Our Wish List for DC's New 52 EARTH 2 and JUSTICE SOCIETY

<i>By Vaneta Rogers, Newsarama Contributor</i> <p>Ever since Newsarama <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/comics/fan-expo-new-52-110827.html>broke the news in August that the Earth-2 JSA would return</a> in a series by James Robinson and Nicola Scott, fans have wondered what that meant. <p>But now that <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/comics/dc-bob-harras-new-52-second-wave-12-01-12.html>DC has revealed more about <b>Earth 2</b>, and <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/comics/paul-levitz-worlds-finest-earth-2-120113.html>Paul Levitz has revealed</a> even more clues about it, we can start filling in some blanks. <p>The <a href=http://www.newsarama.com/comics/paul-levitz-worlds-finest-earth-2-120113.html>revelation that Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle have a daughter on Earth 2</a> means these new versions are older, and presumably have lots of kids and potential legacy characters running around. <p>That opens up the door for <i>lots</i> of guessing about what we'll see from the JSA in <b>Earth 2</b>. In the spirit of such speculations, here's Newsarama's Earth 2 / JSA Wish List. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=http://www.facebook.com/Newsarama><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=http://twitter.com/newsarama><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p>


You know the one. That marble-looking table imprinted with "JUSTICE SOCIETY of AMERICA" that was first shown on the cover of <i>All Star Comics #3</i>. <p>It showed up throughout the JSA's history, most recently on the Alex Ross cover of the bestselling <i>Justice Society of America #1</i> by Geoff Johns. <p>OK, so the logo could use some updating, and we wouldn't even mind if the table showed up in a photo from the "good old days," having long since disappeared. But if it's not there by issue #3, we'll be surprised.


We assume there will be a lot of costume redesigns for Earth 2 characters. But just to satisfy the itch for an homage to days gone by, at least <i>one</i> character wearing his undies on the outside would be be nice, don't you think? <p>Might even be worth selling an all-undies variant cover.


There are few things more popular among JSA fans than a JLA/JSA crossover, and while we <i>don't</i> think DC should muddle its best-selling <i>Justice League of America</i> with that complicated story yet, it's not a bad idea to at least <i>tease</i> it. <p>Brad Meltzer's <i>Justice League #0</i> had a tease... <p>At least two Earth 2 members have already discovered the New 52 Earth, so... <p>We're not asking for this right away, mind you, but as long as DC has former JSA collaborators James Robinson and Geoff Johns are at the helm of both JLA and Earth 2, we can't help but hope they'll work together to each reveal other earth's existence.


If there's one thing that disappeared most markedly from DC's launch of "NuEarth," it's superhero marriages. <p>But on Earth 2, some of those former marriages might be reinstated and even new ones could emerge. At the very least, we'd like to see Bruce with Selina, Clark with Lois and Steve with Diana. <p>Heck, Robinson could even throw in a mention of Rick Tyler and Jesse Chambers for fun.


While Al Pratt was the JSA Atom, it would be a nice nod to Ray Palmer's fans and his decades of wearing the mantle if he could exist in the costume on Earth 2. <p>Yes, there's a Ray Palmer scientist in <i>Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.</i> on the New 52 Earth, but a duplicate Ray Palmer as the Atom on Earth 2 would give his fans the satisfaction and would conform to the idea of legacy characters. <p>And while we're wishing for certain characters...


If Huntress is indeed the daughter of Batman and Selina, then it would follow that the first generation of superheroes is at least in their 40s. <p>And if that's true, it opens up the door for all kinds of adult legacy characters. <p>Not only would JSA fans love to see the return of Infinity Inc. characters who are "children of heroes," like Jade, Obsidian and Hector Hall, but DC could give readers an adult version of Robin or even the return of a Dick Grayson Batman. <p>And as long as we're talking about giving fans a few missing characters...


DC's September relaunch hasn't been very friendly to fans of the legendary Marv Wolfman/George P&#233;rez series <i>New Teen Titans</i>. Most of the heroes who starred in that long-running title haven't even shown up in the New 52. <p>It's rare to attend a DC panel without someone begging for Wally West to show up in a comic. The fandom is <i>so</i> desperate to hear about West and other former Titans that there's speculation about Donna Troy, Garth, Raven and Wally showing up in Grant Morrison's <i>Multiplicity</i> mini-series, expected later this year something <i>not</i> supported by Morrison's public statements so far. <p>Yet an appearance by the <i>New Teen Titans</i> in Robinson's <b>Earth 2</b> series would a perfect way to appease those fans, and it would fit with the idea of an alternate earth that has legacy and spin-off characters (something we know already exists in Helena Wayne). <p>Or, if the Earth 2 heroes really <i>do</i> "collide" with other "worlds," as DC promoted last week, then it would be great to see someone collide with a world where Wally exists.


On "The New 52" Earth, DC has a team that was formed only five years ago by a set of 20-somethings running around in a world that looks like our own. So we hope Earth 2 doesn't just repeat that. <p>If DC wants to make Earth 2 less confusing to new readers, then create a timeline that takes a completely different approach to the superhero story, preferably with a timeline that is longer and has room for a more imaginative past. There's already evidence that Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are slightly aged, since they have a daughter as old as Helena Wayne. But it would be great if their time together includes a longer-than-five-years history. <p>Die-hard JSA fans would love to see Earth 2 have a nostalgic feel, and man, it would be nice to see some of those World War II stories revived. <p>But we're just hoping the timeline is unique enough to really distinguish it as different from what's on New Earth. If DC wants to still appeal to modern fans, they could take a lesson from another multiple-earth property, <i>Fringe</i>, which gave its alternate earth very distinct differences, like the use of dirigibles and a U.S. flag with 48 stars.


There are few modern-era JSA members that have won the appreciation of fans as much as Courtney Whitmore, the hero known as Stargirl. And she's beloved not just in comic books, but also as a character who's been featured on <i>Smallville</i>, <i>Justice League Unlimited</i> and <i>Batman: The Brave and the Bold</i>. <p>Johns was once quoted as saying Courtney was the "heart of the JSA," and there are few JSA fans who would disagree. And as the stepdaughter of Pat Dugan, who served as a sidekick to the original Star-Spangled Kid, she fits with the legacy theme already confirmed in the existence of Helena Wayne. <p>Sure, it would be fun to see other characters Johns-created characters on Earth 2's JSA, like the youthful Jakeem Thunder, the tragic Citizen Steel, and the talkative-yet-loveable Cyclone (complete with monkey, we hope). <p>But if we can only have one hero from the Johns era show up in a new JSA, there's absolutely no question that Stargirl is at the top of the list. <p>In fact, the only characters more important to have in a JSA team would be...


You're not <i>really</i> a JSA fan if you think we mean Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. <p>Pfft, as if. <p>While every JSA fan has favorite heroes they want to see on the team (I'm partial to the Hourmen, myself), if DC is going to appease fans of the 100-plus JSA issues by Geoff Johns, there are three names they should try to involve somehow: Ted Grant, Alan Scott and Jay Garrick. <p>Robinson doesn't even have to call them by their superhero names, since DC may not want another Flash or Green Lantern running around. As JSA fans have proven, even if you call Alan something like "Sentinel," we'll still show up. Revamp them, modernize them... just have them there. <p>Sure, it would be nice to have all the founding members of the Justice Society of America show up in the <b>Earth 2</b> comic (just use the aforementioned image from <i>All Star Comics #3</i> as a guide). But if Robinson is going to have a Justice Society on <b>Earth 2</b>, we hope <i>at least</i> these three show up... or else why call it the JSA at all?

Our Wish List for DC's New 52 EARTH 2 and JUSTICE SOCIETY

Date: 16 January 2012 Time: 08:53 PM ET