Wednesday Watch: MUST-READ New Releases For 1/25/12

<i>By <a href=>Albert Ching, Newsarama Staff Writer</a></i> <p>This year's Academy Award nominations were announced Tuesday, and despite the glut of comic book movies in 2011, all such adaptations were pretty much shut out. <p>But that's OK. Because the world of comic books is rewarding all year long, with New Comic Book Day coming every Wednesday. As always, we've sorted through the massive list of new releases and narrowed it down to our picks for 10 single issues and collected editions worth a look. <p>Find out what's new and noteworthy in stores this week by clicking "start here" in the upper-left corner. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p>


Before <i>Daredevil</i>, <i>Avengers</i> and even <i>Ultimate Spider-Man</i>, some of Brian Michael Bendis' earliest work-for-hire comics was at Image's Todd McFarlane Productions, where he wrote <b>Sam and Twitch</b>, a title starring <i>Spawn</i>'s cop duo, starting in 1999. <p>This week's second volume of <b>Sam and Twitch: The Complete Collection</b> contains issues #14-#26 of the series; Bendis wrote up to #19. Frequent Bendis collaborator Alex Maleev is also featured in the collection the <i>Moon Knight</i> and <i>Scarlet</i> duo first worked together on the title.


Whether you're a die-hard devotee of <b>Angel</b> and the Buffyverse at large, a fan of Christos Gage's Marvel work like <i>Avengers Academy</i> and looking for more from the writer, or an admirer of artist Rebekah Isaacs, <b>Angel & Faith</b> is very probably the series for you. <p>They're making it easy for you to jump on the trolley this week's issue #6, with the start of a new story arc titled "Daddy Issues." (And to the aforementioned Gage fans: <b>X-Men: Legacy #261</b> is out this week, too.)


<a href=>Click here for an advanced review!</a> <p><b>The Bulletproof Coffin</b> debuted in 2010, from the team of David Hine and Shaky Kane. The fourth-wall breaking series got a lot of praise for its unconventional approach, and a new six-issue miniseries starts this week. <p>Want to dive in with the second series, but worried about being lost? Newsarama reviewer Edward Kaye calls it "highly accessible to new readers."


Tim Truman knows his Conan. He's been writing the character at Dark Horse for years, and his latest take on the Cimmerian is the <b>King Conan: The Phoenix on the Sword</b> four-issue miniseries. <p>Of course, it's not easy being king: evil wizard Thoth-Amon is around, making things generally unpleasant for the big C.


It was at least a mild surprise when <b>Resurrection Man</b> made its way into DC's initial "New 52" lineup, given that the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning-written series had been absent from store shelves for 12 years at that point. <p>Those hoping to catch up with the original get the opportunity to do so this week in the form of a <b>Resurrection Man</b> trade paperback, collecting the first 14 issues of the '90s series.


The message is clear: Nearly everyone who reads the current volume of <b>Daredevil</b> really, really likes it. <p>If you're not among the "nearly everyone," the first collection of the Mark Waid-written, Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin-illustrated <b>Daredevil</b> is out this week, placing issues #1-#6 in one hardcover volume. It's Daredevil as you definitely haven't seen him in a while: Having fun.


Despite his continued popularity and major role in the live-action films, Bumblebee isn't necessarily a natural choice for leader of the Autobots he's spent much of his existence as a VW Bug, after all. But that's exactly the position he's in as of recent development in the IDW comics, and that's where <b>Transformers: Robots in Disguise</b> picks up. <p>The series follows Bumblebee and the rest of the Autobots sticking around on Cybertron, and Newsarama has an exclusive teaser image from the series <a href=>here</a>.


Speaking of the Transformers, they're also a part of IDW's <b>Infestation 2</b> event, the sequel to the first licensed property-spanning crossover. <p>Things begin here in an issue by writer Duane Swierczynski and artist David Messina, and the story will see involvement from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, Dungeons & Dragons, 30 Days of Night and Danger Girl. It's kind of like <a href=>Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue</a> for comics. (Except not really like that at all.)


<a href=>Click here for a preview!</a> <p><b>I, Vampire</b> has been one of the most critically acclaimed series of DC's New 52, but also one of the lowest-selling. <p>Here's something that might change that: Batman, who shows up in this week's issue. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov <a href=>told Newsarama</a>, "Writing Batman is always a treat. He's that rare character in comics where his purpose is so clearly defined, that he almost writes himself."


<a href=>Click here for a preview!</a> <p>Rick Remender has made <b>Uncanny X-Force</b> and <b>Venom</b> two of the most buzzed-about books in Marvel's publishing line. He's taking over <b>Secret Avengers</b> as of this week's Point One issue, and bringing the focus to the increasingly ubiquitous Hawkeye Magic 8-Ball says "outlook good" for Remender going three for three. <p>Recent <i>Hulk</i> artist Patrick Zircher is illustrating this issue, with regular series artist Gabriel Hardman (also a <i>Hulk</i> veteran) coming on board with February's <b>Secret Avengers #22</b>.

Wednesday Watch: MUST-READ New Releases For 1/25/12

Date: 24 January 2012 Time: 09:17 PM ET