What's Old is New Again

With Marvel ramping up the frequency of their event comics, September looks to be a brief respite between the finale of <I>Original Sin</I> and the launch of <I>Avengers & X-Men: Axis</I>. But just because there isn’t any event book in September doesn’t mean major events can’t happen – or be teased to happen – in the regular series. <p>Some of the news in Marvel’s September solicitations was revealed early at Special Edition: NYC (or even earlier, in the case of Death of Wolverine), but this litany list of comic titles still have secrets and surprises to be noted. We have the promise of one new major character debuting, two 1970s Marvel heroes returning, as well as some new and returning faces to the credits of Marvel comics. <p>And Marvel isn’t just talking superheroics here – September’s solicits promise a groundbreaking medical discovery: a cure for a mysterious ailment which gives people green skin and anger issues – but with some side effects. If you’re a Hulk, you may want to try it; until Marvel gives us a name for it, let’s call it GammaGone. Consult your physician before using.

A Cure For The Common Hulk?

Upcoming <I>Hulk</I> writer Gerry Duggan promised some big things when he takes over that series in August, but news coming via September’s <I>Hulk #6</I> gives portent for something surprising: what if there was a cure for being the Hulk? <p>We already knew Duggan and Mark Bagley’s “Omega Hulk” arc would see Banner/Hulk tracking down every other Hulk out there, but this new revelation hints at a possible reason: a cure for gamma irradiation. But as with most cures in superhero fiction, apparently it comes with a catch. <p>Either way it looks like Rick Jones – aka A-Bomb – is one of the first test subjects.

Richard Rider Rides Again?

<I>Original Sin</I> will be done and gone by September, but it looks like the secrets will still be flowing. We already knew the <I>Guardians of the Galaxy</I>’s secret would involve the apparent death of Richard Rider in <I>The Thanos Imperative</I> and Thanos and Star-Lord’s survival, but #19’s solicitation seems to promise we’ll be getting to see Richard Rider in the flesh. <p>That might seem like a small thing, but there is a devoted fanbase for Richard Rider as the “one, true” Nova – some even spite the new Nova, Sam Alexander, for even existing. We’re not telling Brian Michael Bendis or Marvel how to tell a story, but this looks like it could be more than just tying up loose ends but a possible second change for Rider in the Marvel U.

Avengers Undercover No More

The survivors of <I>Avengers Arena</I> came out the other side with scars on the inside and out, and turned their pain into a weapon to infiltrate Baron Zemo’s camp in <I>Avengers Undercover</I>. But it looks like their mission will be short lived, as that series will be ending with September’s #10. <p>The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. will reportedly raid Zemo’s compound and take these teen Avengers out from their hidden roles, but apparently one of them will side with Zemo and become a full-fledged member of the Masters of Evil. <p>And this isn’t just a transition to a third series, apparently, as Marvel’s solicits promises it’s an end for the <I>Avengers Arena</I> characters’ journeys.

Warrior Of The Worlds Wages War Once More

James Robinson and Steve Pugh’s run on <I>All-New Invadeers</I> looks to be culling some of the greatest, and most forgotten, classic heroes of Marvel lore, and in September’s 10th issue it looks like Marvel’s so-called “band of brothers” might have a new member: Killraven. Created by committee by Neal Adams, Roy Thomas, and Gerry Conway, he came to life in the 1970s to fight a second invasion of the aliens from H.G. Wells’ <I>The War of the Worlds</I> in the then-future of 2001. Since then he’s come in and out of Marvel Comics, as a guest-star in various mainstream series and starring in his own string of miniseries from time to time in the past 35+ years. <p>Killraven was last seen in the present day in 2011’s <I>Avengers</I> #4-6, but there remains a more enticing story in Marvel’s offices yet to be published by Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld. Rumored to be shelved over disagreements between the creators and the publisher, that is literally a story for another time.

Deadpool Steals DC's Gimmick

DC has been marketing their fall 3-D Motion covers as a special event of gigantic proportions, and it seems they have a big fan – with a big sense of humor – in Marvel’s Deadpool. <p>September’s <I>Deadpool #34</I> will reportedly feature a “special 3D motion variant cover” by Mark Brooks, which will steal some of DC’s thunder when it comes to uniqueness of their own. It wouldn’t be the first time Deadpool responded to actions by DC; after DC announced a series of variants with the flag of each of the United States on it, Marvel commissioned a cover by Stuart Immonen featuring Deadpool with the 50 state birds. <p>Next time you see DC announce a dramatic new initiative, just think: Deadpool might swoop in and one-up them.

More Guns For Marvel’s Army

Although C.B. Cebulski is ending his time as Marvel’s resident talent scout, it looks like some of his last action is to add a few more guns (young and not-so-young) to Marvel’s stable of talent. <p>Long-time DC exclusive Scott Kolins returns to Marvel with a cover to <I>All-New Invaders #10</I>, while well-known <I>Lobo</I> artist Simon Bisley is stepping up for a cover and some interior pages to <I>Thor: God of Thunder #25</I>. <p>Another interesting hire is journeyman artist Marcio Takara, who is drawing a two-part arc of <I>Captain Marvel</I>. Although not quite the name, Takara has shown some amazing chops in <I>Inccorruptible</I> and a stint on DC’s <I>Flash</I> and is easily imaginable as a vibrant artist both DC and Marvel would love to have on a full-time basis.

All-New X-Men Ultimate U Bound

When Brian Michael Bendis posted an illustration by Sara Pichelli showing Ultimate Spider-Man joining the All-New X-Men, some people thought it was a weekend prank by the Marvel creator. But with it showing up in full color as part of September’s solicitations, there’s no doubt it’s true. <p> And the text solicit gives a bit more of the story, saying that it’s not Miles Morales venturing to see the X-Men but rather Bendis’ X-Men dimension-hopping to see Miles. Either way it’s a big story, but the promise that these 616 X-Men are heading to the Ultimate universe means they might not just cross Ultimate Spider-Man but perhaps other Ultimate heroes as well.

The Original Sin of… Uncle Ben?

For not appearing in that many comics, Uncle Ben sure has garnered devotion and reverence by comics fans and creators. But in September’s <I>Amazing Spider-Man #1.5</I> we’re apparently going to learn something new and shocking, something he kept secret from the boy he thought of as a son, Peter Parker. <p><I>Original Sin</I> tie-in? Not quite (although Marvel may change that), but knowing that Uncle Ben kept a secret from the nephew he raised as a son could have some big implications. What’s so bad that Ben would keep it secret? <p>With great power comes great responsibility… but what comes with great secrets?

Think you know M.O.D.O.K.? Think Again

I don’t know if you realized this – but when M.O.D.O.K. was inducted as a castmember of <I>Secret Avengers</I> earlier this years, you could say he is –in some ways – also an Avenger. I don’t know if Captain America has issued him an Avengers I.D. card yet (although we’d love to see that photo), but it looks like they should have run a background check. <p>Marvel’s solicits for September’s <I>Secret Avengers #8</I> say that the current floating brain, dubbed M.O.D.O.K. Superior, has a secret origin different from what we came to know back in the Red Hulk era of <I>Hulk</I>. Series writer Ales Kot may be pulling our leg yet here, but if you take the text at face value you can expect disco, romance, and even some abandonment issues. <p>It looks like it could be “a very special episode of” <I>Secret Avengers</I>.

Meet The New Spider(Verse)-Slayer

When “Spider-Verse” was originally announced, Morlun was pegged as the primary antagonist against the multiverse’s Spider-Men – but it looks like someone is joining him in those overwhelming odds. September’s <I>Superior Spider-Man #33</I> (the series’ second “series finale” of the year, if you’re keeping track) shows and tells of a new character dubbed Karn. But what is Karn up to exactly? Marvel says that he is “working his way through the multiverse, leaving a trail of dead spiders in his wake…” Sounds similar to what Morlun is doing from the looks of Marvel’s 2014 Free Comic Book Day story with 1602 Spider-Man, but this newly-revealed Karn might be poaching on Morlun’s hunting grounds. <p>Not much else is known about Karn, although the old-school deep-sea diving helmet and energy harpoon drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli peaked out interest in finding out more about this new character.

What We Learned From MARVEL September 2014 Solicitations

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