THANOS ANNUAL #1 Ron Lim variant

THANOS ANNUAL #1 Jim Starlin variant

SECRET AVENGERS #3 Rags Morales variant

MAGNETO #3 Mark Brooks variant

MIRACLEMAN #6 Julian Totino Tedesco variant

ALL NEW GHOST RIDER #3 Felipe Smith variant

ALL NEW GHOST RIDER #3 Mark Texeira variant

IRON PATRIOT #3 Greg Land variant

CYCLOPS #1 Greg Land variant

UNCANNY AVENGERS #20 Greg Land variant

April Showers Bring May MARVEL VARIANTS

Date: 30 April 2014 Time: 02:29 PM ET

Check out a gallery of 10 Marvel variant covers for titles on sale in May on this rainy last day of April (at least where we are, anyway). Titles include this Greg Land cover to Uncanny Avengers #20, a Secret Avengers #3 Rags Morales variant and variants by Rom Lim and Jim Starlin to Thanos Annual #1.

As we always disclaim, not all the images will be new to you, but some will be.

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