"I had already drawn this marvelous woman in a couple issues of Gotham City Sirens. There, she had a secondary role, but in Justice League Dark she's the strongest female character (or character, period) of the whole cast. She's a very, very interesting character, and she's about to become EVEN more interesting."


"In my first issue on the book, #30, he's beaten, rejected, shut out, on the verge of alcoholism... Nothing new for this quintessential survivor, right? Sordid situations are the ones he enjoys the most. He's a classic."


Bad girl, evil, and mischievous. Who wouldn't want to meet her? You know she's dangerous, but you can't stop yourself from feeling attracted to her... She's going to give people many many surprises in the next few issues."


"Talking about badasses... here's a character that also allows you reinterpret him in your personal way as an artist. Incredibly fun to draw. He doesn't show up too much in my first issue on Justice League Dark, but I hope we can fix that in the next ones!


"He's not that bad for a dead guy. it's kinda peculiar to draw an undead (or not dead, well, just not alive) guy that is still in such good physical shape. His ability to get inside people's body and control them like a puppeteer is disturbingly funny."

FRANKENSTEIN (Or Frankie, for friends)

"He's made out of shreds. An adorable badass beast. I had already drawn him in a couple sample pages a long time. He's candy for any artist. Always ready for action."


1st Look: New JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Artist Andres Guinaldo Character Sketches

Date: 19 March 2014 Time: 02:08 PM ET

In April, DC’s Justice League Dark gets a new artist as of its 30th issue - Andres Guinaldo (Superboy, Justice League of America’s Vibe), joining writer J.M. DeMatteis.

“Drawing a series that is so solid and imaginative like this one gives me, as an artist, the chance to just go nuts and enjoy the ride, especially if you have never drawn most of the book's lead characters, as it's my case,” said Guinaldo of his new assignment.

“I promise I will dive into the Justice League Dark's universe head first, and have a good time with these characters as many thousands of readers do every single month."

DC Comics has provided Newsarama an exclusive first look at Guinaldo’s character sketches for the series, along with some brief comments on each character. Scroll through the album to check them out.

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