What We Learned From DC's AUGUST 2013 Solicitations

Do you know what you'll be doing three months from now? Probably not, but thanks to the freshly released <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/17794-dc-comics-full-august-2013-solicitations.html>DC Comics August 2013</a> solicitations, you may have a vague idea of some of the comic books you'll be reading then. <p>The late summer months will bring the second half of "Trinity War," new Vertigo offerings, an inter-universe clash and the end of several New 52 titles. As we do every month, we looked at all that information and tried to find what's really important — here are 10 thing we learned from DC's August 2013 solicitations.


<i>American Vampire</i> has managed to find ways to stay in the hearts and minds of readers despite the ongoing series being on hiatus, and the latest effort to keep fans satiated is the <i>American Vampire Anthology</i>, an 80-page one-shot out in August. <p>Along with series regulars Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, the book also features marquee creators from outside of the franchise, like Gail Simone, Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, Jeff Lemire and, in his first DC credit in a few years, Greg Rucka. <P>Speaking of Lemire and Vertigo: His 8-part sci-fi romance, <i>Trillium</i>, launches in August.


August's <i>Adventures of Superman #4</i> has another lofty list of talent contributing to the digital-first anthology, including Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, former Marvel editor-in-chief (and New 52 scribe) Tom DeFalco, Rob Williams, Wes Craig, Pete Woods and Chris Weston. <P>Not a part of issue #4? Orson Scott Card, whose contribution to the series — a short story met with controversy upon being announced due to the <i>Ender's Game</i>'s writer's record on homosexual rights — is evidently still in limbo.


Unsurprisingly, <i>Superman Unchained</i> is a big deal for DC Comics — it's written by one of their top writers (Scott Snyder), illustrated by their co-publisher (Jim Lee) and is debuting the same month as the Zack Snyder-directed <i>Man of Steel</i> arrives in theaters. <p>And it looks like it'll stay a priority into its third month, with August's issue shipping with 10 covers, according to the solicitation. Now, it's not surprising for a first issue to get that kind of treatment — like the 52 covers of <i>Justice League of America #1</i> — but that many coming for a #3 suggests that the publisher is maintaining the full-court press on this one for a while.


The DC Universe is in a combative mood lately, it seems. No longer content to simply fight amongst itself in the <I>Injustice</i> video game and its tie-in comic book series, the DCU heroes also have the warriors of Eternia in their sights. <p>August brings the first issue of the six-part <i>DC Universe vs. The Masters of the Universe</i>, written by Keith Giffen and illustrated by Dexter Soy. The story sees Skeletor fleeing to the Earth of the DC Universe (not the real one, thankfully) and He-Man and his gang following, landing at odds with DC's heroes — and likely eventually on the same side, as these things tend to happen. <p>It's actually something of a rematch — He-Man fought Superman back in a 1982 DC comic.


Grant Morrison wraps his run on <i>Batman Incorporated</i> in July, and the series is ending with his departure. But DC is still having some fun with the concept and characters, with a one-shot, 48-page <i>Batman Incorporated Special</i> featuring a variety of creators, including Morrison's collaborator on the series, artist Chris Burnham. <p>Also in the mix: Marvel's <i>Morbius, The Living Vampire</i> writer Joe Keatinge, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio and Ethan Van Sciver.


Earth 2 looks to be a busy place in August. Greg Pak <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/17759-pak-making-batman-superman-an-epic-character-driven-story.html>spoke to us last week</a> about <i>Batman/Superman</i> taking a trip to the planet, saying, "They're going to meet an older, more experienced and, frankly, stronger and better Superman and Batman. And also, the Earth 2 Superman and Batman have a very different relationship from the Superman and Batman in our world at this point in time." <p>Meanwhile in <i>Worlds' Finest</i>, Huntress and Power Girl apparently find a refugee from Apokolips stuck on Earth. In <i>Earth 2</i>, the series clearly squarely focused on Earth 2 happenings, the Steppenwolf story continues.


Late last month, DC editor-in-chief Bob Harras teased that Cyborg Superman, of the high-profile "Reign of the Supermen" story, would be making an imminent return, though he didn't provide any concrete details. <p>Now readers know at least one specific place they'll see him: August's <i>Supergirl #23</i>, billed to be setting the stage "for a massive story this fall."


The prevailing rumor behind <i>I, Vampire</i>'s Joshua Hale Fialkov's early departure from <i>Green Lantern Corps</i> and <i>Red Lanterns</i> was that he disagreed with a planned story to kill off John Stewart, one of DC's most visible minority heroes. <P>It seems clear that DC wants readers to know — or at least think — that killing John Stewart is not the current plan, as he features heavily into the solicitations for <i>Green Lantern Corps #23</i> — as the new training officer for the corps, and the guy seemingly at the center of all the storylines mentioned in the blurb.


Four DC Universe series are ending in August: <i>Threshold</i> (with #8), <i>Dial H</i> (#15), and <i>Demon Knights</i> and <i>Legion of Super-Heroes</i> (#23 for both). The latter two titles have been running since the initial launch of The New 52 in September 2011, with the end of <i>Legion of Super-Heroes</i> presumably meaning that <i>Teen Titans</i> is the only "Young Justice" title left. <p>Seeing as how DC appears committed to sticking somewhere around 52 titles for The New 52, a few new series are a safe bet for the coming months. Specifically, it seems unlikely that DC would go without a Legion of Super-Heroes title for long, so a relaunch — or a rebranding? — could be coming soon.


It hasn't even started yet, but the long-touted "Trinity War" — a crossover between <i>Justice League</i>, <i>Justice League of America</i> and <i>Justice League Dark</i> — is wrapping up in August 2013. <p>While plot details aren't completely plentiful at this point, August's solicitations emphasize the importance of the murder plot — plus make is obvious that there are a <i>lot</i> of characters involved in this story, as the covers show. <p>DC's also returning to their "Director's Cut" format for "Trinity War" in August, with July's <i>Justice League #22</i> getting the treatment.

What We Learned From DC's AUGUST 2013 Solicitations

Date: 13 May 2013 Time: 07:44 PM ET