Batman is Everywhere, but Others Get to Celebrate

Okay, okay, so Batman is still everywhere in November. In fact, there are literally over 20 issues including Batman and/or his family of titles. <p>But hey, we'll also see some other celebrations of characters beginning soon (more on that later), and while there are a lot of Bat books, some of them are doing some very new and different things. <p>See what we think are ten of the biggest things in this month's DC solicitations and check out the full solicitation for yourself <a href=>here</a>.

Finches Fly with WONDER WOMAN

If it seems like old news, that’s because it kind of is. Still, despite months of rumors, a couple more months of confirmation and talking about it, believe it or not, November’s <b>Wonder Woman #36</b> is actually the first issue of Meredith Finch and David Finch’s run. It’s much hyped, and the married team promises it will be more centered on the Amazons and the Justice League than in the first three years of the title’s life - if only to change things up a bit.


Yes, it’s “another book in the Batman line,” but <b>Gotham By Midnight</b>’s significance is sizable none the less. Fawkes and Templesmith aren’t doing another Batman book. They’re doing a horror series set in Gotham in main continuity. <p>Will the book succeed? No way of telling, but if the Corrigan moments in <i>Batman Eternal</i> are any indication, it should be a fun ride.

OLLIE Gets a New Sidekick? And is that…

With the new <i>Arrow</i> TV writing team on <b>Green Arrow</b> comes what sure seems like a full-on sidekick for Oliver Queen. The solicitation text only says he’ll have “new allies and a new mission” but the cover… <p>Well that sure looks a lot like the TV version of Felicity doesn’t it? And in a superhero costume? It should be interesting to see what they have in store here, and if this is any indication of what’s to come on the show.

CONSTANTINE Goes to Earth 2

In both the pages of <b>Constantine</b> and <b>Earth 2: Worlds’ End</b>, the mage with an attitude will be crossing over from his home world to the secondary planet. We don’t know MUCH about what he’s doing there, but it does promise to reveal something about his family. <p>Also, we get this awesome guitar-playing cover by Juan Ferryra out of the deal, so let’s rock!

MECHA-DARKSEID Is a Thing, Apparently

From the <b>Infinity Man and the Forever People #5</b> solicitations: <p>”The Forever People must fight off both Red and Green Lanterns – only to be confronted by the terror of Mecha-Darkseid!” <p>So who or what is Mecha-Darkseid? Um, we don’t know. But why the heck not?

DEATHSTROKE Versus the Suicide Squad

Deathstroke may have only just joined the new Suicide Squad as of July’s relaunch, but it seems like the honeymoon phase is already ending, as November says Harley, Deadshot, and Joker’s Daughter are fighting for their lives against Slade Wilson. <p>The real tension from something called “Suicide Squad” is the possibility of someone actually, you know, dying; could this be the end for one of these three at the hands of Deathstroke?

Fan Service alert: BATMAN vs BATMAN BEYOND

Chances are that about four months in now you’ve decided whether or not you’re in for the long haul with <b>Futures End</b>. But if you were thinking about stepping away from it, the first two issues in November may change your mind, as Batman and Batman Beyond throw down. <p>Is it fan service? Yes. Is it possibly just a gimmick or cliche? Yup, could be. Is it exciting anyway? You betcha.

SUPERGIRL Gets New Female-Heavy Team

Mike Johnson comes back to <b>Supergirl</b> in November, joined by co-writer Kate Perkins and artist Emanuela Lupacchino as the new creative team. Free of the red ring and coming out of the Doomed crossover, Supergirl is on her own once more. <p>The solicitation, in addition to revealing the new creative team, also says it’s guest-starring Superboy, so I guess he finds a way to survive the end of his own series.

BATMAN ’60s: The Complete Series Prices and Options

Well, no matter what you’re looking for when it comes to <b>Batman</b>, the classic 60s series, there’s probably an option for you. There’s the full Blu-Ray set with a special book and all 120 episodes for $285, just the series on Blu-Ray for $270, The complete series on DVD for $200, or just season one on DVD for $40 if you just want a taste. All of them have considerable extras, and all of them are on sale November 11, 2014.

Three Mega-Collections for Mega-Fans

<b>The Flash</b>. <b>Green Arrow</b>. <b>Green Lantern</b>. All three characters get a big - and we mean <i>big</i> hardcover collection in the November solicitations (Though they’re out in January and February). <p><b>The Flash</b> kicks off 2015 with a 75th anniversary collection that sits at 400 pages for 40 bucks, and features stories by Gardner Fox, John Broom, Geoff Johns, and more, and promises to use multiple flashes in the celebration. <p><b>Absolute Green Arrow</b> collects the run by Kevin Smith and artists Phil Hester and Ande Parks in the oversized Absolute format. It’s 400 pages for $100, but again, it’s in the oversized 8.25” by 12.5” format. <p>And finally, there’s the first volume of <b>Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Omnibus</b>. This one is a beast, weighing in at 1232 pages for $125. The giant edition will include: GREEN LANTERN REBIRTH #1-6, GREEN LANTERN CORPS: RECHARGE #1-5, GREEN LANTERN #1-25, GREEN LANTERN CORPS #14-18, TALES OF THE SINESTRO CORPS: SUPERMAN PRIME #1, GREEN LANTERN CORPS SINESTRO SPECIAL #1, GREEN LANTERN SECRET FILES 2005 #1 and GREEN LANTERN/SINESTRO CORPS SECRET FILES #1. So you’ll have plenty to re-read, or read for the first time, if you want to take a look at what Johns did for the character and the franchise.

What We Learned from DC COMICS November 2014 Solicitations

Date: 18 August 2014 Time: 08:50 PM ET