It's Event Month! WOO!

September 2014 is a weird month for DC Comics solicitations. Thanks to their now-annual September Event Month, we had the vast majority of New 52 solicitations long before the regular solicit cycle. <p>But there are still several notables in today’s <a href=>full list of DC Comics September 2014 Solicitations</a>, including some beginnings, some endings, a look back at the past, and a couple of looks forward into the future.

In Case You Forgot, It’s FUTURES END Month

As we’ve been revealing for the last couple of months now, September sees every main title (and a couple extras) jump forward five years to show where our favorite heroes (and villains) are in the world of <b>Futures End</b>. The one-shots will get 3D covers, and you can <a href=">read the solicitations entries here</a>. Again, just in case you forgot from two months of near-constant promotion.


While the first bookend issue hits in August, this is the first one-shot issue fully exploring an individual world in the New DC Multiverse. Taking place on Earth-20, the issue will explore the Society of Super Heroes, featuring Doc Fate, the Blackhawks, and more - oh yeah, and an invasion by Earth-40! <p>So while most books will jump forward five years, this book will continue to live outside the lines of the main New 52, and the second chapter will ramp things up considerably. The one-shot is 48 pages for $4.99 with art by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story.

BATMAN NOIR Collected Editions?

Looks like DC Comics is repackaging old Batman stories once more, this time releasing new “Noir” editions. There was one edition labeled as such in 2013, a deluxe edition of Eduardo Risso Batman stories, but now DC is collecting one classic story. <p><b>Batman Noir: The Long Halloween HC</b> by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale is a fourteen-issue story that takes place with each issue on a subsequent holiday. The story is one of a few by Jeph Loeb that sends Batman on a gauntlet through his most famous foes. There is a twist: the series is collected into a single 384 page <i>black and white</i> edition this time, at $49.99.

Peter Milligan Back at Vertigo with THE NAMES

Some of writer Peter Milligan’s most critically and fan-acclaimed work has been for Vertigo, and he’s back for an all-new series starting in September. <b>The Names</b> features a horrifying new villain at the center of the story named “The Surgeon,” who starts the series by making a New York trader jump to his death. <p>Joined by Leandro Fernandez, the series will follow The Surgeon as well as the widowed wife of the trader on a revenge run through the NY financial world. <p>In other Vertigo news, go read the Fables solicitation. It’s genius.

More BATMAN: TAS (Figures)

Batman: The Animated Series is constantly referenced by fans and creatives alike as the ultimate in Batman stories, and while there have been <i>many</i> action figures made of the Bruce Timm style characters, DC is bringing them back for a new go-around. <p>In a fun twist, the figures are proportional in height, and come with many accessories to make the new figures sweeter. Man-Bat is 6.75” tall, The Joker is 6.25”, Poison Ivy is 5.5”, and the younger Robin is 5.25” - they’re each based off specific episodes, too. Yes, this series has some real staying power. <p>The figures are $25 each and coming in December. DC warns potential buyers, though: “Allocations May Occur,” so get your pre-orders in as soon as possible.

One Year, Three Issues of SANDMAN: OVERTURE

The first issue of <b>Sandman: Overture</b> came out in October, 2013. The “Special Edition” of the third issue is due out in September. <p>Yes, that means we will only have three issues (each released twice) in one year. The price of quality, we suppose, and of having creators like Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III, both critical and fan-favorites, but also both known for the less-than-fast speed of their work, teamed together. <p>With a <b>Sandman</b> movie rumored for Christmas 2016, which will we see first, the end of this series or the film? (we kid, we kid). Regardless, trade-waiters are feeling <i>really</i> smart right now.


Speaking of oft-delayed series, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s Superman jam ends in September with a 40pg ninth and final issue. The final issue will feature a battle “in the sun” between Superman and Wraith, and the wraparound cover includes Lois Lane and Lex Luthor in addition to the two supermen, implying major roles for them, as well. <p>While it will have taken, at the time of release, about fifteen months to release the nine issues, the series has been mostly well received, though it is yet to be seen what, if any, repercussions from the run will be felt in the greater New 52.

TEEN TITANS Goes Earth One (in November)

The Newest <b>Earth One</b> graphic novel is solicited this month, though it’s an advance solicitation for November. <p><b>Teen Titans: Earth One</b> from Jeff Lemire and the Dodsons offers a new take on the young heroes, putting them into a world without other heroes to look up to (or be sidekicks of). The new graphic novel, announced at Emerald Comic-Con in March 2014, is the start of a reinvigoration of the line that offers slightly more realistic, new takes on their heroes. Following <b>Teen Titans</b>, DC Comics plans a “one a quarter” release, with <b>Superman: Earth One vol 3</b>, <b>Batman: Earth One vol 2</b>, and <b>Wonder Woman: Earth One</b> presumably each coming out every three months.

The War With EARTH 2 Revealed

After five months of teasing the war with Earth 2 that made the whole world - if not the whole multiverse - change, DC Comics will finally reveal just what happened. Or at least, they’ll be teasing it a bit more in <b>Futures End #21</b>. <p>That is, of course, to setup the <i>third</i> weekly series DC Comics is publishing in 2014, <b>Earth 2: World’s End</b>. That series kicks off in October, and fills in <i>all</i> the blanks, but at least in September we’ll get considerably more hints than we’ve had so far. <p><i>Note: Futures End #18 pictured</i>

INJUSTICE: YEAR TWO, Other Digital Firsts End

The DC Digital-first line has offered weekly or bi-weekly series that have covered multiple video game worlds, revived TV series worlds, and anthologies featuring some of their marquee characters. While the newest of those anthologies, <b>Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman</b> launches, it’s also time for a few to come to their end. <p>Most notably, the near constant at the top of the digital charts, <b>Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two</b> sees its final print issue in September with #12. But don’t worry, <b>Injustice</b> fans, the solicitation is already teasing the future, mentioning “the year to come,” so it sounds like Year Three is already on the books. <p>In addition to <b>Injustice</b>, the <b>Adventures of Superman</b> anthology sees its final print issue (as expected - seeing as the Batman anthology ended just as that one began), as does <b>Scribblenauts Unmasked: A Crisis of Imagination</b>, based on the family-friendly video game. <p>Three down, only one replacement so far - does that mean we’ll be hearing about more digital first series soon? Well, the next round of solicits hits just before Comic-Con International: San Diego, so we expect to hear more before then.

What We Learned From DC COMICS September 2014 Solicitations

Date: 16 June 2014 Time: 09:00 PM ET