Newsarama's NEWSWORTHY NEW RELEASES For 12/28/11

<i>By <a href=>Albert Ching, Newsarama Staff Writer</a></i> <p>It's officially that awkward in-between period between Christmas and New Year's. It's still "the holidays," but the Christmas songs have vanished from the radio and you're probably back at work. It happens. <p>This somewhat unfortunate time is mitigated by the holiday that comes every Wednesday: New Comic Book Day. And if you have any money left after buying everyone (or yourself) holiday presents, there is plenty of worthwhile material in shops this week. <p>As we do every week, here at Newsarama we've compiled 10 of the week's most newsworthy new releases, the kind that are either already generating buzz, or most likely will upon release. Want to prepare for your weekly reading? Click "start here" in the upper-left corner. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p>


<b>Flash #3</b> ended rather surprisingly, with title character Barry Allen taking a bullet in the dome. So, how does he survive this latest development? Presumably that question will at least begin to get answered with this week's issue. <p>Here's what <b>Flash</b> co-writer <a href=>Brian Buccellato told Newsarama last month</a> about the latest turn of events: <p>"I think comic book readers love to look at a story and then make assumptions about what's going to happen next. It's part of the culture. Their minds immediately begin guessing what we're doing and where we're going. But I don't think anybody can possibly guess where we're going."

G&#216;DLAND #35

Here's an end-of-the-year treat: A new issue of <b>G&#248;dland</b>, the first since February. <p>How long have readers been waiting for the latest from Joe Casey and Tom Scioli's series? It was originally solicited back in August 2010, at that point scheduled for release of November of last year.


It's a rather big week for Captain America fans, as Marvel's double-shipping the main ongoing title, with <b>Captain America #5</b> wrapping up the current, Steve McNiven-illustrated story arc, and #6 bringing in veteran artist Alan Davis. <p>For those craving even more shield-slinging action, <b>Captain America & Bucky #625</b> sees James Asmus join Ed Brubaker as co-writer, plus art from Francesco Francavilla.


Twelve years after its original release, the <b>Elseworlds 80-Page Giant</b> is finally seeing wide release. Back in 1999, the comic was pulped upon printing though some copies managed to ship to the UK due to concern over a story by Kyle Baker and Elizabeth Glass in which a baby Superman is depicted inside a microwave. (Hilarious to some, wildly inappropriate to others.) <p>That story actually appeared in <i>Bizarro Comics</i>, but now DC's presenting the original one-shot in full, which also includes work from Chuck Dixon, Tom Peyer, Ty Templeton and more.


Consider <B>Chase</b> to be the comic book equivalent of a TV show like <i>Party Down</i> short-lived but beloved by nearly all who checked it out. <p>The series, by Dan Curtis Johnston and a then-fairly unknown J.H. Williams III, depicted over 10 issues the adventures of D.E.O. agent Cameron Chase, presenting a unique perspective on superheroes and a female lead that didn't have to wear tight spandex to carry a book. After years out of print, DC has now reprinted the entire series in one volume.


Oni's <b>Frenemy of the State</b> got a good bit of publicity in the early going due to the involvement of co-writer Rashdia Jones, Ann Perkins on <i>Parks and Recreation</i>. <p>The series which started in May 2010 and hasn't seen a new issue since February of this year wraps up this week, with the conclusion of heiress/CIA agent Ariana Von Holmberg's mission.


Even if you're not a fan of the web series <i>The Guild</i>, this comic would at least be worth a cursory glance on the racks due to the Evan Dorkin cover. Then upon opening up you'd be further entranced by art from Becky Cloonan. <p>But if you are already a <i>Guild</i> fan, Dark Horse's latest comic book tie-in is co-written by series creator Felicia Day and Sandeep Parikh, Zaboo himself.


"Archie Meets KISS" is pretty much the modern-day "Archie Meets the Punisher," once again placing the perpetual teenager in a strikingly unexpected context. <p>The current storyline, written by Archie marketing's Alex Segura, is the latest attention-grabbing release from the increasingly attention-grabbing publisher and the variant covers by Francesco Francavilla only sweeten the deal.

DMZ #72

Brian Wood's stint at DC Comics is coming to a slow close he's already on board with <i>Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha & Omega</i> at Marvel and <i>Conan the Barbarian</i> at Dark Horse. <p>This week sees the final issue of <b>DMZ</b>, his not-so-distant future Vertigo series about a New York City transformed into the titular demilitarized zone.


Like a lot of comics on this week's list, it has been a while since the last issue of <b>Avengers: The Children's Crusade</b>. The bimonthly series was last seen in September, and this week brings its penultimate issue. <p>For quite some time now, Marvel editors and creators have talked about how important this nine-issue series is to their future plans. But this is the first issue released since <i>Avengers vs. X-Men</i> Marvel's 2012 12-part event series was announced, and we now know that however this series ends up leads in a big way to <i>AvX</i>, specifically with the status of Scarlet Witch, so it's definitely one to watch (or, well, keep watching) for Marvel fans.

Newsarama's NEWSWORTHY NEW RELEASES For 12/28/11

Date: 27 December 2011 Time: 09:29 PM ET