Heroes Becoming Villains (Again)

Going into the February 2014 solicitations, we already knew a few major things coming our way from DC Comics. We knew Supergirl is going to become a Red Lantern. We knew that Helena Wayne would be meeting her not-father for the first time. <p>Luckily, with fifty books and an additional imprint, there is still plenty to talk about for February 2014 from DC Comics, and these are the 10 <i>other</i> biggest things of which to take note.

LOIS LANE Gets a One-Shot

“It’s Lois Lane’s 75th anniversary, too.” <p>That’s a phrase that’s been uttered by both fans and creators, all the way up to co-publisher Dan DiDio. While it’s a couple of months late, the <b>Superman: Lois Lane #1</b> one-shot is a welcome sight for Lois fans upset about her lack of recognition. <p>The issue is written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Emanuella Lupacchino, lending an all-female team to this (perhaps) most famous of female characters in the DCU, if not in all of comic books. The issue sees Lois dealing with her father, her sister, and her own issues with one of Superman’s greatest foes. Everyone reading should pre-order it now if they want a mini-series or ongoing for the character: there’s no doubt that DC is testing the waters here. <p>It should be noted that Bennett and another female artist, Meghan Hetrick, are also teaming for a <i>Joker’s Daughter</i> one-shot in February.

OMAC is Back

<b>Suicide Squad</b> has been a showcase for lesser-known characters in the DCU alongside heavy hitters to introduce them to the New 52. While OMAC had his own series at the launch of the latest DC reboot, it was one of the first to be cancelled. He’s had a couple more New 52 appearances since then, but it seems that this time around he’ll be under someone else’s control (The Thinker). <p>It’s nice to see two of the crazier concepts in the DCU colliding here, and getting some hope for a more lasting presence for OMAC in the New 52. More Kirby character action is always a good thing.

Batman/Superman and Worlds’ Finest Crossover Begins

This is one we <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/19356-paul-levitz-reveals-batman-superman-worlds-finest-2014-crossover.html>knew about ahead of solicitations</a>, but consider this your reminder. In February, the team of <b>Batman/Superman</b> collide with their relatives from another world in <b>Worlds’ Finest</b>. The crossover, taking place in both books by the regular creative teams, has Power Girl revealing her true history to Superman as well as Huntress meeting her not-father. <p>The reveal has been a long time coming, and with Batman losing a child last year, it will be very interesting to see how he reacts to an adult “child” of his own. The further direct confrontation and expansion of the multiverse has to be noted here, too – between <i>Forever Evil</i> and this, it seems DC Comics is no longer waiting around for Grant Morrison’s <i>Multiversity</i> to bring the multitude of other worlds back in full effect.

The TRINITY Together in Superman Unchained

While much has been made of Superman paired up alternately with Wonder Woman or Batman (in different ways, of course), there hasn’t been a solid moment for all three of DC’s “Trinity” together in the New 52. <p>That wait is over in February, as Scott Snyder and Jim Lee bring the Trinity together for an all-out brawl with Wraith, the government’s secret Superman. <p>It should be nice to see all three standing together, and specifically it’s nice to see Wonder Woman being held in equal esteem alongside her male counterparts. It will be something to watch, to see if the Trinity really establishes themselves from here on out the way that they had before the New 52.

Forever Evil Reveals

In the penultimate month of <b>Forever Evil</b>, the first big New 52 linewide crossover, many answers to the biggest questions in the series are finally coming. Some sound promising, others foreboding. <p>In the main series, we’ll have “the final fate of Nightwing,” and also the revelation of the hooded man from Earth 3 who could threaten the Crime Syndicate’s reign. <p>In <b>Justice League</b>, Cyborg makes his comeback, along with the Metal Men, who have only been seen sparingly in the New 52 thus far. <p><i>Forever Evil: Blight</i> sees four issues, as well as the surprising turn of “The Sea King,” Aquaman’s Crime Syndicate counterpart, onto the side of the Justice League Dark. <p>Only one month left until the DCU starts reacting to the fallout, and it seems that there is still a lot of story to tell.

GOTHTOPIA Rolls On Through Bat-Books

While we know the new creative team of Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul are coming to <b>Detective Comics</b> soon, the “Gothtopia” crossover still has a couple of issues left to put a cap on John Layman’s run as writer. <p>This month’s Gothtopia storyline promises that “the strange gets stranger” as the story crosses over between <b>’Tec</b>, <b.Birds of Prey</b>, <b>Batwing</b>, and <b>Catwoman</b>. <p>Gothtopia also gets the “creepiest tagline” award for “Die happy!” a phrase that just gives us the willies.

Holiday HARLEY

One way to make <b>Harley Quinn</b>’s new series stand out is to keep it topical. This month, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Chad Hardin are sticking to the times with a holiday issue centered on Valentine’s Day. <p>Arguably the best story ever told using <b>Harley Quinn</b> was one by her creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm entitled “Mad Love.” Told as a prestige story as well as an episode of the TV series, the story sought to show why Harley, who otherwise seems like a respectable person, would snap and fall in love with someone like The Joker. <p>Harley + Lovesick storytelling should equal comic book gold, and we hope Conner, Palmiotii, and Hardin are up to the challenge.

BATGIRL Boost for The Movement?

While <b>Batgirl</b> is not joining in the “Gothtopia” fun, she is jumping into another Gail Simone book for February. <p>In <b>The Movement #9</b>, Batgirl comes to Coral City, and it seems will wind up clashing with the kids in the Movement rather than helping out (classic hero team-up rules and all). With The Movement’s “companion series” of <i>The Green Team</i> already cancelled, this could be a move to try to boost sales on the still-remaining series. Or it could just be Simone wanting to play with her favorite DC character a little extra for a month.

KID FLASH: The Newest Teen Hero Turned Villain

We’ve already seen how Superboy, both the first and now the second one in the New 52, has been villainously oriented. Now it looks like Kid Flash is next. <p>In the solicitation for <b>Teen Titans #28</b>, it says that Kid Flash “goes to war with his former teammates” over the “future he plans to rule.” With all the villains occupied in <i>Forever Evil</i>, it seems the heroes have to keep on changing sides and fighting each other. <p>The solicitations do also promise a final true revelation of Kid Flash’s history (something even he hasn’t been too sure of), so maybe this is just the step towards him finally going all-in as a young hero in the DCU.

Black Canary Leading the Way in INJUSTICE

Little is known about the second year of <b>Injustice</b>, but the solicitation for February’s print issue does let us know who the feature character will be. This time around, at least for an issue, Black Canary steals the spotlight from Batman. <p>The solicitation, aside from revealing Canary’s starring role, also teased that the story is expanding much farther beyond the Injustice Earth, answering the question of what all those other alien races in the DC Universe think of this despot version of Superman.

What We Learned from DC COMICS February 2014 Solicitations

Date: 11 November 2013 Time: 09:00 PM ET