A Closer DCU?

The DC Universe seems to be a much more cohesive place after the events of <b>Forever Evil</b>, if the April 2014 solicitations are to be believed. Characters seem to be in much closer places across multiple titles, and the universe as a whole has clearly changed after the Justice League's other-universe doubles took over. <p>Of course with the end of a major chapter of the DC Universe, there are bound to be cancellations, and there are quite a few in April. We'll also see quite a few launches to balance things out, and some creative shifts as well. <p>Check out what we pulled as the ten most notable things in the DC April 2014 Solicitations right here.

Batman: Eternal Finally Launches

DC Comics has been hyping <b>Batman: Eternal</b> for what seems like an eternity. Now in April, fans will finally see what this weekly series is all about. From the writing team of Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, John Layman (who is leaving the series after his first four issues), Ray Fawkes, and Tim Seeley, with art by Jason Fabok and Dustin Nguyen, that makes a lot of names that will signal a must-read to fans. <p>The series' first month starts with a bang: Commissioner Gordon arrested, Stephanie Brown's first New 52 appearance, and a mystery Batman villain's first appearance in the New 52 are all happening in the first four weeks of the new series. With months of interviews and teases, we're right there with fans anxious to see the first issues finally hit the stands - and our hands.

Wolfman Off SUPERBOY

Marv Wolfman's run on Superboy just started in December, writing the story of the new, original Superboy - that is to say the evil villain who happens to be the future son of Clark and Lois whose clone was running around as Superboy for the first two years of the New 52. <p>In April, though, Wolfman is no longer writing the series, as Aaron Kuder steps in to write a <b>Forever Evil</b> tie-in issue featuring evil Superboy and "his allies from the future." No word from DC yet whether Kuder is the new ongoing writer or just on for the month.

Yes, JLA is Ending as JLU Begins

When the "Justice League Canada" title became <i>Justice League United</i> (the zero issue debuts in April), and several characters from the two existing teams were missing on the revealed covers for <i>JLU</i> and <i>Justice League</i>, there may have been some hope for <b>Justice League of America</b> to continue. <p>Not so, say the April solicitations, as <b>JLA #14</b> in April bears the "Final Issue" tag. The last issue of the series will be from Matt Kindt and Eddy Barrows, and should establish the future of some characters from the book. But that's not the only cancellation in April, not by a long shot...

Nightwing, Suicide Squad, Superman Unchained Ending, Too

With Dick Grayson's identity revealed and future in question (not to mention original writer Kyle Higgins leaving with March's #29), it shouldn't be <i>too</i> surprising that <b>Nightwing #30</b> is the final issue of the series. We suspect we'll be seeing Dick (perhaps as a blonde) over in <i>Batman: Eternal</i>, and some kind of new bat-series will take this one's place very quickly, perhaps as early as May. <p>Also ending, the previously announced <b>Teen Titans</b>, plus <b>Suicide Squad</b>, and <b>Superman Unchained</b>. That's right, after the original "first" 9-issue story by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee, that series will come to a close. <p><b>Stormwatch</b> also ends in April, but it gets its own entry later...

DOOMSDAY for Superman Titles

<b>Superman/Wonder Woman</b> has kept relatively autonomous since its launch a few months back, but that looks like it'll change in April, as the other series in the line catch up to the events of <b>Forever Evil</b> and see what Superman is up to in the world after that series' disasters. <p>Doomsday has been central to the mystery of the Phantom Zone's barriers breaking down in that book since the first issue, and now he's busting out, but not just there, also in <b>Action Comics</b> and <b>Superman</b>. Of course, each of those three titles will also have their own angles to cover, as <b>Action</b> also sees Superman vs. Lex Luthor - with Luthor now as the leader of the Justice League, and <b>Superman</b> sees our hero dealing with craziness in Smallville and Kandor.

Superman: The Green Lantern Teased in SMALLVILLE

Green Lantern Superman. It's been toyed with in Elseworlds stories, and in many a fan fiction, but Bryan Q. Miller is bringing a new version of this tale to life in the ongoing <b>Smallville</b> digital-first series, which continues the continuity of the television show of the same name. The long dormant Green Lantern Ring from sector 2813, the former home of Krypton, searches out a new bearer, and finds none other than Kal-El, our Clark Kent, Superman. It's only a four-issue story, so don't expect Clark to be hanging onto this ring for years to come, but it does show just how much <b>Smallville</b> stands apart, in their ability to try something genuinely different and new.

Batman and Wonder Woman - The Quest for Damian's Remains

The ongoing series that used to be <b>Batman and Robin</b> continues to move through the DC Universe, and in April will feature Wonder Woman, who along with her own title, team-up with Superman, <i>Justice League</i>, and even a Wonder Woman in Justice League Beyond, looks to be getting a serious push with five titles in one month (it's no Batman, who covers four releases in just ONE title, but it's a start for Wondy fans). <p>The reason for the team up is pretty grim, though - Batman's search for his son's dead body brings him to Themyscira, where Wonder Woman will also be in her solo book that month - it sure <i>seems</i> from these solicitations that the DC Universe is a much more cohesive and in-line place.

Gail Simone Writing Ragdoll Again

Are you a Gail Simone fan? Are you a Gail Simone fan who misses <i>Secret Six</i>? Are you a twisted individual? Was that the same question 3 times? <p>If your answer to the above is yes, you have another reason to be excited for <b>Batgirl #30</b>, as Ragdoll will come into the series to plague Barbara Gordon - and her roommate Alysia, after the pliable looney psychotic takes her hostage. <p>It's Gail Simone, it's Ragdoll, it's Batgirl. Yup, just line up at your LCS now.

Stormwatch Ends, Sets Up Futures End

Yes, this is our <i>third</i> entry out of ten about cancellations. Sorry, folks, it's that kind of month. However, <b>Stormwatch</b> isn't notable for ending, it's much more notable for the first four words of the solicitation text: "A <b>Futures End</b> prelude!" <p><b>Futures End</b> (yes, plural, not possessive) is the <i>other</i> weekly series launching in 2014, where the DC Universe will be taken five years into the future, with an air of mystery to the whole series that hasn't yet been lifted. Ironically, <b>Stormwatch #30</b> could be the most "must-read" of the whole series, as the final issue, and as an important look ahead at what the DC Universe will become.

New Launches, Ahoy

<b>Secret Origins #1</b>, <b>Aquaman and the Others #1</b>, the aforementioned <b>Justice League United #0</b> and <b>Batman: Eternal #1</b>, plus <b>Sinestro #1</b> all see beginnings in April 2014, so it's not all doom and gloom (remember that when you read the next couple entries… and the past couple entries…). <p>These are all pretty self explanatory - <b>Secret Origins</b> will be an anthology ongoing series that tells previously unrevealed and definitive parts of the origins of the New 52 versions of your favorite heroes and villains. <b>Aquaman and the Others</b> spins off <b>Aquaman</b> and features his other team, "The Others" (this ain't rocket science guys). <b>JLU</b> is based in Canada, and space, and features a wacky lineup. <b>Sinestro</b> stars the Green Lantern villain, and if you don't know what <b>Batman: Eternal</b> is by now, then you're probably reading the wrong article (or not reading it, because we already talked about it before). <p>While DC hasn't kept the "52" part of the "New 52" in a literal sense, it is good to see that with endings come some beginnings, too.

What We Learned from DC COMICS April 2014 Solicitations

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