10 Best THE WALKING DEAD Moments of Season 2

<i>By Vaneta Rogers</i> <p><b>SPOILERS ARE ON! This is a recap of ten big moments from Season 2. If you haven't watched ALL of Season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD and don't want to be spoiled, STOP reading now. SPOILERS</b> <p>This week's Season 2 finale of <b>The Walking Dead</b> had plenty of "wow" moments especially for fans of the comic. <p>For example, when a mysterious hooded woman sliced the head off a ravenous zombie to save Andrea from certain death, TV viewers thought it was cool. But for comic readers, it marks the appearance of a beloved character named Michonne from the ongoing comic book. <p>If you're wondering: Who is Michonne and why did she have zombies on leashes? Why did Dale have to die? And what's with the prison? We'll answer those questions and more as we list our Top 10 Favorite Moments in Season 2 of <>The Walking Dead</b>, including why they were even more satisfying and important for fans of the comic. <p><li><a href=http://www.newsarama.com/tv/walking-dead-season-finale-season-3.html>THE WALKING DEAD Showrunner Talks Season Finale & Future</a> <li><a href=http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?gid=1358>FULL Free Issue: THE WALKING DEAD #1 [Mature]</a> <li><a href=http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?gid=1977>Free FULL Issue: THE WALKING DEAD #49 [Mature Readers]</a> <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=http://www.facebook.com/Newsarama><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=http://twitter.com/newsarama><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i>


The first meeting of Glenn and Maggie made comic fans cheer, and now TV viewers know why. Aren't those zombie-killing kids just adorable? <p>After Maggie admitted her love for Glenn earlier in the season, this week's finale showed him finally professing "I love you too!" as they sat in a blood-spatted car after a zombie smashing-spree. <p>Awww... with a romantic setting like that, who can blame them? <p>The relationship may have started rather haphazardly on the TV show (with a quick tryst and "walker" attack in the town pharmacy), but Season 2 saw Glenn and Maggie's love grow, despite the roadblocks that threatened to drive them apart. <p>In the comic, the lovebirds stick together long-term, so expect Glenn and Maggie to share more starry-eyed zombie experiences in Season 3.


The <i>Walking Dead</i> TV show has introduced a few characters who aren't in the comics, but none of them have won the hearts of viewers quite like Daryl Dixon. <p>With his crossbow, motorcycle and a necklace made of zombie ears, what's not to love? <p>After it looked like Andrea might have shot him dead, there was a huge sigh of relief from viewers when it turned out that Andrea's bullet merely grazed him. <p>However, the scene hinted what comic readers already know: Andrea is a dead-eye shot with a rifle. <p>No, literally. Dead. Eye. As in bullet-through-the zombie eye. <p>Look for her aim to be even more on-target in Season 3, especially since it looks like the gang will make it to that prison complete with handy guard towers. Of course, that's <i>if</i> Andrea even makes it to the prison.


Some viewers lamented how long it was taking the gang to get off the farm in Season 2, but the finale certainly proved there was a <i>huge</i> pay-off to all that time spent there. <p>Everyone driving through a zombie horde and shooting at them was good fun, wasn't it? I feel a video game coming on. <p>But there was more to love about the "farm time," as we're calling it. Not only did it escalate the juicy conflict between Rick and Shane, but it provided tons of character development. We got to know Daryl, Maggie and Carol, and we care even more what happens to them next. <p>Probably the most surprisingly fun addition to the team, thanks to the "farm time," is Hershel. He's a drinker, a pretty good shooter, and a "man of God," but he's also clearly got a sense of humor about it all. <p>In the comic, Hershel's appeal didn't last long after he lost the farm. But we like this actor and the way the TV writers are portraying Hershel, so we hope he replaces Dale as the group's elder voice of reason during Season 3.


People who don't read the comics were shocked by the gunshot that hit Carl Grimes at the beginning of Season 2. Yet comic readers were expecting it, so we got more of a kick out of Rick putting his hat on Carl's head afterward. <p>The "hat-clad boy with a gun" is a familiar visual in the comic. And Carl inheriting the hat on the TV show began a journey for Carl Grimes that wasn't tender at all. As viewers discovered during Season 2, Carl evolved from innocent deer-petter to curious trouble-maker to gun-wielding zombie killer. <p>The TV show's short-lived introduction of imprisoned Randall -- and Carl's insistence to "shoot him, Dad, kill him!" -- shows just how twisted Carl already is. Of course, it served him well as he shot Zombie Shane to save his dad. <p>In the comic, Carl keeps growing into a tough -- and sometimes brutal -- little guy. So TV viewers should expect more evolution of Carl in Season 3. (Plus, at this point in the comic, there were a lot more kids around than Carl [see #6], so every disturbing thing that could happen to a child in a horror TV show will surely be heaped on poor Carl in Season 3.)


The conflict over the barn was awesome to watch, and it echoed the similar storyline from the comic. But even the most loyal readers of <i>The Walking Dead</i> didn't expect to see zombie Sophia coming shuffling out of those barn doors. In the comic, she's still alive, years after they've left the farm. <p>Sophia's demise came as a complete shocker, and shooting a kid in the head, even if it's a zombie kid, is always a little bothersome, isn't it? But it was all the more heart-breaking because you could tell Daryl had his heart set on finding her. <p>Of course, eliminating Sophia from the TV cast takes care of one problem child actors grow up too fast. Think Walt on <i>Lost</i> and how quickly he was shuffled away. There are already fewer children in the TV cast of <i>Walking Dead</i> then there have ever been in the comic. It's something that might mean Carl's comic story, which is a long one, could get cut short on TV.


Very few things we saw on <i>The Walking Dead</i> this season top the Well Walker. <p>If Newsarama did a "Top Way to Kill A Zombie," surely this would top the list. Just get it water logged in a well, then rip it in half through the torso. Let the guts plop into the water, then let the top half moan disgustingly before finishing it off. <p>There's really nothing more to say about this one. If you saw the episode, it speaks for itself. <p>While it's hard to imagine a more disgustingly wonderful scene for next season, Robert Kirkman <a href="http://www.csmonitor.com/The-Culture/Culture-Cafe/2012/0320/Walking-Dead-season-3-the-executive-producer-gives-a-preview">told TV Line</a>: "Oh my God, Season 3 blows this stuff out of the water. Just you <i>wait</i>."


At the end of the Season 2 finale, the camera panned up to show a prison in the distance. Kirkman has confirmed that Season 3 will take place at the prison, where much of the comic has been set. And one of the first images we saw in the season finale was a helicopter, flying over zombie-ravaged Atlanta. <p>But as comic fans know, there are some <i>big</i> problems when the characters attempt to move to the prison. After all, what happened to the prisoners who were in that prison? <p>Makers of <i>The Walking Dead</i> TV show have already cast an actor to play "The Governor," a fan-favorite character from the comic. And while readers of the comic (and novel) know his story, the TV show hasn't followed the comic so far (#6 and #3 for proof). <p>But one thing comic readers can guarantee you: In the <b>Walking Dead</b> version of the zombie apocalypse, there are a <i>lot</i> worse things that could happen than zombies.


Let's admit it. Those of us who read the comic were pretty ticked off that Dale was killed. In the comic, he didn't die on the farm, but lived a much longer life and had a bigger story. <p>But there's one great thing about his unexpected death that <i>does</i> mirror the comic: <p><i>Anyone can die.</i> <p>Just because you read the comic doesn't mean you know what's going to happen. If Dale can die, and his hat can simply be buried next to him [sniff sniff], who's next? <p>(After T-Dog nearly took Lori away from Rick, our vote goes to him dying early in Season 3. But Dale's death indicates our expectations clearly aren't going to be met.)


Even folks who didn't read the comic knew the constant confrontations between Rick and Shane weren't going to end well. And when Shane invited Rick out for a late-night hunting trip, it was obvious somebody was going down. <p>But everybody got a big surprise when Shane immediately turned into a zombie. <p>It turns out that when the doctor at the CDC whispered into Rick's ear, the secret he shared was something comic readers didn't find out until much later: Everybody carries the zombie disease. You die; you turn. No bite required. <p>(Of course, the way the comic revealed this fact was when two little living girls were beheaded and their heads came back to zombie life. Yeah, you think the show is gruesome?) <p>Rick's speech about dictatorship is a direct result of learning from letting Shane stir things up. He's done taking crap for his decisions, and we can't blame him. But if the comic is any indication, we can expect Season 3 to have him questioning himself more than his finale speech implies.


Our No. 1 moment from Season 2 is that "first appearance" in the finale the surprise addition of the katana-wielding Michonne. And we're loving the potential zombie slaughter that might result from an Andrea/Michonne team-up to begin Season 3. <p>In the comic, Michonne is a lawyer mom-turned-bad-ass, and those two armless zombies she has with her are former loved ones whose smell keeps the walkers away. And according to Kirkman, the TV Michonne is just like the comic version. "Michonne is Michonne," he said. "Now, the stories that we're going to tell with her are going to be somewhat different at times. <p>"But the fans have expectations for Michonne," Kirkman said, "and I can say with full knowledge that their expectations are going to be met." <p><li><a href=http://www.newsarama.com/tv/walking-dead-season-finale-season-3.html>THE WALKING DEAD Showrunner Talks Season Finale & Future</a> <li><a href=http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?gid=1358>FULL Free Issue: THE WALKING DEAD #1 [Mature]</a> <li><a href=http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?gid=1977>Free FULL Issue: THE WALKING DEAD #49 [Mature Readers]</a>


10 Best THE WALKING DEAD Moments of Season 2

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