Wednesday Watch: MUST-READ New Releases For 7/11/12

<i>By <a href=>Albert Ching, Newsarama Staff Writer</a></i> <p>The busiest week of the comic book year has arrived, with Comic-Con International set to take place from Wednesday through Sunday. <p>Things including this site are about to become very busy, but not too busy to stop New Comic Book Day, hitting on July 11, the same date as Comic-Con's annual Preview Night. <p>Whether you're headed to San Diego or following along from the comfort of your home, there will be plenty of new single issues and trade paperbacks to entertain you while you're waiting for next bits of news to emerge and here are 10 of the most noteworthy. Click "start here" in the upper-left corner to begin the countdown. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p> <p>


<a href=>Click here for a preview!</a> <p>The latest piece of the Valiant revival puzzle is a new take on <b>Bloodshot</b>, from writer Duane Swierczynski and artists Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi. <p>Swierczynski has been virtually everywhere lately from IDW's <i>Godzilla</i> to DC's <i>Birds of Prey</i> and variant covers are from talent including Esad Ribic and David Aja. Keep in mind that last spring, it was <a href=>reported</a> that a <b>Bloodshot</b> movie was in development at Sony, so this comic just might lead to the next big thing.


Jonathan Layman <a href=>is now the new writer of <i>Detective Comics</i></a>, but he has a comic book out this week that's fairly far removed from Batman in that it stars a deadly cybernetic chicken; something missing from The Dark Knight's traditional cast of characters. <p><b>Secret Agent Poyo</b> is a one-shot spinoff from the usual <b>Chew</b> crew of Layman and Rob Guillory, and promises "feathers, rage and hate," a combo platter potentially too tantalizing to resist.


<a href=>Click here for a preview!</a> <p>Carol Danvers is the new Captain Marvel, and though Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy's <i>Captain Marvel #1</i> isn't out for another week, the first look at her in the new role is in <b>Avenging Spider-Man #9</b>, out this Wednesday from the creative team of DeConnick and Terry & Rachel Dodson. <p>Of the Spidey/Carol team-up, <a href=>DeConnick told Newsarama</a>, "I was trying to process some of my thoughts about the Occupy movement and the privatization of the military. But, you know, with a dude who has the proportional strength of a spider and a woman who shoots energy blasts from her fists."


The basic premise of Image's new <i>Hack/Slash</i> spinoff <b>Hoax Hunters</b> by is that it's like if <i>Mythbusters</i> discovered that the myths they were busting were in fact not myths at all. <p>OK, imagine that phrased better, but you get the point (hopefully): It's about a reality show that finds out the hoaxes that they're investigating are actually very real. From the creative team of co-writers Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley and artist Axel Medellin.


<a href=>Click here for a preview!</a> <p>Writer/artist Alan Davis is returning to his cult-favorite '90s creations <i>ClanDestine</i>, in three annuals, starting with this week's <b>Fantastic Four Annual #33</b>. <p>"The slightly curious thing about <i>ClanDestine</i> is I've yet to meet anyone who actually read it that didn't like it," <a href=>Davis told Newsarama</a>. ?The worrying thing however is some fans admit to reading <i>ClanDestine</i> as a guilty pleasure. Surprised that they enjoyed it so much. We can only hope that these clandestine <i>ClanDestine</i> readers decide to go public and spread the word."


An early comic book movie hit, <b>Crow</b> returns to the medium with a new series from IDW, courtesy of the creative team of writer John Shirley and artist Kevin Colden, plus variant covers by series creator James O'Barr. <p>The new book takes place in Tokyo, and centers around American exchange student Jamie Osterberg, who is the latest recipient of the Crow spirit which should prove a very eventful experience for him to write home about it.


The classic EC series <b>Eerie</b> is returning as a quarterly at Dark Horse, and the first issue contains material from someone who's been responsible for his fair share of eerie material, David Lapham of <i>Stray Bullets</i> fame, writing and drawing here. <p>Also featured: Christopher Taylor, who's worked on Dark Horse's <i>Creepy</i> revival.


Some books don't need a hard sell, and push their way through a crowded marketplace thanks to a really catchy title. <b>Punk Rock Jesus</b> might be one. <p>"My need to do <b>Punk Rock Jesus</b> is more personal; people who know me will see that this book is an autobiography cleverly disguised as science fiction," <a href=>writer and artist Sean Murphy told Newsarama</a>. "It tackles issues that I'm very concerned about: religion, politics, media, and the environment. I'd be neglecting my responsibilities as an artist and an atheist if I put off <b>Punk Rock Jesus</b> any longer."


<a href=>Click here for a preview!</a> <p>It's been months now since the comic was first announced, and it's still surprising that it exists: Yep, it's the Punisher, and he's in space. <p>"What eventually became <b>Space: Punisher</b> was originally my pitch to take over the regular <i>Punisher</i> book," <a href=>Tieri said to Newsarama</a> of the four-issue miniseries' origins. "I had an idea for the Punisher to go up against an intergalactic mafia (which I actually had to create since shockingly, Marvel didn't really have one already) and they liked what I came up with so much that they decided it should be bigger than just a storyline in a book it should be a whole new universe."


<b>The Walking Dead</b> has accomplished a lot a massively successful TV series, action figures, video game, live "experience" at Comic-Con but maybe the most impressive notch on the franchise's belt is that it's lasted 100 issues during a period where it's incredibly difficult to make that kind of number on any comic book, let alone a non-superhero creator-owned series. <p>To celebrate the century mark, Robert Kirkman and company are rolling out covers by artists including regular series artist Charlie Adlard, along with big names like Marc Silvestri, Frank Quitely, Todd McFarlane, Sean Phillips, Bryan Hitch and Ryan Ottley. Plus, the latest in the ongoing story of Rick Grimes' generally pretty bleak life.

Wednesday Watch: MUST-READ New Releases For 7/11/12

Date: 09 July 2012 Time: 08:01 PM ET