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Last week, an <i>IGN</i> interview with Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige, filmed back in July, reignited the conversation about a possible Captain Marvel film, with Feige saying that <b>Captain Marvel</b> is the character he is most asked about by fans. However, that statement comes with a caveat. <p>You see, Feige's sentiments came shortly before an interview with CBR, wherein he admitted that Marvel would have to carefully balance producing a female-centric solo film with serving it's existing franchises. So what would it take to get Captain Marvel to the big screen? An actress with the perfect combination of star power, physical capability, and acting prowess is the first step. With that in mind, here are ten actresses who could fill the role of Captain Marvel on the big screen!

Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert hasn't had a big movie in a few years, but she's got an action pedigree thanks to her extended stint on <i>24</i>. She'd rank higher on the list if she had more leading film credits, since there's no denying her resemblance to Carol Danvers. But as it stands, Cuthbert is a longshot for a film that would rely on having a major presence in the lead.

Jennifer Lawrence

Speaking of major presence, there's none greater at the box-office right now than Jennifer Lawrence. Though her major action roles in <i>Hunger Games</i> and in the revitalized <i>X-Men</i> franchise have generally been more stoic, or at least more serious, Lawrence has the chops to pull off a somewhat cocky, often overly-confident character like Carol Danvers. <p>However, her ongoing involvement with two other major franchises leaves her way down this list, despite how well she would fit the part.

Natalie Dormer

Another dark horse with a lot of potential, Natalie Dormer has plenty of genre experience thanks to her role as Margaery Tyrell in <i>Game of Thrones</i>, as well as roles in <i>Elementary</i> and <i>The Hunger Games</i>. <p>While her resume speaks for itself, Dormer isn't exactly a commodity just yet, though, with her striking looks and commanding presence, Captain Marvel could be a break out role for her.

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is known, primarily, for her dramatic fare, and would thus bring some gravitas to the role of Carol Danvers. Aside from being known not only as a gifted actress, but as a writer, director, and singer, Wood also bears a strong resemblance to the good Captain as seen in the comics. Wood is also something of a "name," having starred in several hit films.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington has got the pedigree for a role like Captain Marvel, to be sure. Having carried the acclaimed TV series <i>Scandal</i> for several years, she's proven her bankability as a leading lady. She also has some experience in comic book films, having played Alicia Masters in the ill-fated <i>Fantastic Four</i> films. Perhaps she'll be the next to make the jump, like former <i>FF</i> co-star Chris Evans.

Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski may be best known for her supporting role on the well-liked, but under-watched action/comedy <i>Chuck</i>, but she was also the model and voice for Miranda Lawson from <i>Mass Effect 2 and 3</i>. <p>Her name has also been thrown in the hat for the role of Carol Danvers by numerous sources, making her a somewhat unknown but highly possible choice. And, let's be honest, She's got the physicality and look to make her a shoe-in.

Charlize Theron

Moving further into "safe bet" territory, Charlize Theron definitely has the box office pull to be considered a real contender for the role, and the genre cred given her sci-fi experience in <i>Aeon Flux</i> and <i>Prometheus</i>. On the other hand, those films could work against her, given that neither one is exactly considered a critical darling. Still Theron is a proven leading actress and has the look down pat. That she's also something of a fan favorite doesn't hurt.

Anna Tov

Anna Torv isn't the biggest name on the list, but her four seasons carrying the cult favorite sci-fi series <i>Fringe</i> give her a strong edge as a leading woman. While Torv's role was primarily that of the somewhat stoic agent Olivia Dunham, her portrayal of Dunham's resourceful, cocky alternate universe counterpart shows that Torv has the skill to pull off the entire range of Carol Danvers's emotions. Torv also has the physical pedigree to pull off an action-oriented role.

Katee Sackhoff

Katee Sackhoff is the obvious fan-favorite choice to play Carol Danvers. She's got the look, the attitude, and the genre-pedigree to justify that faith as well. However, there are some pretty big obstacles standing in Sackhoff's way. <p>First and foremost, Marvel hasn't asked. There's no real indicator that Sackhoff is even on their radar (unless you count Joss Whedon tweeting a picture of her once). Further, Sackhoff doesn't have the star-power needed for the role. As much as she is loved in the fan community, she's not a box-office draw. Still, there's no denying the potential she could have as Captain Marvel.

Emily Blunt

Hot off the well-received but under-performing sci-fi film <i>Edge of Tomorrow</i>, Emily Blunt is the no-brainer choice for Carol Danvers. Not only has her name been in the ring longer than almost any other choice, Blunt has the box-office draw, the acting chops, the physicality, and the genre reputation to really do Captain Marvel justice. <p>If that's not enough, Blunt was actually the initial choice to play Black Widow in <i>Iron Man 2</i>, before scheduling conflicts forced her to drop out, which means Marvel has definitely had their eyes on her for some time. Seeing Blunt in the role of Carol Danvers may be closer to reality than anyone realizes.

10 Candidates for a Live-Action CAPTAIN MARVEL's Carol Danvers

Date: 26 August 2014 Time: 09:00 PM ET