10 Potential Mitt Romney Running Mates (From Comic Books)

<i>By <a href=http://www.twitter.com/graemem>Graeme McMillan, Newsarama Contributor</a></i> <p>If you've been paying attention to political news recently, it can't have escaped your notice that there's a lot of buzz about just who Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will choose as his running mate and potential vice president. <p>With an announcement reportedly due very soon, we thought it might be fun to imagine which comic book character would best fit the role. So here goes. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=http://www.facebook.com/Newsarama><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=http://twitter.com/newsarama><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p> <p>


<b>Pros:</b> If people are going to continue to make a big deal out of Romney's personal wealth, there's one easy way to deal with the issue: Stand him next to someone who is much, much more wealthy. In comparison with Richie Rich, Romney will look positively Dickensian in his relative poverty. <p><b>Cons:</b> Considering the drubbing John McCain got for the unpreparedness of his VP selection in 2008, it's fair to say that America is not yet ready for a pre-teen to enter Presidential Politics (A <em>teenager</em>, on the other hand, <a href=http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Prez_Rickard_%28Earth-Prez%29>is a whole different story</a>...).


<b>Pros:</b> A successful businessman and true American, Osborn represents so many of Romney's beliefs that you can't help but feel that Romney would eagerly shake the man's hand. Osborn has the added benefit of his public past as the Iron Patriot, demonstrating both his love of America and service in keeping the country safe from harm. <p><b>Cons:</b> Of course, there's also that Green Goblin thing that everyone knows about as well. Just imagine the nervousness over which Osborn would show up for the VP debates: The one in the suit, or the one in the mask with the pumpkin-shaped bombs?


<b>Pros:</b> Just in case Norman Osborn wasn't patriotic enough for Romney and the Republican party, there's also this one-time Captain America who'd no doubt be willing to do his duty and serve the United States as the second most powerful man in the world. Added benefit: His past with fringe militias may serve him well with a certain demographic of voters. <p><b>Cons:</b> With Romney facing criticism from some quarters over his attitudes towards immigration, would it really be the smartest idea to partner with the openly racist, isolationist former superhero?


<b>Pros:</b> Mister Terrific would be a dream pick for Romney: The third smartest man on the planet who <em>are</em> the two other smartest men in the DCU, anyway? not to mention a successful businessman like Romney, and as an African American he could potentially combat any racial bias Obama may benefit from. Does it get any better than that? <p><b>Cons:</b> Judging by recent developments, it appears that Holt has been spending a lot of time on another Earth. Somehow, I can't quite shake the idea that having access to an alternate world would open Holt up to charges of "the ultimate flip flop."


<b>Pros:</b> He's <em>Superman</em>. Who wouldn't want to vote for any ticket that has Superman on it? Plus, if he let Romney use the "Truth, Justice and the American Way" tagline, there's the campaign slogan sewn up. <p><b>Cons:</b> If people got overly excited over just where Barack Obama was born, imagine the trouble that Kent literally an illegal alien, who wasn't even born <em>on this planet</em>, never mind the United States would cause. No one needs that kind of trouble.


<b>Pros:</b> Strong on defense and with a singular viewpoint, Cyclops, one of the original X-Men, has the kind of leadership potential it's hard to disagree with: His experience being in charge of Utopia demonstrates his ease with leading an entire nation and keeping it safe despite overwhelming odds. <p><b>Cons:</b> Summers' past history suggests that, after a series of attacks on the White House by giant robots, he and Romney would have a fist fight over policy that would ultimately result in Romney moving to New York and opening a school.


<b>Pros:</b> Veidt and Romney have a connection that can't be denied. While the latter "retroactively retired" from Bain Capital, Ozymandias from <i>Watchmen</i> is famous for doing things 35 minutes before anyone expects him too. With these men in charge, America would be the safest its ever been in history as long as you don't mind the occasional giant squid in urban centers. <p><b>Cons:</b> Perhaps you missed that part about giant squids. Also, as <em>Before Watchmen</em> is demonstrating, there is all kinds of shenanigans in Veidt's history that could embarrass the campaign if they ever came to light. Where's the Comedian when you need him...?


<b>Pros:</b> For everyone who wanted to believe that Condoleezza Rice could have ended up on the ticket with Romney for a truly impressive dream team... Try to imagine how dangerous a Romney/Waller partnership would be. If nothing else, you know that the frequent <i>Suicide Squad</i> overseer would do whatever it took to ensure victory. <p><b>Cons:</b> Waller's willingness to step outside of the law in order to get results is just the kind of thing that is likely to be uncovered by a journalist or three during the campaign, leading to some uncomfortable questions being asked. Mind you, Waller probably knows some people who could deal with that, if necessary.


<b>Pros:</b> Basically, take everything that Norman Osborn offers well, except the Iron Patriot thing, obviously; Lex's high-tech suit had a far more garish color scheme and add <em>actual Presidential experience</em>. On paper, it's an unbeatable resume. What could stop the job from being his? <p><b>Cons:</b> Oh, that's right: his amazing ability to self-sabotage every single thing he's ever been involved in. Even when he was <em>President of the United States</em> and could theoretically relax as the most powerful man in the world, what did he do? Shoot up liquid kryptonite and go AWOL to make misery for the Man of Steel. Rest assured, if you signed Lex on as your VP, all you'd be doing is guaranteeing that you'd never make it to the White House.


<b>Pros:</b> Let's face it: if Mitt Romney's life turned out (very) differently, there's every chance that he would have grown up to be Batman. We can all agree on that, right? Hell, for all we know, Romney already spends his nights fighting crime in secret. <p><b>Cons:</b> Aside from the fact that Bruce Wayne is likely apolitical, there are no cons, at least in terms of an election: Batman always wins, after all.

10 Potential Mitt Romney Running Mates (From Comic Books)

Date: 03 August 2012 Time: 07:50 PM ET