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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding daily, with new movies, new characters, and new TV series being confirmed all the time. In fact, finding a character to play in the MCU (or the X-Men film universe) is kind of becoming a pastime for Hollywood types – there’s practically a bidding war among young actresses over who might get to play Squirrel Girl if she ever makes it to film. Imagine that five years ago. <p>With a new X-Men show in the works at Fox, and most of the characters of <i>Spider-Man: Homecoming</i> still unconfirmed, there are a lot of Marvel characters still up for grabs in movies and TV. <p>Here’s our list of ten Marvel characters who haven’t made it to the big or small screens in live action – yet.


Okay, okay, we’re kind of bending our own rule here, but the exception proves the rule, right? <p>Yes, “Galactus” has “appeared” in a theatrical film before. <p>Sort of. <p>You tell us - was the version of Galactus in 2007’s <i>Rise of the Silver Surfer</i> a representative version of the character? Or was the one million mile-wide cloud-based version of the “character” Galactus in name only? <p>We’re going with the latter, and making the case that while other characters have been depicted badly on film, the true Lee-Kirby creation has not been depicted on film at all. <p>Sorry, you aren’t talking us out of this.


Just a couple of years ago, Nova would have been considered a very long shot for movie stardom. Then a couple of things happened: The <b>Guardians of the Galaxy</b> movie of course, and a new Nova named Sam Alexander was introduced in the <b>Ultimate Spider-Man</b> cartoon, and is now starring in a currently ongoing Marvel Universe proper series. <p>Considering that the stars of Guardians are arguably lesser-known characters than Nova himself, it may very well be less of a "why hasn't Nova been in a movie yet?" situation and more of a "how long until the Nova movie comes out?" situation. (And if not a Nova solo film, another cosmic feature with Nova as part of an ensemble certainly sounds like a thing that could happen.) <p>Of course, the Nova Corps appeared in a somewhat different form in <I>Guardians</I>, and though as far as we know Nova won't be in <b>Guardians Vol. 2</b> - director James Gunn has repeatedly shot down the idea -  there are still plenty of places that Sam Alexander, or even original Nova Richard Rider, could find their way into the MCU.


Marvel has had a tricky time getting a Hulk movie franchise off the ground following mixed receptions to both 2003's <I>Hulk</I> and 2008 reboot <I>Incredible Hulk</I> - and some licensing issues with Universal - so it's not entirely surprising that a She-Hulk movie hasn't happened yet. <p>But the high-profile of Jennifer Walters within the Marvel Universe — she’s an important character in <i>Civil War II</i> and one of the leads of <i>A-Force</i> — combined with the warm reception to Mark Ruffalo's cinematic Hulk does make it feel at least possible that she'll pop up somewhere sooner rather than later. <p>There was talk of a She-Hulk film in the early '90s, but then you'd be hard-pressed to find a character on this list (or in comic books in general) that hasn't had a movie in some form of development (or at least heavily rumored) in the past couple of decades.


Peter Parker has already debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his MCU solo movie <i>Spider-Man: Homecoming</i> is currently filming. So far, Peter’s Ultimate Marvel successor (who is also now a part of the mainstream Marvel Universe) Miles Morales isn’t anywhere near the film – but then again, most of the cast have not had their characters confirmed. <p>So while he likely won’t be in a Spider-Man costume, there’s still the possibility of Miles appearing in <i>Homecoming</i>. And if he does appear, he could wind up eventually taking over for Peter as he did in comic books – even temporarily. But beyond that, there's also potential in Miles for a spin-off featuring a second Spider-Man, or even fitting him in as a supporting character in another spider-centric identity.


Given Spider-Woman's history as both an agent of Hydra, and as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., it seems like a no-brainer that Jessica Drew should show up in the MCU at some point. <p>It's been assumed for some time now that Spider-Woman has been tied up in Sony's Spider-Man rights, but now that Marvel and Sony are partnered for <i>Spider-Man: Homecoming</i>, Marvel may also have access to Jessica Drew as well. <p>With Sony having said for some time that they want to pursue a female led Spider-Man spin-off, it seems likely that a version of Spider-Woman will make her way to the big screen in the foreseeable future.


Wolverine’s third solo movie is currently in production, but many details of the characters and plot are being kept under wraps. What we do know is that Hugh Jackman is pretty set on retiring from the role of Logan after this outing – and that someone will likely have to replace him. <p>But we’re of the mind that 20th Century Fox is more likely to replace the character than the actor, and judging by clues gleaned from <i>X-Men: Apocalypse</i>and the little bit we do know about the Wolverine film, <a href="">we’re betting Logan’s replacement will be X-23</A>, Logan’s female clone who is currently in the Wolverine mantle in comic books. <p>X-23 – Laura to her friends – might be the perfect candidate to take the role in films, as well. Finding a comparable actor to Hugh Jackman seems an impossible task, so going with someone who’s kind of his opposite makes sense, especially considering X-23 is something of a fan favorite.


Namor the Sub-Mariner is not only one of Marvel's most important characters, he's also one of the oldest, literally — his first appearance was in <i>Marvel Comics #1</i> in 1939. <p>Like Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, the film rights to Namor appear to be a little bit complicated. He's a big part of the Fantastic Four mythos (Fox has the rights to that), and recently was a member of the X-Men (also Fox). Back in 2006, it was reported that Universal had a Namor movie in development, and in later years, reports surfaced that the project was dead. Not much has been said recently about Namor's live-action prospects, but there are several possibilities out there if it ever comes to pass. <p>Though Fox's plans for a joint universe between the X-Men and Fantastic Four seem unlikely to come to pass due to the failure of their most recent <I>Fantastic Four</I> effort, it's nearly a lock the Atlantean will surface (get it?) in a movie eventually.


It's difficult to find a prominent X-Men character that hasn't been in a movie yet. Sure, a lot of them haven't been featured heavily at all, or even necessarily had any speaking lines, but thanks to cameo-filled films like <i>X-Men: The Last Stand</i> and <i>X-Men Origins: Wolverine</i>, a multitude of mutants — from major players like Multiple Man to the super-obscure Arclight — have turned up in tiny roles (well, some version of them has anyway). Hell, even Bishop and Blink are now disqualified. <p>One that most assuredly has not is Cable, the time-traveling offspring of Cyclops, despite being one of the most visible X-characters of the last 25 years. He's headlined his own series and multiple incarnations of X-Force, and yet has gotten relatively little other media love outside of a few video games and a handful of episodes of the '90s X-Men cartoon. But if they keep making X-Men movies, surely his number will get called — hey, <i>Days of Future Past</i> was all about time travel, and its follow-up dealt with Cable arch-villain Apocalypse, after all. <p>Yes, there is an <I>X-Force</I> film in development, and Cable is said to be in the cards for <i>Deadpool 2</i>, but he’s not even cast yet. So even if it’s a technicality, he still belongs on this list.


After seeing his apparent cocoon in the Collector's chambers in <b>Guardians of the Galaxy</b>, many fans have become even more convinced that Adam Warlock, guardian of the Soul Gem and longtime nemesis of Thanos will play a major role in the upcoming <b>Guardian Vol. 2</b>, and <b>Avengers: Infinity War</b> films. <p>Even though James Gunn admitted that the cocoon’s presence in the first film was no coincidence, it now appears that it may have belonged to Elizabeth Debicki’s Ayesha, the film’s villain who, in comic books, was incubated in a cocoon just like Adam Warlock’s. <p>Coupled with Vision taking on many of Warlock’s characteristics in the Avengers films – he’s got an Infinity Gem in his forehead, and he philosophically explores the nature of humanity – it looks like Adam Warlock’s biggest traits may be split up among other characters, making it unlikely he’ll come to the screen himself any time soon.


The star of the breakout hit <i>Ms. Marvel</i>, one of Marvel's top-selling digital titles, is kind of a no-brainer when it comes to a film adaptation. Even though her pedigree is a little confusing, Kamala makes perfect sense as a POV character for the recently announced Inhumans film. <p>An Avengers super-fan who takes the mantle of Ms. Marvel after her latent Inhuman gene is awakened, Kamala has quickly become the latest heir to the classic Peter Parker archetype. She's an obvious choice to take the role of a nascent hero coming into her own in the shadow of the already prevalent Avengers. <p>On top of that, Kamala hits a lot of important buttons for onscreen diversity - a not so subtle topic when it comes to Marvel's films. Her youth, energy, ties to elements that certainly appear central to the future of the MCU, and background make Kamala Khan a character that would be more surprising as an omission than an addition to the MCU.

10 Biggest MARVEL Characters Not in Movies Or TV (Yet)

Date: 09 August 2016 Time: 06:00 PM ET