Comic Book Fantasy Football: Drafting Team DC

<i>By <a href=>Lucas Siegel, Newsarama Editor</a>, <a href=>Albert Ching, Newsarama Staff Writer</a></i> <p>It's a question as relevant now as when it was first uttered: Are you ready for some football? <p>Thursday evening marks the beginning of a new NFL season, which corresponds with fantasy football season, as friends and officemates around the world compete with each other through every touchdown, field goal and sack. <p>On Wednesday, we drafted our own fantasy football team, consisting of the <a href=>best Marvel characters for each position</a>. Here we're doing the same for DC Comics, digging through their vast lineup of characters to assemble the most potent pigskin players imaginable. Some even have football experience; some are exotic aliens who would have never even encountered the game hey, they call it "fantasy" for a reason. <p>Click "start here" in the upper-left corner for our DC fantasy football draft picks. <p><i>Got a comment? There's lots of conversation on Newsarama's <a href=><b>FACEBOOK</b></a> and <a href=><b>TWITTER</b></a>!</i> <p>


We start with our bench. These guys are the essential back-ups in case anyone on our fantasy team is injured or has a bye week. <p>Booster Gold, former football star of the future, is a natural fit to be our backup QB, and Hawk is a great backup running back, since his anger should let him get those extra couple of yards. <p>As utility players, we have Sportsmaster, because come on, we have to. Mister Miracle can escape from anything, making him very hard to tackle, and his wife Big Barda is one of the biggest and baddest in the biz. Finally we round things out with The Atom because frankly, it would be hilarious for him to take the football, shrink down, and show back up untouched in the end zone.


The Green Lantern Corps are dedicated to defending an entire universe, so they probably can handle an opposing team's offensive strategy. Add that to the fact that there are simply a <i>lot</i> of them more than 7,200; the deepest of deep benches injuries over a 16-week season wouldn't be a problem. And all of that willpower has to be good for locker room morale. <p>Even without the power rings, the GLC has a former football standout to its credit: Guy Gardner, who could cause some definite trouble at one of the safety spots. Kilowog would provide a dominant presence at middle linebacker, and then leaner members like Kyle Rayner and Tomar-Re would fit at the cornerback positions. Fill out the rest of the lineup with some combo of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Soranik Natu, Salaak, Sodam Yat, Stel and Turytt. (G'Nort = team mascot.) <p>Added bonus: pads and helmets made out of green light energy could really help the team's budget.

Place Kicker: LADY SHIVA

With some of the fastest and strongest legs in the world, the dangerous Shiva is our pick for the place kicker. Let her get out there and see what her kung fu powered kicks can do to a football. <p> Granted, you'll probably wind up with a lot of deflated footballs, but at least you don't have to worry about a lot of blocked kicks or roughing the kicker calls; there aren't a lot of people that would go strong against Lady Shiva.


Now, we're sure we'll catch a little flack for this one, but hear us out. A Tight End needs to be an all-around player. A player that can make the catch, has the speed to keep up with (and hopefully outpace) defensive backs, the strength to block, and the intimidation factor to keep the defense from double teaming the wide receivers. <p>With all that in mind, is there really anyone better than the Man of Steel for this spot? Plus, depending on the continuity you're following, he may or may not have played football in High School back in Smallville! Let's just hope the defensive line isn't Kryptonite Man, Metallo, Mxzyptlk, and Faust...

Wide Receiver: PLASTIC MAN

In our Marvel roster, we assessed that Mr. Fantastic would be an ideal choice for wide receiver, due to his stretchy limbs allowing him to catch virtually any pass. <p>In DC, there are at least two fellas with nearly identical powers: Elongated Man and Plastic Man. Elongated Man's been dead since <i>52</i>, so Plas would probably be more useful on a fantasy football team. <p>Not only is Plastic Man still among the living (seen briefly in this week's <i>Justice League International #1</i>), his bold personality and checkered background would bring plenty of attention to the team, and what's a modern-day football team without a little controversy? If things get desperate, he could always disguise himself as the ball, so long as the other team wouldn't notice that the ball was bright red with sunglasses.

Wide Receiver: MR. TERRIFIC

Mr. Terrific might not have a football background that we know of, but we're still relatively confident he could excel at the game. That's kind of his jam: he's good at <i>everything</i>. <p>Michael Holt was able to net an Olympic gold medal in decathlon which includes running, jumping and throwing things so it's reasonable that he'd probably be handy on a football field. His T-Spheres may not be game legal (he's all about "fair play," after all), but his speed and agility make him a good fit for wide receiver or really, whatever position he'd want to try.


Remember what we said about Plastic Man? Well, J'onn J'onnz can similarly shapeshift his limbs; stretching as long as need be to catch a pass. But the pluses for the former Justice Leaguer/current Stormwatch-er don't stop there. <p>Like all DC Martians, he's also able to become intangible, as good of a method to evade tackles as any. If that wasn't confusing enough to defenders, the Manhunter can turn invisible. Also, he's telepathic, so good luck keeping that playbook secret. <p>Only possible flaw: Team DC going against opponents with a name like "the Heat" or "the Flames."

Running Back: CYBORG

We know from the new <b>Justice League #1</b> that Vic Stone already has football experience, but why does he work particularly well as a running back, especially a fullback? Well, that has more to do with Cyborg than Vic Stone, to be honest. <p>Enhanced strength, speed, and awareness are all certainly great tools for a #2 back, and will help whether he's carrying, catching, or blocking. When it comes to blocking, a blast of the old sonic cannon certainly couldn't hurt... unless you're the one he's blocking, of course! Add in his actual football experience as a civilian, and Cyborg's a must-have on this squad.

Running Back: THE FLASH

If you read our Marvel entry yesterday, you probably saw this one coming. Yes, you need sure hands, and awareness, and strength, but the number one thing you need out of your starting half back is speed. <p>"Hi, they call me The Flash. Also known as the <i>Fastest Man Alive</i>." <p>Zipping around the field as easily as taking a stroll down an empty desert road, The Flash would certainly be a force to be reckoned with on the football field. Now he has his rogues, and there are some evil speedsters around that can give him some trouble, but this is still a sure-fire pick for your DC Fantasy Football Team. Which brings us to...

Quarterback: BATMAN

Tactical genius? Check. Top physical shape? Check. Pinpoint throwing accuracy? Very pointy check. <p>There's a reason why the non-superpowered Batman always seems to wind up leading every team he's on, be it various Justice Leagues or Outsiders. He's got the prowess and the skill, and the fact that just about everyone in the world is at least a little bit scared of him should certainly help him in the pocket. <p>The big key here though is Batman's strategy. He can change up his plan on the fly, a definite need from a good QB, and he's always ready for anything. That means that monster blitz package (even if it includes actual monsters) isn't going to hold him back or prevent him from completing his goals. Batman's only real rule is that he wins. Every. Time. That's why he's our DC Fantasy Football quarterback.

Comic Book Fantasy Football: Drafting Team DC

Date: 08 September 2011 Time: 08:39 PM ET