Look, up in the sky, it's solicitations!

DC Comics has a busy Summer starting up in June 2014. There are things we already knew about, like <b>Infinity Man</b> launching, bringing new characters from the New Gods into the New 52. There are new creative teams, most notably Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr. taking over <b>Superman</b>. <p>But that’s just the beginning of a packed month - so packed, we had to drop from 16 notable points in the solicitations down to these 10, the most notable of the bunch. There are returning characters, new origins, and some funky switches and stops happening in the bunch. See the full <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/20593-dc-comics-full-june-2014-solicitations.html>DC June 2014 Solicitations here</a>, and see what we think are the top bits of news by clicking “next.”

Switcheroos: Batman/Superman, Supergirl, Fables

A few changes of note in the solicitations, though what it means for May’s issues isn’t really said. <b>Batman/Superman</b> has moved the story solicited for May’s #11 to June’s #12. <b>Supergirl</b> has moved the cover for #31 to #32. Finally, <b>Fables #141</b> is resolicited to a June 18th’s sale date. <p>This sort of thing happens rarely regularly in comics, but is still worth noting. When we find out what the new <b>Batman/Superman #11</b> story, we’ll let you know.

Larfleeze Ends

Well, we knew that some series would be coming to a close as DC continues to shift some focus over to their two weeklies this spring/summer, and third coming in the Fall, and it seems <b>Larfleeze</b> is the first to go. The greediest lantern may hold onto his orange light fairly well, but can’t hold onto his own title.

New Lobo in Justice League United

Well, this one should get people talking. <p>The new version of Lobo created quite a stir when he debuted, with people calling the svelte version some - less-than-fond words. Well, Lobo is back in <b>Justice League United</b>, coming face-to-face with Hawkman for the second issue, which sounds like it will fit largely into the “and Space” part of “this book takes place in Canada… and Space.” <p>While the Green Lanterns are fighting the shape-changing alien Durlans, the newest Justice League will fight the shape-changing alien named Byth, a classic Hawkman villain.

(Relatively) New to New 52 Alert: Wally West & Ray Palmer News

Two of the characters that have been largely missing from the New 52 are Wally West and Ray Palmer. It seems Wally’s appearance in April’s <b>Flash Annual</b> is just the beginning, as he’s called out in a bullet point in this month’s issue, as well, being someone that Barry must “repair relationship” with. <p>Ray Palmer, meanwhile, had a bit role in <i>S.H.A.D.E.</i> but is now revealed as an as-yet-unannounced feature player in <b>Futures End</b>. Maybe we’ll finally see him shrinking down to fight the good fight as the Atom? Constantine is name-dropped in <b>Futures End</b>, too, showing that while it’s clearly a largely tech-focused event, it will also reach into the magic corners of the DCU.

Trial of Jim Gordon Begins

Meanwhile, in the other weekly, <b>Batman Eternal</b> sees a much-teased event begin: The trial of Jim Gordon. We still don’t know just what he’s on trial <i>for</i>, but never mind that - it’s still the most concrete piece of the “Batsgiving” teaser that we’ve seen come alive yet. Elsewhere in <b>Eternal</b>, we’ll see Mr. Unknown, Catwoman, Professor Pyg, and more in the third month of the weekly.

Secret Origins: Red Robin

The third issue of <b>Secret Origins</b> features Green Lantern, Batwoman, and Red Robin. <p>Red Robin’s origin story will be told by Scott Lobdell and Tyler Kirkham. <p>We could probably just end that here and let you go wild, but let’s digest the information at hand a bit more. One of the more contentious origin changes in the New 52 is that of Tim Drake, Red Robin. For one, while he was called “Robin” early on, it was later revealed that he never carried that name, instead operating as “Red Robin” even when he was Batman’s direct sidekick. Then there was his natural detective ability, including his ability to read subtle ticks and movement cues that allowed him, in the old DCU, to discover the identity of Batman and his sidekicks, which was given instead to Dick Grayson in the New 52. <p>And so, the writer who has written nearly all of his New 52 adventures will attempt to clear some of those remaining questions and discrepancies up.

Lobdell Back on Red Hood & The Outlaws

Scott Lobdell launched <b>Red Hood and the Outlaws</b> for the New 52, but recently left the book in the care of James Tynion IV. He, in turn, left the series for what now looks to be a mere three-issue run by Wil Pfeifer. <p>Lobdell is back on the series with #32, which finds the Outlaws up against the organization S.H.A.D.E. No word on if this, like Pfeifer’s run, will be a limited engagement, nor what Pfeifer, who only recently returned to the DCU, is up to next.

Batman vs. Ra’s al Ghul for all the Bodies

The <b>Batman and …</b> series brings Ra’s al Ghul into the title, and ends the “Hunt for Robin” storyline, as Batman tries to find the body of Damian, his son, in order to potentially, you know, bring him back to life. Like you do. <p>So, this issue promises a battle for the bodies of both Damian and Talia, Damian’s mother and the daughter of Ra’s. There, notably, has <i>not</i> been a new Robin added to the Bat-family stable since Damian’s death. Could he really come back to life when all is said and done? And will this be Bruce’s discovery of the clone tanks full of potential Damians that Ra’s has?

Tiny Titans Returns! Aw Yeah!

This June, it’s time to <b>Return to the Treehouse</b>. Aw Yeah, folks, <b>Tiny Titans</b> is back for six new issues from the most excited team in comics, Art Baltazar and Franco. The new series sees the Treehouse missing and… oh, who cares, it’s brand-new <b>Tiny Titans</b> and it’s Art and Franco back to the characters that launched their all-ages revolution. Say it one more time with us, AW YEAH!

Celebrating Batman & The Joker

Two $40 hardcover collections are coming in July (but in this solicitation cycle) to celebrate the 75th anniversary of two of DC’s finest: Batman, and The Joker. <p>Similar to last year’s Superman and Lois Lane hardcovers, these feature stories from pretty much every era of the Bat. Just look at this Bat-**** insane list of talent: <p>Bill Finger, Dennis O’Neil, Archie Goodwin, Greg Rucka, Paul Dini, Scott Snyder, Bob Kane, Carmine Infantino, Jerry Robinson, Alex Toth, Frank Miller, Michael Golden, J.H. Williams III, Greg Capullo, John Byrne, and many more. It’s a cornucopia of Bat-tastic comics.

What We Learned from DC Comics JUNE 2014 Solicitations

Date: 17 March 2014 Time: 09:00 PM ET