Wednesday Watch: MUST-READ New Releases For 5/30/12

<i>By <a href=>Albert Ching, Newsarama Staff Writer</a></i> <p>Bad news: Your long weekend is just about over. Good news: New Comic Book Day is almost here. <p>It's the final Wednesday in the same month where the <i>Avengers</i> movie made more than a billion dollars, so consider it a victory lap. (And though it didn't come in at No. 1 this week, it was unseated by <i>Men in Black 3</i>, itself based on a comic book.) <p>For our picks of 10 new and newsworthy single issues and graphic novels out in stores this week, click "start here" in the upper-left corner. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p> <p>


The latest issue of Dark Horse's <b>Angel & Faith</b> boasts a special, non-fictional guest star: Artist Chris Samnee, of <i>Thor: The Mighty Avenger</i> and <i>Ultimate Comics Spider-Man</i> fame. <p>Samnee, who also illustrated this month's <i>Daredevil #12</i>, previously worked with series writer Christos Gage on the Vertigo crime book <i>Area 10</i>. "It really feels like an episode of <b>Angel</b> we're doing here, but with an unlimited budget," <a href=>Samnee told Newsarama</a>.


The last of DC's six New 52 "Second Wave" series is released this week, <b>Ravagers</b> from writer Howard Mackie known for his long <i>Spider-Man</i> run in the '90s and not seen much in the comic book industry in recent years and artist Ian Churchill. <p>Acting as something of a <i>Teen Titans</i> and <i>Superboy</i> spinoff, <b>Ravagers</b> stars familiar characters including Fairchild and Beast Boy, along with some new faces. "We do not want this book to be strictly about the action though there will be plenty of that or about characters on the run from one of the most powerful and ruthless organizations on the planet," <a href=>Mackie told Newsarama</a>. "This book is about our characters trying to wrestle with their fate their destiny and trying to figure out if they can control it."


It's not often you hear the phrase "gory romantic comedy" in a comic book solicitation, but that's exactly how Image is promoting <b>Grim Leaper</b>. <p>It's a four-issue miniseries from writer Kurtis J. Wiebe (<i>Green Wake</i>) and artist Aluisio Santos, described as "<i>Quantum Leap</i> meets <i>Final Destination</i>" with two doomed souls (seemingly unwisely) falling for each other.


Adam Warren's subversive superhero manga <b>Empowered</b> has been running since 2007, and the seventh volume hits comic book shops this week. <p>This edition promises major developments for Ninjette, plus minivans and karaoke parties. (Well, of course.)


<a href=>Click here for a preview!</a> <p>Marvel's massive event series <i>Avengers vs. X-Men</i> cannot be stopped and steadfastly refuses to be stopped, charging into the summer months this week as artist Nick Bradshaw re-teams with series writer Jason Aaron on <b>Wolverine and the X-Men</b> for an <b>AvX</b> tie-in issue. <p>Also <b>AvX</b> this week: <b>X-Men Legacy #267</b> (<a href=>preview here</a>).


"Night of the Owls" intersects with the first <b>Batman Annual</b> of The New 52 era, written by regular series scribe Scott Snyder and illustrated by Jay Fabok. <p>Not only does it tie-in to the ongoing Bat-titles crossover, it's also the first appearance of classic Batman villain Mr. Freeze since last year's relaunch whether or not he'll have a <i>Batman & Robin</i>-esque devotion to cold-related puns remains to be seen. <p>And if that's not enough annuals for you in one week, well, do we have a treat for you...


<a href=>Click here for a preview!</a> <p>Marvel's getting in on the annual fun as well this week, releasing <b>Amazing Spider-Man Annual #39</b>, which transports Spider-Man into an alternate reality where he never existed sort of the direct inverse of <b>Spider-Men</b>. <p>The book is written by Brian Reed, who a few years ago wrote <i>Ms. Marvel</i> and much more for Marvel, but lately has been focusing his creative energies in the video game world with <i>Halo</i> developers 343 Industries.


<a href=>Click here for a preview!</a> <p>There's a lot of <b>Cow Boy</b> material out there in the world already writer Nate Cosby and artist Chris Eliopoulos have put four of its five chapters online, and it was featured in Archaia's Free Comic Book Day hardcover anthology. <p>Now it's getting a full release in a hardcover graphic novel, also featuring short stories from <i>Snarked</i>'s Roger Langridge, the <i>Atomic Robo</i> team of Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener and more.


Art Baltazar and Franco made <i>Tiny Titans</i> a success for 50 issues, and with that book now wrapped up, they're now setting their sights on the world of the original superhero, Superman. <p>So expect amusing and adorable stories starring Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Lois Lane and more, starting this month. And for those looking for a Krypto fix: This appears to be your best bet, seeing as how the Superpup has yet to appear in The New 52.


Only in comic books could a meeting between these two huge television franchises realistically happen and IDW is making it a reality with <b>Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who</b>. <p>Not only is it the first time the two storied sci-fi franchises are crossing over, it's the first time <b>Doctor Who</b> has crossed over with any other existing property. The eight-issue series written by Scott and David Tipton (with assistance from Tony Lee) and illustrated by J.K. Woodward stars the Eleventh Doctor and the <i>TNG</i> crew and features, in a nice bit of symmetry, the Borg and the Cybermen as antagonists.

Wednesday Watch: MUST-READ New Releases For 5/30/12

Date: 28 May 2012 Time: 05:26 PM ET