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<p>As all of you know (and have blogged about, tweeted, watched, and re-watched) by now, the <a href="http://www.newsarama.com/21131-new-the-flash-5-min-extended-trailer.html">first extended trailer</A> for the CW's upcoming <B>Flash</B> series debuted today to pretty positive acclaim. And clocking in at over five minutes, there was a heck of a lot to really take in and analyze. <p>Since that's exactly what we do here at Newsarama, we've taken it upon ourselves to dig deep into those five minutes and figure out the stuff that can really be gleaned. What role does Iris West play? Which origin are they going with? How does Flash's costume look in motion? You'll find out all of that and more, as we take a look at ten things worth noticing in the new <B>Flash</B> trailer.

Doom Patrol?

<p>Dr. Harison Wells, played by Tom Cavanagh, gets a lot of screen time in this trailer. His relationship to Barry Allen seems to be that of a mentor and guide to the realities of being a metahuman. But are there shades of another character in Dr. Wells? His wheelchair, and his seeming fascination with finding and counseling survivors of metahuman accidents sure seem reminiscent of Professor Niles Caulder, patron of the Doom Patrol. <p>It’s entirely possible that all of these things are coincidence. After all, Dr. Wells’s archetype is common enough. But could Harison Wells be on track to take on a more sinister role? Between the obvious comparisons, and Flash’s recent relationship with the scientific community in his "New 52" title, there’s plenty of speculation to go around.

Iris West

<p>Barry’s relationship with Iris West is established early on in today’s trailer, and it’s got a real Sam and Diane vibe (from <I>Cheers</I>), with Iris offering a coy counterpoint to Barry’s mild mannered demeanor. Candice Patton and Grant Gustin do share some chemistry, but it appears that their characters’ relationship is closer to that of more recent comics. They are friends, possibly even allies, but there’s no romantic connection… Yet. <p>But with the playful banter between the two, and the show’s inevitable need for a romantic subplot, it’s entirely likely that Iris and Barry might be an item by the end of the first season. Not only that, but with the recent return of Iris’s nephew Wally to comics, and his traditional relationship to Barry Allen, is it possible that we’ll see more of a partnership than a romance?

It’s A Lot Brighter In Central City

<p>Obviously, one of the most immediately obvious differences between <B>Flash</B> and <I>Arrow</I> is how much brighter <B>Flash</B> is compared to its predecessor. The palettes in the costumes, daytime setting, and everything in general just looked brighter. Even the bright flash of Zoom was almost like sunlight and not some dark, toned down gold. <p>Ollie's brief appearance even showed him not as surly or dark when giving Barry hope and advice in taking on a hero's life. Barry is questioning what happened to him, but seems excited to be a hero, showing the difference between Barry and Oliver Queen as characters. While he has a tragic backstory, that's not the only driving force behind his heroism. The trailer did a good job of depicting that.


<p>"A dimensional barrier ruptured, unleashing unknown energies into our world. Anti-matter, dark energy, x-elements..." <p>Man, they wasted no time getting into talk about metahumans on this show. From the start, they hint at super-powered beings created by the more fantastical elements of the <b>Flash</b> lore instead of trying to "ground" the show in reality, like <I>Smallville</I> did with some of its crazier baddies. It's first and foremost a superhero show, and they are running with that from the word "go". <p>Who else could we see down the line? Is Gorilla Grodd a possibility because of this energy wave now? Maybe Solomon Grundy? Possibilities are almost limitless here. It certainly seems as though the “X-Energy” will be a driving factor in bringing many of Flash’s enemies to the small screen.

Barry Allen: The Man Behind the Fastest Man Alive

<p>Right off the bat, we see Barry as his not so punctual self, taking some ribbing from Iris, late to his job as an ace forensic investigator. We get an idea that Barry doesn't have his life exactly in order, but also that he's still on the hunt for the mysterious man in the lightning that killed his mother. <p>Barry being intelligent was a big part of his development as a hero. His connections to the police department helped him keep his ears to the ground for the next lead as the Flash as well as well as establish that deep down, even without the mask, Barry is a hero at heart.

Classic Origin, New Twists

<p>"When I was eleven, my mom was murdered. It look like a ball of lightning. Inside the lightning...was a man." <p><B>Flash</B> series seems to incorporate a little bit of the "New 52" mythos with us learning that Barry's mother was murdered (in the comics, seemingly done by his father) but here, it has the all too familiar shades of Eobard Thawne, aka Professor Zoom. Could Thawne and Barry be connected here? Is the ball of lightning the Speed Force itself or something more? <p>Beyond that, this trailer shows an origin for Barry’s powers that’s nearly identical to his classic, Silver Age origin, right down to some subtle, visual cues. Of course, the incorporation of S.T.A.R. Labs, and the possible cause of his ascent to metahuman are new, but it's a solid mix of old and new that still gives fans an air of mystery.

The Rogues

<p>This trailer makes a big show of its villain, who appears to be a version of the Weather Wizard. In this clip, he’s referred to as Clyde Mardon, who, in the comics, was the inventor of the weather control wand that his brother, Mark used as a villain. Will we see a twist on this relationship, or are the characters being combined into a single entity? <p>We were also treated to a glimpse at Zoom, costume intact, who appears to have a similar connection to Barry’s origin as he did in Geoff Johns’s revamped version. With the X-Energy seemingly providing an easy origin for metahuman activity, and the possible changes to Weather Wizard, will we be seeing the rest of the Rogues as metahuman versions of their usual selves?

Building a Universe

<p><I>Smallville</I> paved the way for the CW’s ongoing expansion of the DC TV continuity, with the likes of Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg, Black Canary, and even Impulse joining forces making some sort of...league. The <B>Flash</B> series continues that trend, spawning off of <I>Arrow</I>, establishing that they both share the same world and are building a universe. <p>Could a <I>Brave and the Bold</I> TV movie be far behind? With easter eggs like the nod to Ferris Air and the possibilities that spin out of the X-Energy event mentioned in the trailer, a slate of increasingly impressive guest stars, and possible new shows are almost certainly on the horizon.

Not Just the Fastest Man Alive

<p>Today’s clip had plenty of Barry Allen on the run, both in costume and out. But while straight-up super speed has always been Flash’s bread and butter, his powers account for a lot more than fast movement. While in the comics he’s known for vibrating through solid objects, running on unstable surfaces, and even travelling time. <p>These things aren’t on display yet, but it is established that Flash’s powers also give him a potent healing factor. Could these other expanded powers be on the horizon? We certainly got an eyeful of Flash using his powers in classically comic book ways, such as attempting to reverse Weather Wizard’s artificial tornado.

The Clothes Make the Man

<p>When Grant Gustin’s flash costume debuted, there was a lot of chatter about the material, the colors, and the way it might look in motion. Well, this trailer should put a lot of those questions to rest, as the costume is in full effect throughout. While Gustin’s look is definitely toned down, even compared to the brief glimpse of what appeared to be the Reverse Flash’s bright yellow duds, there is no lack of energy and electricity while the suit is in motion. <p>But there are also the technical aspects to consider. While the suit looks decidedly more tactical than practical in static images, it’s established that, in the show’s continuity, it’s constructed of a special material designed to be used with Flash’s powers. Further, we catch a glimpse of Barry in a pretty hilarious looking test get-up, but even that special running suit shares some interesting elements with his actual costume. Could the lightning bolts on his mask serve a scientific function, similar to what look like instruments on his goofy running helmet, which itself shared some not so subtle visual nods to Jay Garrick’s look?

The Top 10 Takeaways from THE FLASH Extended Trailer

Date: 15 May 2014 Time: 04:52 PM ET