Robert Downey Jr., director Shane Black and part of the head of some other dude.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Guy Pearce as Pepper Potts and Aldrich Killian compete for hottest suit and I think we gotta go with Pearce.

Don Cheadle portrays War Machine after the sequester defense department budget cuts.

Tony's home laboratory isn't as high tech as we remember it.

4 New IRON MAN 3 Set Photos

Date: 01 March 2013 Time: 05:25 PM ET
Tony rockin' an A.I.M. t-shirt (but sadly, not an A.I.M. helmet) and Rhodey rockin' a rather low tech sidearm are among the four new set photos from May's Iron Man 3.

Enter the gallery to check out the 4 new images, courtesy

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