Amazing, right?

Yes, folks, the <a href=><b>Amazing Spider-Man 2</b> trailer has arrived</a>, and it certainly has some exciting moments to live up to the title. <p>As usual, we have watched the trailer <i>far</i> too many times, freeze-framed at all the juicy bits we could, and dissected this Spider to get all we could out of two minutes and forty-one seconds of glory. <p>Our countdowns are usually published at 9pm Eastern Time, but with so many cool moments and Easter Eggs, we couldn't wait until then. <p>Here are the ten things we think you should take away from the first trailer for <b>ASM2</b>, but this one goes to eleven (we got overzealous and wrote 11 entries without realizing it).

The Daily Bugle Exists In This World

Okay, this isn't exactly news to fans that have been paying attention to the viral marketing campaign for <b>ASM 2</b>, but it's still nice to see the News Organization that Peter Parker famously worked at for decades in the comics having a presence here. <p>Between a couple of stills that showed a Daily Bugle stand in Times Square and the nice little "Follow the Daily Bugle on Tumblr" nod (someone took a cue from <i>Star Trek Into Darkness</i> there), we have full confirmation that it's a part of this world. Does that mean we'll see Peter working for the paper, or meet Jonah in this film? That remains to be seen. After all, it looks like Peter will be plenty busy as Spider-Man here.

Electro Looks Freaking Awesome

There was a lot of concern over Electro's look, especially with early set pictures showing what was basically Jamie Foxx's best impression of a Blue Man Group member. <p>Well, luckily, he didn't just blue himself here. The initial shots showing electricity chasing around his body and emerging from his finger-tips are cool… then towards the end of the trailer, there's the big fight between Electro and Spider-Man teased, and, well, it's hard not to get bug-eyed and shout with glee. <p>Seeing an advanced Electro becoming an all-electricity being and zapping from location to location while attacking Spidey looks like it could be akin to that epic Nightcrawler attack on the White House that still holds "coolest superpower display in movies ever." It's almost like you have to wait until something is in action and post-effects processing to make a real judgement.

The Parkers Have Even More Secrets

A big part of the first <b>Amazing Spider-Man</b> was this concept that the Parkers, that is to say Peter's birth parents, were much more tied into everything from Oscorp to Peter even getting powers in the first place. They had direct ties to the first film's villain, the Lizard, and seem they'll be central to this film's plot as well. <p>In the Ultimate universe, Richard Parker was central to many story lines, worked for Oscorp, and even <i>created the Venom symbiote</i>, so it's cool to see him appear in the flesh, complete with a secret underground lab. Getting Peter a little more into the central mystery of his life and family that made the first film so compelling is definitely a good thing.

Vulture & Doc Ock Teased

This was another "throw your hands in the air and shout with joy" moment for comic book fans. In fact, even moviegoers will recognize one of the two additional villains teased here. We see Doctor Octopus's mechanical arms and Vulture's wings have both been developed from within Oscorp. It's a brief glimpse, but one that throws about twenty gallons of fuel on the fire of "Sinister Six" rumors, where six Spider-Man villains team-up to take the web-slinger down. <p>And did you notice there are six numbered vault doors opening in Oscorp? <p>So, who are you casting in your mind for Adrian Toomes and Otto Octavius in <i>Amazing Spider-Man 3</i>?

Yes, Costumes From Comics Work on Film

There's a long-standing belief that a direct translation of a comic book costume, if brought to the big screen, would look too silly for viewers to handle. Hence, black leather for the X-Men. <p>Luckily, Marvel Studios has been working hard to change that opinion with some fairly direct translations for most of the Avengers, and Sony Pictures got in on the fun this time around with Spidey. <p>Not only does the vibrant red and blue look great on screen, but you can see the costume ripple in the wind, and how it should naturally bend and twist as he performs acrobatic feats. There are a lot of things for comic book fans to love in this trailer, and this new take on the costume is chief among them.

Being Spider-Man is Harder Than Ever

The opening narration speaks to what will likely be a major theme of the movie: Peter just doesn't think he's good enough to be Spider-Man. Or at least, not good enough to be the only hero. Sure, we have several villains here (more on that later) with even more teased (more on that earlier - haven't you been reading?), but could this one be a tease of another hero, an ally for Spider-Man? We've heard plenty of rumors about Black Cat, and Sony Pictures has said they'd like to expand the franchise, so this doubt could be the first hint of that coming to fruition. <p>Regardless, the overall theme of self-doubt is not new to Spider-Man, and it's one of the things that makes him such a relatable "every-man" character. That little bit of narration shows how much Webb cares about the history of Spidey, and should make fans happy.

Being Peter Parker Isn't A Priority

While being Spider-Man is more difficult, that seems to mean, based off this trailer, that being Peter Parker is taking a backseat. Yes, we see that Peter is exploring his family history, and yes, there are a couple of cursory shots of him with Gwen Stacy, but while the first film was very much about the "origin of Peter Parker," as director Marc Webb liked to say in interviews, it seems part two will focus much more on Spider-Man and his place in the world. Well that, and of course, the villains.

Yes, Mecha-Rhino Is A Thing

In the comic book <i>Ultimate Spider-Man</i>, when Rhino was introduced into this modern-day world, rather than being a very large and super-strong man in a leather/spandex suit with a horn on the head, he was a man in a robotic suit made to look like a rhinoceros, that he drove like a truck or suit of armor to wreak havoc. <p>Look, which one did you <i>think</i> was going to make it into this movie world? Yes, we got an actual lizard-man hybrid, but doing that again with a rhino might have crossed the border from silly-but-plausible to just plain silly. What are the implicit genetic bonuses of being spliced with a Rhino?

Yes, Harry Is The Goblin (And Not Very Green)

While we have gotten many <i>Ultimate Spidey</i> concepts in these films, it does seem we're getting a more traditional Goblin, with the glider and all. One thing that's breaking from tradition, though, is that Harry Osborn, and not his father Norman, seems to be the first Goblin. Will he be greener, or even called the Green Goblin? Maybe, Maybe not. The headline here is that Harry is in the role first, with Norman bed-ridden and ill.

This World is Expanding - Quickly

Freeze-frame on the Oscorp computer, and you are in for a treat. <p>This control-panel looking screen is chock full of easter eggs. Based off a quick look, we can spot: <p>Dr. Connors File (shout out to the first movie villain, The Lizard) <p>Dr. Morbius File (tease to another Spidey Character, Morbius the Living Vampire) <p>Venom Storage (Well, we don't really need to tell you more about that one, do we?) <p>Ravencroft (Spider-Man's version of Arkham: has housed Vermin, Carnage, Jackal, Shriek, Carrion, Chameleon, and employed John Jameson) <p>There may be more there, so squint and analyze this screen to death. Some of these things may be hints at future films, some may just be Easter Eggs, but it's all fun. <p>Click the image to your left to see a larger version and dissect it for yourself.

There is Only One True Villain: Oscorp

While there are at least three villains appearing on screen in <b>The Amazing Spider-Man 2</b> and at least three or four more teased in various degrees (and that's just in this <i>first trailer</i>!), it is also apparent that there is only one true villain, a "big bad" if you will: Oscorp. <p>While Norman may not be suiting up as the Green Goblin, it's clear that his influence will be felt throughout the entire movie. With Oscorp, and its head Norman Osborn, as a unifying element to the film's many villains, we shouldn't run into the same problems we did with that <i>other</i> three-villain Spidey movie. <p>The fact is, Spider-Man has a deep, rich history of fighting multiple villains simultaneously - only The Flash might rival him. With the Sinister Six, which if you've been reading to this point, you know has been heavily teased and rumored, Spider-Man's foes band together to take him down, on a regular basis. If there's a Marvel hero that can solely face down a team of villains, even on the big screen, it's Spider-Man. Having someone/something being the organizing factor to that, rather than just having a random confluence of enemies, is important for coherence, and should be a major difference from past attempts in superhero films.

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