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At the SDCC 2015 Lucasfilm panel, J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy revealed more on the upcoming STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS.
Leaks from a Marvel retailer-only event at SDCC reveal new series for Spider-Man and Blade.
DC's large bench of villains get their time in the SDCC sun with a villain-focused panel.
Classic 1980s licensed comic book series to return in 2016.
Archie Comics just sent out this Comic-Con teaser by Francesco Francavilla... "Who is Vampironica?" they asked?
James Tynion & Freddie Williams II on six-part BATMAN/TMNT beginning in November.
DC delves into the transition and adaptation that goes on from comic books to movies, television, animation and video games.
Marvel is holding their annual SDDCC panel focusing on all their television projects.
CHRONICLE writer Max Landis to write Superman series with artists Nick Dragotta, Joelle Jones, Jae Lee, Frances Manapul, Jock, and more, while Neal...
DC announced four new series for "DC You" during it's Superman panel.
It's all things "Justice League" as DC convenes its latest SDCC panel.
Plus the first GHOSTBUSTERS reboot cast pic and Splinter Cell movie gets new writer.
The creators behind ACTION COMICS, SUPERMAN and other Man of Steel series come to Comic-Con to talk about "The Truth."
Marvel has announced a special zero issue for AVENGERS leading into "All-New All-Different Marvel"'s various Avengers titles.
For the second October in a row, DC Comics will be publishing "Monster" variant covers as their monthly theme.
Marvel has unveiled new projects and new covers at a retailer event during the 2015 Comic-Con International: San Diego.
Marvel brings the new Avengers title to Comic-Con.
As part of Robin's 75th Anniversary, DC announces a weekly sequel to BATMAN ETERNAL adding in Robin and a new crossover event, "Robin War."
JUSTICE LEAGUE writer Geoff Johns is writing a new series subtitled GODS & MEN featuring solo look at several team members.
DC CCO and writer Geoff Johns is scheduled to take part in a one-on-one in front of fans at SDCC 2015.
Lucasfilm is revealing more on its plans for STAR WARS books including the Marvel comic book line.
Neal McDonough jumps from the MCU to the DC TV universe to play the big bad of ARROW's new season.
Jonathan Hickman, Tom Brevoort and Sam Humprhries talk about SECRET WARS and what comes next.
Tom Taylor & Steve Pugh bring back Jimmy Woo and company for SECRET WARS: AGENTS OF ATLAS.