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Many of the architects of the Marvel Universe provide firsthand accounts of the creative collaborations that lead to some of Marvel's biggest events.
The legends of the X-Men, told by the legends of the X-Men!
Beginning with the Lee/Romita Sr. era and promising to eventually go through to the present strip.
The writer/artist/director breaks Iron Fist to build him back up.
A first look at the new movie was unveiled at the convention in New York City on October 9th, 2014. It is set to hit theaters in May 2015.
Marvel's SECRET WARS is coming returning in 2015. Newsarama lists more past Marvel events that could be ripe for a revisiting in the modern day.
Here's the first smattering of details about Marvel's new SECRET WARS event.
Mike Costa returns to the Real American Heroes to turn one of their finest against them!
Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic are the creative team for the 2015 event.
The character's creator has regained her rights from Avatar and plans to launch a new publishing venture around her.
Co-writers Cameron Stewart &Brenden Fletcher, and artist Babs Tarr talk about how and why this fresh new take on BATGIRL & Barbara Gordon came to be.
Looking at Ten #1s on sale this week, as well as the weekly BATMAN ETERNAL!
With over 20k more attendees than last year, NYCC looks to overtake SDCC as America's biggest comic convention.
Dark Horse Editor-In-Chief Scott Allie steps down from Buffyverse titles.