Newsarama's HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, Part 3: For Yourself

<i>By <a>Chris Arrant, Newsarama Contributor</a></i> <p>Christmas is just a few weeks away and Hanukkah is even closer. Black Friday has come and gone, but there's probably still a couple people you're buying gifts for. <p>But between all the hustle and bustle of shopping, you forgot one person: yourself. If you think your friends and family are hard to buy for, imagine the trouble they're having buying for you. It's time to get your wish list squared away, or otherwise it could be another year of socks and fruitcake. <p>Over the past week we've given you gift ideas for <a href=>your friends</A> and <a href=>children</A>, but now we're listing 10 comic creators' picks to double-stuff your holiday wish list. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p>


"Only thing I'm personally pestering Santy for this year is <B>Pogo: The Complete Syndicated Strips, Vol. 1</B> from Fantagraphics Books. This one has been a long time coming, folks, and from what I've seen, it looks gorgeous. From it's preview, I can't recommend it highly enough. If you're a fan of Walt Kelly, classic comic strips, or possums in general, you need this book." <p><i>Paul Dini writes comic books, animated shows and video games (including <i>Batman: Arkham City</i>), among many other things. His newest comic, <i>Jingle Belle: Gift Wrapped</i> will be published by Top Cow on Dec. 7.</i>


"This will probably be on many people's recommended list, but I'd want an iPad or a Kindle Fire, especially for the comics apps on it." <p><I>Cartoonist <a href=>Hyeondo Park</A> is the artist of the webcomic series <I>Sam & Lilah</I> and the manga editions of Shakespear's <I>Julius Caesar</I> and Mark Twain's <I>Adventures of Huckleberry Finn</I>.</i>


"Not really comics, but <a href=>this</A> is a cool shirt worth buying by Deforge and Negron. <p>I hear <a href=><B>Wally Wood's EC Stories Artist's Edition</B></A> isn't out until the end of December, but an amazing deal. These books are beautiful. They also don't fit on your shelf. <p><a href=><B>Spera</B></A> is an amazing collaboration of really talented up-and-coming creators. <p>A book I personally want, but have yet to acquire is <I>Habibi</I>. Craig Thompson is the reason I picked up a brush, so I know it will consume my brain with new inspiration when I read it. I'm in the middle of drawing some stuff right now, and I don't have time to feel inadequate until I finish." <p><i>Cartoonist Paul Maybury is the artist behind such books as <i>Aqua Leung</i> and the webcomics <i>Party Bear</i> and <i>Adventures of Maxy J. Millionaire</i>. His next book, <i>Dogs of Mars</i> with Tony Trov and Johnny Zito, comes out in April 2012.</i>


"I would be crazy if I didn't mention anything <B>Judge Dredd</B> or <B>2000AD</B> related. Man, I love me some dark, satiric UK comics. If you're interested in trying out what the publisher Rebellion has to offer, I recommend <B>Dafoe: 1666</B>, <B>Glimmer Rats</B>, <B>Rogue Trooper: Tales of Nu-Earth vol. 1</B>, <B>The Complete Nemesis the Warlock vol. 1</B>, <B>Durham Red: Scarlet Cantos</B>, and anything <B>Dredd</B> or <B>Strontium Dog</B>. In fact, through Dredd and other 2000 AD thrills (comics) you can see where people like Gordon Rennie, Mark Millar, Garth Ennis, Alan Grant, Pat Mills, John Wagner and many others cut their teeth (or became known after cutting their teeth, at least). Naturally, you see names like Dan Abnett, Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Tony Lee and hordes of other mega-talented UK creators pop up with their compelling take on things. <p>For those of you looking for that special item to perk up your broody and/or sick twisted friend, partner or family member, might I offer the first hardcover collection of <B>Deadpool MAX</B>. David Lapham (of <i>Stray Bullets</i> and <i>Crossed: Family Values</i> fame/infamy) creates a Deadpool that I can truly get behind. It's zany, violent, completely adult, and is one of the few "mainstream" comics I get all excited to read every month. This could also be because Lapham and I are receiving the same brainwave signals from a super secret orbital platform, no doubt designed by Albanian and/or Uzbekistani terrorists... <p>Have fun in the Holiday Trenches, folks... Seasons Greetings to you all!" <I><a href=>Steven Saunders</A> is editor of the horror magazine The Uninvited, and writer of the comic The Devil Eggs.</I>


"These are the things on my list: <p><a href=>Amplitube</A> for iPad/iPhone. I have been dying to try this. A full amp and effect simulator for your iPhone or iPad. You can plug your guitar right into it and I believe the program has a multitrack function. <p><a href=>Vespa</A>: I have wanted a Vespa since I was 10. I had absolutely no need for it then and even less now. I still want one. Plus, anyone that would actually buy me a Vespa is the coolest person on the planet. <p><B>Transmetropolitan</B> Complete Trades: Is there an omnibus for this? Some big collected edition like <B>Walking Dead</B>? I haven't read this in years and lent out all my copies. I really want to sit down, take it all in and see if it is as good as I remember. [<i>Newsarama note: Nothing like that right now, unfortunately.</i>] <p><B>Sinatra Live at the Sands</B>: I have this on vinyl and DVD. I don't need another copy, yet it's amazo-factor demands it be included." <p><I>Adam Freeman is known in comics as writer of <I>The Highwaymen</I> and <I>Monster Attack Network</I> with co-writer Marc Bernardin. He's also currently the Executive Producer and Director of the television series <I>Gene Simmons' Family Jewels</I>.</I>


"This is easy: <B>Louie: Season 1</B> on DVD. This is a must-see for anyone, but creatives especially in any field should watch this a few hundred thousand times. It's the best show on TV and one of the best ever made. Fearless, genuine, tricks you into thinking it's a comedy when really it transcends genre altogether. It's a game changer for storytelling." <p><I><a href=>Ivan Brandon</A> is the writer of DC's </I>Men of War<I>, and is co-creator/writer of the Image series </I>Viking<I> and the mastermind behind the </I>24Seven<I> anthologies</I>


"You can't go wrong with the <B>Turf</B> hardcover collection from Jonathan Ross & Tommy Lee Edwards, published by Image Comics. It'd be worth it alone for the beautiful art by Edwards, but this hard cover is also the first comic project from British broadcaster Ross and an impressive debut it is. Perfect for genre fans, <b>Turf</b> combines feuding vampire gangs, invading aliens, and pulp inspired cops & mobsters set during the height of prohibition. The hardcover itself is a beautiful package, with a slightly over-sized (but still manageable) format and tons of behind-the-scenes extras that show the love Ross and Edwards poured into the project. <p>On the more self-serving side, you can't go wrong pre-ordering <B>The Last Mortal</B> hard cover from Minotaur Press and <B>The Darkness II</B> video game from 2K Games." <p><I>Filip Sablik is the publisher of Top Cow Productions.</I>


"<B>The Story of Civilization</B>, an 11-volume history of the world by Will and Ariel Durant. Hands down, that's what I would recommend. It's terrific, well-written and concise; and it shows what a married couple can do when they have similar interests. We had a set in my house when I was growing up, and I used these books on every high school history paper I wrote. It's out of print and near-impossible to find a complete set in mint condition. I look for it online three to four times a year. <P>Somebody released a digital version, but I suggest going the extra mile (which I won't do) and finding the printed books all those thousands of physical pages of real facts that explain how the world came to be and why we don't have to be doomed to repeat the mistakes. When so many opinions today get formed by status updates and reposted blogs and news that is spun so hard and digested so fast it makes me scream "Verhoeven was right!," that's important." <p><I>David Tischman is the writer of <I>Red Herring</I> and <I>Greatest Hits</I> and the co-creator of <I>Bite Club</I> and <I>American Century</I>. His <I>True Blood: All Together Now</I> collection (co-written with Mariah Huehner) was a New York Times bestseller. <i>True Blood: The French Quarter</I> is in stores now. Three original <i>Teen Wolf</I> mini-series, based on the hit MTV series, will debut in 2012.</i>


"OK, I think the project <a href=><B>Gazzara</B></A> is a must-have most people don't know about. The brazilian cartoonist Rafa Coutinho is the curator and publisher of this amazing project, that is showing the new crop of young new Brazilian talents in a different way. <p>It's 4 pages in A3 paper dimension, printed digitally by a "fancy boutique" print house in south Brazil. It's a comics decoration project, perfect to put in your wall and start a new relationship with the experience of reading comics. It has art from Rafael Sica, Andr&#233; Kitagawa, Heitor Yida with Mateus Acioli, Edu Medeiros and the Argentinean artist Berliac. You can order GAZARRA at <a href=></A> starting December 11 and pay by PayPal." <p><I><a href=>Rafael Gramp&#225; </A> is an in-demand artist who's currently on the graphic novel <I>Furry Water and the Sons of the Insurrection</I> for Dark Horse.</I>


"The Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game by TSR: Let's be honest, some of the best holiday presents aren't found in a store, they are found on eBay! <p>For fans of a certain age, this series was the perfect synthesis of Marvel lore and role-playing game togetherness. The game machanics, which were remarkably easy, made it simple for you to either step into the shoes of your favorite Marvel Hero, or better still make your own hero to fight alongside the likes of Spider-Man, Captain America or She-Hulk. eBay currently has not just the complete game set, but many of the modules on sale so you can re-live the thrills of Secret Wars, cower in the terror of Days of Future Past, or battle the maniacal Arcade in MurderWorld. It's retro superhero-style fun! All in one box!" <p><I>Named Breakout Creator of 2008 by Comic Foundry Magazine, <a href=>David Gallaher</A> has received multiple Harvey Award nominations and won The Best Online Comic Award for his work on </I>High Moon<I> for DC. David has also written </I>Johnny Dollar<I> for Moonstone, <I>Box 13</I> for comiXology / Red 5 and <I>Darkstar & The Winter Guard<I> for Marvel.</I>

Newsarama's HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, Part 3: For Yourself

Date: 02 December 2011 Time: 08:47 PM ET