10 Things Worth Noticing in the Final IRON MAN 3 Trailer

<i>by <a href=http://www.twitter.com/Newsarama/>Newsarama Staff</a></i> <p>With less than two months before the May 3, 2013 release date of <b>Iron Man #3</b>, we're officially in the promotional home stretch, with the <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/film/Iron-Man-3-full-trailer-2.html>final trailer now out in the world</a>. <p>If you thought the previous trailers, teasers or posters were holding back, this provided a whole lot of details in two-and-a-half minutes (Mandarin wears shades!), while also prompting some more questions (was it really <i>that</i> armor right there at the end?). So as the comic book movie tradition goes, here are 10 things worth noticing from the final <b>Iron Man 3</b> trailer. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=http://www.facebook.com/Newsarama><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=http://twitter.com/newsarama><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p> <p>


The plan all along was to make these post-<i>Avengers</i> solo films more personal, and it looks like that's something that <b>Iron Man 3</b> director and co-screenwriter Shane Black took very seriously. <p>The final trailer makes it clear that the movie isn't about a threat that Tony Stark finds himself in, but rather one in which he's an essential component. The clip focuses on him as a person, starting with him decrying his lack of sleep and culminating in his impassioned press conference where he makes it very clear that he's out for revenge, not justice. <p>Of course, we're not exactly sure at this point <i>why</i> he's so mad, but you've got to save something for the actual film, right? (<i>Albert Ching</i>.)


Admit it: When Ben Kingsley's Mandarin says his first lines in this new trailer, you wondered whether there was something wrong with the streaming video, right? "Yooooou neverrrr seee meeee coming," he says in some utterly surreal accent that you can't quite place. (Later on, the "Ah'm gonna offer a choice" line makes him sound somewhat American, oddly enough; perhaps he goes undercover at some point for some unknown reason?) <p>The more we see of this incarnation of the classic <em>Iron Man</em> villain, though, the larger than life he seems: The arms-outstetched messianic pose at 1:45? The (intentionally?) hilarious sunglasses and bling shot at 1:52? This bad guy seems to have wandered in from another movie altogether, and that can only be a good thing. Perhaps what we should really be asking ourselves about this movie is, can even Robert Downey Jr. chew more scenery than Kingsley's villain? (<i>Graeme McMillan </i>.)


We know Marvel has somewhat addressed the issue of how to separate the worlds of the <b>Avengers</b> films and the satellite solo adventures. Marvel's Kevin Feige has in the past talked about making the solo films more personal stories for the individual characters, so moviegoers aren't always asking themselves where's the Earth's Mightiest Heroes? if the situations are truly dire. <p>But while we know <b>Iron Man 3</b> is largely based on a very Iron Man-centric storyline "Extremis" the scale of the film and the threat of the Mandarin (at least by the looks of the trailer) do not seem so personal that you don't begin to wonder where Stark's Avengers teammates are during all this. <p>Air Force One is apparently attacked in mid-air. The President of the United States appears, specifically addressing the Mandarin's terrorist attacks on both himself and on U.S. soil. POTUS even asks at one point, Where is Tony Stark? <p>Well, why he isn't asking, "Where are Captain America and Hawkeye and the Black Widow and the Hulk and Thor?" <p>(Okay, "Asgard" is an easy enough answer to that last one.) <p>Joss Whedon's <i>The Avengers</i> was self-aware enough to have a cameo by Pepper Potts along with a mention of the whereabouts of Jane Foster when the stuff started hitting the fan ... how or if the filmmakers are going to address why S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't putting the band back together with the U.S. under attack is something we'll be waiting to see. (<i>Michael Doran</i>.)


In <I>Iron Man 2</I> Garry Shandling's Senator Stern was a pest at most and a puppet of Justin Hammer at worst, but if people with power fear one thing, it's losing that power. The US Government and its people always saw Stark's weapons technology as its edge against its international foes, and it might see the gift of the War Machine/Iron Patriot armor as lacking in a new age of super threats like Loki and his alien army. <p>So when the President of the Unites States says in the trailer, You elected me on a single platform, I will defend this country at all costs, The Mandarin will be stopped, against a backdrop of explosions and a disabled Air Force One, it brings to mind a Free World living in fear of threats that are unconventional to say the least. Will this President cross a dangerous line to protect the homeland? Was it necessary? Did his actions provoke The Mandarin? With Air Force One in flames there is no doubt that his death (or narrow survival) will play a critical role in how Tony Stark, and all heroes, are perceived after <B>Iron Man 3</B>. (<i>Seth Robinson</i>.)


Finally we get more than a still shot of Iron Patriot. Rhodey's new armor, painted red, white, and blue, still only gets a couple quick shots here, but they do reveal a bit. <P>Rhodey is flying this armor with more precision and confidence than he did the War Machine in <i>Iron Man 2</i>, and standing side-by-side with Tony de-armored late in the trailer. It seems he'll be much more on par with his pal in this one after all, he had to step it up after Tony flew through a portal with a nuclear missile to stop an entire alien invasion. (<i>Lucas Siegel</i>.)


First long-rumored and now long-confirmed, it's more evident than ever that Warren Ellis and Adi Granov's "Extremis" story is a major influence on <b>Iron Man 3</b>. <p>But in another example of showing rather than telling, the final trailer looks to show Extremis in action at several point Tony's armor forming around him, evidently with the power of his mind and even shows Tony Stark being prepped for surgery, presumably for the biological upgrade. There's plenty of shots of what appear to be Extremis test subjects, including a rather unwilling Pepper Potts? More on her in the next entry. (<i>Albert Ching</i>.)


After two movies where she charmed her way into fanboys' hearts despite a somewhat underwritten role, it looks like Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts is about to become very, very important to the <b>Iron Man</b> movie franchise. Not only does Tony call her "the one thing that [he] can't live without," but what exactly is going in at 1:49? Doesn't that look like Pepper is strapped into the kind of harness that we see in the long shot at 1:57, with Guy Pierce's Aldrich Killian, a.k.a. the creator of the Extemis technology...? <p>Maybe those rumors about Potts' comic book alter ego, the armor-clad Rescue, making an appearance in the latest movie weren't too far off the mark after all, and it's all because she gets Extremis-ized. It only seems fair; if we're going to see an army of Iron Men taking on the bad guys in this movie, it's about time one of them is an Iron Maiden. (<i>Graeme McMillan </i>.)


OK, this is less of a question or observation about the trailer and more just some fun speculation that the trailer conjures, but seeing all those armors and seeing more of the Tony-armor-Extremis effect has us purely imagining an <b>Iron Man 3</b> credits teaser. <p>First all of, we're operating under the premise that in order to make Iron Man unique again for sequels and in order to solve the inevitable so where's the Iron Army question for <b>Avengers 2</b>, Tony winds up scraping the armors at the end of the film. Or perhaps just enough of them are destroyed or badly damaged. <p>So we begin our scene in a dark, shadowy pile of armor parts and debris. Suddenly, some of the parts begin vibrating and various legs and arms and trunks start assembling together into a human/armor shape at the center of the scrap heap. The last piece to assemble is of course the head/helmet, and as we slowly pan towards the face, we realize it's been broken and twisted to look somewhat like the Marvel's preeminent evil sentient robot Ultron. <p>In super close-up, the eyes and mouth of the assemble robot sparks up with red, crackling Kirby-energy... and cut! <p>Hey, we can dream, can't we? (<i>Michael Doran</i>.)


"We do need backup." "That's your Department." <p>That little exchange between Tony and Rhodey directly precedes dozens of Iron armors soaring through the sky, taking a massive formation in the skies, ready to rain down some terror. And it is without question the coolest moment of the entire trailer, hence being saved for the very end. <p>The larger implications of the Iron Army are many are there pilots in those, or are they drones (the experiments seen earlier seem to imply those are the pilots being prepped)? What happens to all that extra armor by the end of the movie? You'd assume <i>something</i> has to, as it would tip the scales of power a bit for Tony Stark to have his own legion of Iron Armored soldiers. Regardless, for pure <i>wow</i> factor, it has an impact, despite being in the most recent poster as well. And as we saw at Toy Fair, it was also Hasbro's dream come true. (<i>Lucas Siegel</i>.)


How much do the good guys of the Marvel Cinematic Universe really trust The Hulk? Tony Stark and Bruce Banner may have driven off together all buddy-buddy by the end of <I>The Avengers</I>, but that doesn't mean that it never crossed Stark's (or S.H.I.E.L.D.'s) mind that he might one day face the Green Goliath in less amiable circumstances. <p>In fact, watching the Tony Stark cameo with General Ross at the end of <I>The Incredible Hulk</I> (and in the Marvel One Shot short film, <I>The Consultant</I>), one could infer that Tony was positively itching to try out his hardware against the gamma charged powerhouse, especially after conventional forces proved useless. <p>So at the very end of the new trailer when the Iron Men arrive, there is one that is not only bigger but clearly stronger (and focused on more) than the other. This might be the armor that Tony built in response to a potential face-off against The Hulk: the Hulkbuster Armor. Bruce Banner should pay close attention. (<i>Seth Robinson</i>.)

10 Things Worth Noticing in the Final IRON MAN 3 Trailer

Date: 05 March 2013 Time: 09:13 PM ET