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Although Dr. Doom couldn't beat the FF, Tom Cruise did.
Elysia Rotaru has been casted as an unnamed new love interest for Oliver Queen in ARROW.
The secret behind Bruce Wayne's post-BATMAN life, the blossoming of Mr. Bloom, and sharks.
Harley Quinn goes a little out of her league confronting the Greek God Zeus in this preview of INJUSTICE: YEAR FOUR #15.
With his long run finally being collected, we have a new retrospective with Christopher Priest on his legendary take on T’Challa and Wakanda.
Rutina Wesley has joined the cast of ARROW.
Also HOWARD THE DUCK gets a "remix" trailer, and Parker Young joins the cast of ARROW.
A new trailer for Supergirl compares the hero to her more famous Kryptonian cousin, and new details emerge about the show's upcoming guest stars.
The showrunners of DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW say that not everyone in the cast might make it out alive.
Marvel announces a time travel team-up story reuniting Cable and Deadpool.
New B-roll footage released by 20th Century Fox hints at cut scenes and a classic part of FF lore.
A South Korean TV spot for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS reveals new footage from the upcoming movie.
"Fantastic" is just one of the adjectives people are using to describe this movie.