator Kurtis Wiebe says.
Read it and obey - and you know, start the apocalypse and stuff.
Things go from bad to worse on Earth-2 in this preview of next week's WORLDS’ END #8.
Green Lantern's Robert Venditti & Green Lantern Corps's Van Jensen answer questions about the current event and talk aboutthe future of the Green ...
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The magic users of the DCU seem to be thwarted by the Spectre and Superman - can they still have a chance?
Every preview for Marvel titles on sale November 26, 2014 including CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE MIGHTY AVENGERS #2, SCARLET SPIDERS #1, SUPERIOR IRON M...
Here's an exclusive preview of next week's AMAZING X-MEN #13.
Tom Cruise as Iron Man? Christopher Walken as Superman? It almost happened. Seriously.
Writer Geoff Johns didn't spell out H-A-L, but he left little room for doubt which Green Lantern is slated to return to the JUSTICE LEAGUE title.
Chadwick Boseman seems to think more of Marvel Studios then even fans do and either Brune Heller has a very dry sense of humor or he doesn't know a...
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And here's the preview gallery for the second part of the crossover airing the first week of December on The CW!
The Warren Ellis WildStorm series is being set up AGAIN as a TV drama, the third such attempt. This one is definitely going to pilot, but can it ma...
Check out the first trailer for the new Game of Thrones adventure game from Telltale.
DC Comics is reportedly suing a Spanish team for their use of a bat in their logo, which they've been using for centuries.
"You're going to need a bigger leash"? Marvel's meta-merc is latest character to get a prose novel.
For a seemingly unkillable mutant, he sure gets killed a lot.
Miguel, steampunk Lady Spider, and the six-armed Spider-Man are on on the run from Inheritors back in the year 2099 in this exclusive preview.
Two big stars didn't say anything at all about two big 2016 superhero movies. Film at 11.
Take a look at images from "Flash Vs. Arrow," the first crossover episode of the two hit CW series.