First IRON MAN 3 Trailer: 10 Things We Learned

<i>By <a href=>Albert Ching, Newsarama Staff Writer</a> and <a href=>Lucas Siegel, Newsarama Site Editor</a></i> <p>You can't do a lot in two minutes. But you can sufficiently get a lot of comic book fan boys very interested in an upcoming Marvel Studios movie. <p>The initial trailer for <b>Iron Man 3</b> may only be about 120 seconds long, but you can hardly call it a teaser it's full of glimpses into the film, and hints as to what's Robert Downey Jr. and the gang will be facing in six months or so. <p>With the film set for May 3, 2013, we scoured every frame of the initial trailer to find the 10 most meaningful details, clues or extrapolations. Here are our observations feel free to share yours at the social networking links below. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p>


"Nothing's been the same since New York," says Tony Stark in his opening narration. <p>It's clear that Marvel Studios isn't just going to ignore the fact that superheroes, aliens, and a whole heckuva lot of destruction have hit the world, and that's a huge relief. Seeing the fallout of <i>Marvel's The Avengers</i> front-and-center in <b>Iron Man 3</b> is important to maintain the cohesiveness throughout "Wave 2" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. <p>It also gives us an idea of why Tony might go through the Extremis process, as he struggles to deal with life after nearly dying halfway across the galaxy fighting aliens alongside a super soldier, a god, and a monster.


The rumors of Extremis, the experimental medical procedure that gives Tony Stark the ability to control his armor with his mind, playing a part in the film are 100 percent definitely true. Seeing his gauntlet fly toward him with but a thought is an exciting moment in the trailer. <p>But perhaps the more revealing point is that he has this armor and procedure <i>before</i> the big attack by the Mandarin that disables his other existing models. Maybe it was <i>Avengers</i> that pushed him, maybe something else, but it looks like Tony gets his upgrade early in this movie.


S.H.I.E.L.D., a nearly ubiquitous presence in most Marvel Studios films, is nowhere to be seen in the <b>Iron Man 3</b> trailer. Yet there's a much less fictional government entity with a major presence: The U.S. military. <p>And among the assembled military is the Iron Patriot armor, which has been established as the new look for James "War Machine" Rhodes (played by Don Cheadle, and seen briefly in his civilian guise about 30 seconds in). <p>It's not clear yet if the cosmetic change comes with a new codename for Rhodey, or what prompted the alteration, but given his Air Force background, it's not unusual that he'd gravitate towards highly patriotic garb even if it's associated with the villainous Norman Osborn in Marvel's comics.


Though it was fairly obvious for a while, it's only recently been officially confirmed that Ben Kingsley is playing The Mandarin in <b>Iron Man 3</b>. And with that came questions on how literal of an adaptation it would be of a character that's had several different interpretations over 50 years. <p>Turns out, it looks like co-writer/director Shane Black is sticking pretty close to the source material, down to the Mandarin's signature rings. It isn't known yet how much the ultra-powerful devices will correspond to how they're portray in the comic books where he has a "disintegration beam" and "matter rearranger," concepts that may be just a tad far-out for the Marvel Cinematic Universe but given the close-ups of Mandarin's hands in the trailer, it's a good bet they're important to the plot.


Also, from the glimpses provided in the trailer, it appears that the Mandarin is a pretty close visual match to the comic books as well, down to the long hair and beard. <p>Given The Mandarin's over-the-top nature in some portrayals, it wasn't certain how far Marvel Studios would be willing to replicate his familiar look but it seems that producers have again reached a reasonable, recognizable balance between respecting a character's origin and what works on screen. (And everyone can be grateful that the Mandarin has a neutral accent.)


In the first <i>Iron Man</i>, Pepper saw herself caught only quickly in the crossfire between Iron Monger and our hero. In the second, she was almost blown up and/or shot, sure, but still not directly targeted. In <i>Avengers</i> she was straight-up off the board. <p>Strapped into a chair with some sort of tubes attached to it/her and clearly in pain, it seems Pepper Potts, the one-time secretary and now love interest of Tony Stark is in dire peril this time around. We know from the comics that Extremis's biggest failure is its tendency to <i>kill</i> most people exposed to it, so hopefully those tubes aren't hooked to a canister of this nanotech super soldier serum replacement.


Happy Hogan is seen in the <b>Iron Man 3</b> trailer for just a quick glimpse, but in that time, it's clear that things aren't going well for the guy. <p>In fact, Tony Stark's long-time friend/employee looks down and out, and appears to be the victim of some big-time devastation. <p>The comic book interation of Happy Hogan has been dead since <i>Civil War</i>, and it looks at least possible that the movie version, played by <b>Iron Man</b> and <b>Iron Man 2</b> director Jon Favreau, could be joining him.


Maybe it's Guy Pearce's naturally creepy demeanor. Maybe it's his skeezy looking kiss to Pepper. Or maybe it's just that Killian seems to have a much bigger role in this film than in the "Extremis" arc that inspired it. <p>Whichever reason, it sure looks like Killian is up to no good in this movie. And with our next entry, we see what he <i>might</i> be up to.


Tony Stark losing control of the Iron Man armor it's happened in the comic books, and it looks like it'll happen in <b>Iron Man 3</b>, if the quick shot of Tony being mounted by his own armor is any indication not to mention the armor aggressively waking Pepper Potts. <p>Whether or not this is a result of Extremis, someone controlling the armor, someone else in the armor, or even the armor developing sentience (hey, it could happen) remains to be seen.


Strings rising in tempo to a crescendo. A villain who wants to deconstruct the very essence of who Tony Stark, and Iron Man, are. His world destroyed and crumbling around him, his love interest in trouble, all as our protagonist tries to build himself into a better hero. <p>If it all sounds a little familiar, it's because we saw it in the critically-acclaimed <i>Dark Knight</i> starring that <i>other</i> Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist. It makes some sense that this movie would borrow a bit from <i>Dark Knight</i> and a bit from <i>Avengers</i> at the same time, but the big question is how well those two franchises can co-exist. After all, the thing that made <i>Avengers</i> so accessible was the sense of fun and hope that existed even in the darkest moments. <p>It's certainly part of the hero's journey for Iron Man to get torn down, but we don't want him to lose his snarky charisma or sense of hope in the process.

First IRON MAN 3 Trailer: 10 Things We Learned

Date: 23 October 2012 Time: 08:25 PM ET