Up is Down, Left is Right, Good is Evil!

This fall is the intersection of number of high-profile “event” theatrics by Marvel, and November seems to be the crossroads for a number of things that will shake the foundations of the Avengers. From the replacement heroes of “Avengers NOW!” to the shifting alignments of heroes and villains in <I>Axis</I> and even the future-stories in <I>Avengers</I> and <I>New Avengers</I> “Time Runs Out,” it looks to be a tough time to be an Avenger. <p>But the antics aren’t confined just to the Avengers side of the Marvel U, as the <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/21913-marvel-comics-full-november-2014-solicitations.html>November 2014 solicitations</A> reveal some shake-ups on the X side of things as well. A new one-shot spinning out of <I>Death of Wolverine</I> has reared his head, a popular <I>Batman Eternal</I> writer is jumping to Marvel, and some of the X-Men are moving to a new HQ. <p>Continue on for our picks at the top ten revelations unveiled in Marvel’s November 2014 solicitations, from the loss of arms to the loss of jobs and the loss of two ongoing series… <p>…and one more thing: President Obama is under mind-control at Marvel in November!

Tynion IV is Eternal & Amazing

After coming into comics under the wing of Scott Snyder, writer James Tynion IV has spread his own wings with solo work at DC as well as on the independent front with series at Boom!. And now Tynion is going to new heights – and returning to an old editor – as he takes over <I>Amazing X-Men</I> with November’s #13. <p>Of course Tynion was already announced as coming to Marvel with an issue of <I>Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy</I>, but that issue -- #6 – won’t actually hit stands until December. That makes this work on November’s <I>Amazing X-Men #13</I> his Marvel debut, and the latest in a string of firsts for Tynion in the past 12 months. Newly entrenched X-Men editor Mike Marts edited Tynion previously as lead editor of DC’s Batman titles (and Fawkes, and Higgins, and Bennett…), so the hiring of this writer speaks more to the incoming editor placing people from his virtual rolodex into positions at Marvel. <p>This hiring also underscores, however, the creative shifting sands that <I>Amazing X-Men</I> has undergone. Launched last year with writer Jason Aaron, Tynion will be the fourth writer to the book in just over a year (five if you consider co-writers Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle). Similar things have happened on the artistic front, with Ed McGuinness dropping out of the book midway through Yost & Kyle’s “World War Wendigo” arc with no real regard to artistic continuity for the arc. <p>Will Tynion and his accompanying artist Jorge Jimenez a long-term part of <I>Amazing X-Men</I>, or just a short-term stint? It remains to be seen.

In Death, Wolverine Remains Busy

<p>During the mid-2000s, one of the most common jokes amongst Marvel fans was the busy schedule Wolverine must keep as a simultaneous member of multiple Avengers, X-Men, X-Force and even his solo book(s). But come November – two months removed from <I>Death of Wolverine</I> -- he looks to be even busier. In November’s Marvel solicitations, we learned of <I>another</I> post-<I>Death of Wolverine</I> tie-in book showing the ramifications and reactions to Logan’s demise with <I>Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan</i>. <p>From the solicitations, <I>Life After Logan</I> looks to be an anthology title with three stories covering the response several of Logan’s teammates have to hearing of his death. The cover features Cyclops, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Armor -- in a beautiful image by Javier Pulido, we should add.

Spider-Man 2099 Goes Back … to his Future!

When the calendar flips to November, Marvel’s “Spider-Verse” will be in full swing and for Miguel O’Hara that means swinging back to our future – his former present. <p>In the solicitations for <I>Spider-Man 2099 #6</I>, it’s said that O’Hara will find himself back in his home time period of 2099 – along with two fellow Spiders: Lady Spider and the six-armed Spider-Man. The solicitations there’s “no time for nostalgia” in this throwback 2099 future, but we can always hope for some familiar faces from 2099. Hey, we’d even settle for Ravage!

Tick Tock... time for SpideyOck!

Readers hated him until they loved him – then he died. Marvel teased his return with an untold story from his past in recent <I>Superior Spider-Man</I> issues, but according to November’s <I>Amazing Spider-Man #10</I> solicitations the Superior Spider-Man is returning for reveal. <p>Even with his death there always the question about his brain floating around in the Marvel U, and according Marvel’s pronouncements the villain-turned-hero-turned-tweener will return to lead the “Spider-Verse” forces against Morlun. Question is – I wonder what Peter Parker has to say about that? <p>Also, another former Spider-Man is returning in November – <i>the</i> Ben Reilly is on the way back as part of the debuting <I>Scarlet Spiders</I> series. Send in the clones!

Dr. Strange – Sorcerer Supreme no more?

In recent months we’ve seen Doctor Strange go down a dark path – even darker than what led to him being removed as Sorcerer Supreme for a time after <I>World War Hulk</I>. He was reestablished to that role, but <I>Avengers & X-Men: Axis #5</I> say a new Sorcerer Supreme will be tapped this year – a female one. <p>There’s no word yet to the identity of the incoming Sorceress Supreme, but given the solicitations’ pronouncement of a connection between her and Doctor Doom and the image on <I>Axis #6</I>’s cover of Scarlet Witch holding the Latverian dictator, it could mean that Wanda Maximoff might have a new job title. <p>While it’s far from certain until revealed in comics, it would seemingly be an ideal way to fortify the character leading into 2015’s <I>Avengers: Age of Ultron</I>, perhaps even setting the table for a <I>Scarlet Witch</I> solo series – a long-overdue first for the mutant Avenger. <p>And one thing we overlook in all this speculation – where would this leave Doctor Strange?

First Thor Loses His Name – and now his arm?

In last week’s <I>Original Sin #7</I> we saw the first signs of Thor losing his worthiness to hold Mjolnir; leading up to the already announced female Thor taking his place this fall. And now in a cover to <I>Thor #2</I> by Esad Ribic, we’re seeing Thor’s not only losing his hammer – but also the arm that wielded it. <p>Ribic’s cover shows the former Thor’s arm from the bicep down being a metallic replacement. While this could simply be an armor protecting this appendage for some reason, we’ve already seen in Jason Aaron’s <I>Thor: God of Thunder</I> a future version, dubbed Old Man Thor, without his right arm. Could <I>Thor #2</i>, or some story leading up to it, show how it came to be? Seems that way.

Illuminati On The Run!

The Hulk is no stranger to being on the run, but it looks like Mr. Fantastic and Black Panther are joining him on the cover to <I>Avengers #38</I>. This story, which is part of “Time Runs Out” and depicts events to happen in 2015, looks to see these three foundational Marvel characters being hunted by four younger Avengers – Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel, and Captain America. <p>The solicits for <I>Avengers #38</I> tell us nothing about the story inside, but given recent events and actions by the Illuminati in <I>Avengers</I> this could possibly see the Avengers at-large turn against the Illuminati over their world-building (and world-destroying) deeds they did. Hulk might seem out of place as part of the Illuminati given that group’s part in in <I>Planet Hulk</I>, but Banner was inducted into the group earlier this year.

Last Call for Warriors & Foes

After being plagued with cancellation rumors for months, November’s Marvel solicitation showed the critically-acclaimed <I>Superior Foes of Spider-Man</I> was indeed coming to an end – and the <I>New Warriors</I> are as well. <p>From interviews and marketing, it seems <I>Superior Foes of Spider-Man</I> was planned as a finite story and that Marvel gave series creators Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber the space to wrap up their story properly. And Lieber’s cover to #17 looks to revel in the final act, showing the impromptu team dining at the shawarma restaurant from the post-credits scene of 2012’s <I>Avengers</I> movie. Look at the menu in Boomerang’s hand to see some easter eggs about the editors involved to the book… and hey, don’t those restaurant staff look familiar? <p>On the <I>New Warriors</I> front, #12 marks a full year – and two collected editions – before Marvel called a halt to it. The cover by Stacey Lee shows the team in a moment of reflection amidst rubble, which is somehow apt given the series’ conclusion. One would hope that Marvel will give this team another chance in a couple years with a renewed vision or perhaps some sort of MCU synergy.

Obama/Red Skull in 2014?

Buried in the text of November’s <I>All-New X-Factor #16</I> is a nugget of information that could be mined for a whole series; the idea that as part of <I>Axis</I> the Red Skull has taken control of the President of the United States. Although it’s not said who the President is, previous Marvel stories have pegged it as Barack Obama – just like here in reality – so it’s interesting to see where Peter David will go with that. <p>And man – what an interesting and potentially explosive variant cover that would make.

“The AXIS Effect”

Last week we learned that the second act of this fall’s <I>AXIS</I>, dubbed “Inversion,” will see several allegiances flipped between the heroes and villains involved with the event. The “Superior” Iron Man looks to be the poster boy for this, but from the looks of it others will be joining into the switcheroo. <p>Dubbed “The Axis Effect” in the solicitations for <I>Superior Iron Man #1</I>, we’re seeing heroes as villains – and villains as hero – in something a few shades removed from DC’s <I>Forever Evil</I> earlier this year. While we don’t know if it’s a complete flip for all the players on this chessboard – I would balk at the idea of a heroic Red Skull – it will be interesting to see who does what and how Rick Remender gets to that point organically. We’ve learned that the brutish armored individual on <I>Axis #4</I> is named KLUH - “Hulk” backwards - he's the Hulk's Hulk, as On another front in <I>Axis</I>, in <I>Axis #5</I> the X-Men will be loading up their jets and moving. But the question is who, and where? There are multiple X-teams floating around at this point, be it Cyclop’s gang from <I>Uncanny</I> to Jean Grey’s group in <I>All-New</I> and even the Wolverine-less <I>Wolverine & the X-Men</I> group (also seen in <I>Amazing X-Men), among others. While this could be a secondary or tertiary team picking up stakes (The X-terminators reunite in Austin, Texas!), I would doubt Marvel would choose anyone but one of the main teams for this move.

What We Learned from MARVEL COMICS November 2014 Solicitations

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