And you thought a two-month delay was bad!

Earlier today, DC Comics announced that <a href=>the final two issues of <b>Superman Unchained</b>, #8 and #9, have had all orders canceled</a> and will be “resolicited at a later date.” Of course, those are ominous words for a comic book fan, and for good reason - the world of comics is filled with comic book stories that never finished - and some that never even <i>started</i>. <p>And yes, unfortunately, you’ll see a familiar name from <b>Unchained</b> on this list a couple of times. <p>Again, some of these projects never got off the ground, some of them got to about the same point as <b>Superman Unchained</b> with all but one or two issues released. <p>Ready to feel wistful about what could have been? Click on through. <p><i>Albert Ching contributed to an earlier version of this article.</i>


<b>Originally announced</b>: August 2007 <p><b>Current status</b>: Another series announced at Wizard World Chicago 2007, this five-issue miniseries was to pair writer Robert Kirkman and artist Rob Liefeld, who worked together on Image's <i>The Infinite</i>, on Marvel's post-apocalyptic freedom fighter. <P>Though the comic hasn't been published, Liefeld has stated in interviews that he's completed work on the project. In 2008, Kirkman became a partner at Image and stopped writing work-for-hire projects at Marvel, though his MAX miniseries <i>The Destroyer</i> came out after that. <p>With Kirkman and Liefeld both busy on multiple projects, and their collaboration <i>The Infinite</i> ended due to reported creative differences, this one might remain a long shot.


<b>Last seen</b>: August 2010 <p>Written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by original Image founders Marc Silvestri, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Whilce Portacio, Rob Liefeld and Jim Valentino (with Jim Lee providing covers), <b>Image United</b> was an ambitious project from the start. It's also one that's only managed to get three of its six scheduled issues in stores. <p>In March 2011, <a href= >Larsen gave Newsarama an update</a> on issue #4, saying, the issue was "about 60% done." <p>No issues have been solicited since.


<b>Originally announced</b>: August 2007 <p><b>Current status</b>: Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of <i>Dexter's Laboratory</i> and <i>Samurai Jack</i> was announced in Wizard World Chicago 2007 to be writing and drawing a '70s-style Luke Cage miniseries for Marvel, simply titled <b>Cage</b>. The comic was to debut in 2008, but as of February 2012 there hasn't been a peep about the project in years. Marvel chief creative officer (and then editor-in-chief) Joe Quesada gave <a href=>CBR</a> an update in June 2009, saying that the project was still a go, though the delay was due to Tartakovsky's busy schedule. <p>Back in 2011, Tartakovsky, while promoting his film <i>Hotel Transylvania</i>, stated that the comic is written and drawn, but needs to be inked and colored – something he hopes to find the time to do.


<b>Last seen</b>: October 2009 <p>Billed as "what Mark Millar had planned for <i>Ultimates 3</i>," <b>War Heroes</b> started in June 2008, with <i>Ex Machina</i> artist Tony Harris in tow. Three issues were released in 16 months, and with Millar now fully concentrating on creator-owned work, the comic might have a better shot now than it did in recent years especially since <a href=>news broke a couple years ago</a> that a <b>War Heroes</b> feature had interest from Universal. The last word we've heard is that Tony Harris "can't draw scripts he doesn't have."


<b>Last seen</b>: September 2006 <p>A comic written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Jim Lee. How awesome does that sound? The fourth volume of <b>WildCats</b> debuted in September 2006 as part of the imprint's "Worldstorm" reboot, with the high-profile creative team taking on the classic roster... and only getting one issue out. <p>Any hopes of it picking back up were seemingly dashed in the summer of 2008 when a new <i>WildCats #1</i> debuted with a different creative team, and destroyed altogether when WildStorm was folded into the DC Universe with the dawn of the New 52 in September 2011.


<b>Originally announced</b>: March 2008 <p><b>Current status</b>: <b>Captain America: White</b> was to be the next in Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's acclaimed <i>Daredevil: Yellow</i>, <i>Spider-Man: Blue</i> and <i>Hulk: Gray</i> series of miniseries. This one even got a #0 issue in stores back in July of 2008. Subsequently, <b>Captain America: White #1</b> was solicited for October 2008, but that didn't happen, and sightings have been as scarce as the buffalo it shares a predominant color with. In recent interviews, Loeb frequently mentions that the series is still in the works – though most of his time these days is dedicated to his job as the head of Marvel's TV division.


<b>Last seen</b>: November 2005 <p>J. Scott Campbell's long-brewing Spider-Man book with Jeph Loeb made it earlier on this list, and here he's representing with creator-owned Wildstorm title <b>Wildsiderz</b>. <p>The series reunited Campbell with his <i>Danger Girl</i> collaborator Andy Hartnell, and featured a team of teen superheroes, not entirely dissimilar to what made the artist wildly successful with <i>Gen 13</i>. <p>Slated as a five-issue limited series, two issues (three counting a #0) have been released, with nary a peep in the last half-decade. <p>On <a href=>his official website bio</a>, the "final two issues" are dubbed as on track for "this coming year," though it's said that since at least 2010.


<b>Last seen</b>: May 2004 <p>The abrupt bankruptcy of CrossGen led to, as tends to happen, the cancellation of all of the publisher's remaining titles. That left a lot of series like fan-favorite <b>Sojourn</b> and universe-spanning miniseries <b>Negation War</b> completely unfinished. <p>Marvel now owns the CrossGen properties, and this year revived <i>Ruse</i>, <i>Sigil</i> and <i>Mystic</I> with <i>Ruse</i> very close to its original incarnation and the latter two fairly dramatically different. Two more CrossGen titles, <i>Kiss Kiss Bang Bang</i> and <i>Route 666</i>, are on the way. <p>Marvel higher-ups like senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort have indicated in interviews that Marvel doesn't intend on picking up any CrossGen series where they left off, but there are surely some sigil-bearing fans out there wishing they'd change their mind.


<b>Last seen</b>: October 1993 <p>Here's something that may sound familiar: A comic written by Alan Moore and drawn by Jim Lee. How awesome does that sound? <p>In the early days of Image, the legendary <i>Watchmen</i> writer composed a six-issue miniseries paying tribute to the Silver Age of comics, with many analogues to iconic Marvel heroes depicted throughout the story. Things were intended to wrap with an 80-page annual set in the present illustrated by Jim Lee. Well, that didn't happen for a variety of reasons, and nearly 20 years later, it still hasn't happened, and with Lee clearly busy with <i>Justice League</i> and his role of co-publisher at DC, and Moore all but retired from comics other than <i>League of Extraordinary Gentlemen</i>, it seems like a very, very, very, very (feel free to insert as many "very"s here as you deem appropriate) long shot to ever happen. <p>Sounds cool, though, right?


<b>Originally announced</b>: April 2006 <p><b>Current status</b>: First announced in Wizard, this was to be sort of the Marvel version of the 12-issue Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee run on <i>Batman</i>. Only problem is, it hasn't come out yet, though, like <b>Captain America: White</b>, Loeb has indicated that it's still in the works. In March 2011, Brevoort told <a herf=>CBR</a> that it's coming "slowly but surely."


<b>Last seen</b>: November 2002 <p>Ah, <b>Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target</b>. Meant to serve as both Kevin Smith's return to Daredevil and the reintroduction of Bullseye right before the 2003 DD feature film, this turned out to be a one-issue wonder like <i>WildCats</i> volume 4. <p>With rare interior art from Glenn Fabry, it's at least a sharp-looking one-issue wonder. For years, Smith contended that the book would be finished, but now the Magic 8-Ball of the comics world says a rather definitive "outlook not so good." <p>Smith does remain a major comic book fan - maybe he can get it done before the Netflix TV series debuts?


<b>Last seen</b>: September 2001 <p>Part of the Cliffhanger line along with <i>Danger Girl</i> and <i>Crimson</i>, <b>Battle Chasers</b> disappeared along with series creator and artist Joe Madureira, when he left the comic book industry to work in video games about a decade ago. <p>The last issue, #9, ended appropriately (and disappointingly) on a cliffhanger. Earlier this year, Image released a <i>Battle Chasers Anthology</i>, with <a href=>Madureira telling Newsarama at the time</a> that ending the series is "something I've always planned on doing, but it's really hard for me to commit the time to it right now." <p>With Madureira now on <i>Inhuman</i> for Marvel, it doesn't look great for him having that time at any point in the near future.


<b>Originally announced</b>: October 2004/April 2010 <p><b>Current status</b>: Let's put this list to close with a Jim Lee two-fer: the artist and DC co-publisher has one more to hopefully <i>not</i> add to this list as we said in our intro, but he's already attached to a couple of unreleased projects. <b>Batman: Europa</b> was first announced way back in October 2004, a four-issue miniseries to be fully painted by Jim Lee and three European artists, written by Brian Azzarello. The first issue even got a release date in January 2012, but has since fallen off DC's schedule completely without an issue released. <p><b>Dark Knight: The Boy Wonder</b> was announced at WonderCon in April 2010 as the follow-up to <i>All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder</i>, set in the same continuity as writer Frank Miller's other noted Batman tales. The first issue of the six-part miniseries was scheduled for February 2011, with <a href=>DC noting at that time</a>: "Beginning in February, 2011, you will see the remaining six issues ship on time, every month." A first issue has yet to be solicited.

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