What We Learned From DC's JULY 2013 Solicitations

<i>by <a href=http://www.twitter.com/albertxii>Albert Ching, Newsarama Staff Writer</a></i> <p>April is still in the single digits, but the folks at DC Comics are already thinking about July and thus, so are fans. <p>So now that <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/comics/dc-comics-july-2013-solicitations.html>DC's July 2013 solicitations</a> are out, what's the big news? Well, we already knew some like <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/comics/batman-inc-ending-lobdell-action-comics.html>Scott Lobdell taking over <i>Action Comics</i> (at least temporarily) and <i>Batman, Incorporated</i> ending</a>, but the solicitations themselves still provided plenty of information, like new details of the <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/comics/trinity-war-details-revealed.html>freshly announced <i>Trinity War</i></a>. Here are 10 of the biggest takeaways from DC's July 2013 solicitations. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=http://www.facebook.com/Newsarama><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=http://twitter.com/newsarama><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p>


Cartoon Network's <i>Green Lantern: The Animated Series</i> aired its last new episode in March, so it's not a surprise that the comic book tie-in is ending, too, with #14 in July. (Though, there would be some precedent for it to keep going Marvel's <i>ALF</i> comic book kept running two years after that show ended.) <p>What may be more surprising is that the last issue is the only "Rated E" book solicited by DC for July, though it's worth noting that some of their all-aged fare, like <i>Looney Tunes</i> (solicited for June), are bimonthly.


Though Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's New 52 origin for Shazam was originally published as backup stories in <i>Justice League of America</i>, they're getting their own book in September (advance solicited with DC's July slate), along with a few full-issue stores featuring the character. <p>It's a 192-page hardcover due out Sept. 25, collecting all or part of <i>Justice League #7-11, 0, 14-16 and 18-21</i>. A standalone <i>Shazam</i> collection seems at least like a possible indication that DC is planning more solo material from the character in the future.


A writer with vast experience writing one of pop culture's biggest franchises is writing another one starting in July, and it may not be in a place you expect. <p>Karen Traviss has written multiple Star Wars novels, including the "Republic Commando" series. In her prose career, she's also <i>Gears of War</i> and <i>Halo</i> books. She returns to the video game world by joining the digital-first Batman book <i>Arkham Unhinged</i>, based on the <i>Arkham City</i> continuity, with the first print issue out in July.


While most of the recent DC creative team changes such as Joshua Hale Fialkov leaving <i>Green Lantern Corps</i> and <i>Red Lanterns</i> were revealed before the July solicitations were revealed, Monday still brought a few pieces of news. <p>Such as: Alex Maleev, known best for his Marvel collaborations with Brian Michael Bendis, adds to his growing DC resume with the cover and interior art of <i>Batman: The Dark Knight #22</i>. Travel Foreman, the original artist of The New 52's <i>Animal Man</i> returns to that character with July's <i>Animal Man Annual #2</i>. And the third print issue of digital-first anthology <i>Adventures of Superman</i> features a story by Matt Kindt and Stephen Segovia, but still no sign of the contested story co-written by Orson Scott Card.


While the title, concept and co-writing team of Art Baltazar and Franco plus covers by Amanda Conner generally suggest that <b>The Green Team: Teen Trillionaires</b> may be slightly less serious than some other DC Universe books, July's #3 has Deathstroke right on the cover, a character not traditionally known for being very lighthearted. <p>Of course, just because Deathstroke is in the book doesn't definitively say anything about its tone, but given Slade Wilson's history with teen DC characters, this book's protagonists probably should be extra-careful.


Scott Snyder is currently earning rave reviews and impressive sales numbers for his run on <i>Batman</i> with Greg Capullo, and Jim Lee illustrated the popular 2003 <i>Batman</i> story, "Hush." <p>Given that, it's probably not a shock that Batman is billed as appearing Snyder and Lee's <i>Superman Unchained #2</i>. And, he is! Plus, a backup starring Jimmy Olsen.


Speaking of Batman and Superman: Just two issues into their new team-up book set in the early days of The New 52, <i>Batman/Superman</i>, they're already journeying to a different planet. <p><i>Batman/Superman #2</i> take the pair to Earth 2, "where they find familiar heroes who are trying to kill them!"


The introduction of Jack Kirby's Fourth World characters continues in <i>Wonder Woman</i> in July, with the title character traveling to New Genesis in issue #22, in an issue featuring Orion and Highfather. <p>Then over in <i>Worlds' Finest #14</i>, Power Girl and Huntress encounter Desaad in Apokolips.


While the Green Lantern books already have had something of a creative upheaval following the shake-up headed by Geoff Johns' departure from the main book, they're moving forward with new teams, and, evidently, new characters. <p>The solicitation of <i>Green Lantern #22</i> talks of "the birth of a brand new threat," and <i>Green Lantern: New Guardians #22</i> is billed as including "the beginnings of the next major Green Lantern villain." Whether or not they're referring to the same villain, or a different one in each book, remains to be seen.


The long-hyped <i>Justice League</i> crossover <i>Trinity War</i> was announced on Sunday, and Monday brought even more details courtesy of DC's July solicitations. <p>There's still the lingering surprise felt by some, including Graeme McMillan on <a href=http://blog.newsarama.com/2013/04/08/what-to-make-of-trinity-wars-first-details/>Blog@Newsarama</a>, that the story is only a crossover between the three Justice League books over two months, rather than a longer, line-spanning event. <p>There's also the clear indication that <i>Animal Man</i> and <i>Justice League Dark</i> writer Jeff Lemire is now cemented as one of the biggest players at DC, as he's co-writing the story with the company's chief creative officer, Geoff Johns. <p>Also, the latest solicitations disclose that <i>Trinity of Sin: Pandora</i>, <i>Constantine</i> and <i>Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger</i> all tie-in to the story to some degree. (The widely expected <i>Trinity of Sin: The Question</i> series will wait at least another month, it seems.)

What We Learned From DC's JULY 2013 Solicitations

Date: 08 April 2013 Time: 09:05 PM ET