Okay, So We're Greedy

The Avengers roster just keeps getting bigger. There are enough heroes now to split into two separate teams in <i>Captain America: Civil War</i> even with two of their biggest names (Hulk and Thor) sitting the adventure out. But when Thanos comes knocking in <i>Avengers: Infinity War</i>, it’s likely going to be all hands on deck. And of course, moving into Phase 4, some of the big names of the Avengers are likely to retire. <p>To that end, we’re digging into the Avengers roster to pull out a few more heroes that could take up arms alongside Earth’s Mightiest – some of them are even iconic Avengers that just haven’t made it to the big screen just yet. Check out the next ten big-screen Avengers we want to see here. We got a <i>lot</i> right last time we did this, so you just may be looking into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


One of the more complicated origin stories amongst the Avengers, Wonder Man a.k.a. Simon Williams, would need a bit of tweaking in order to make it to the big screen, especially amongst what we already know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But with that tweaking, he could fit shockingly well. <p>Take Simon Williams’s history as a washed up actor/stuntman. What if he struck a deal to get all the success he ever wanted – all he has to do is serve as the henchman of a supervillain until it’s paid off. You could even use the villain who gave Williams his powers in comic books, Baron Zemo as that supervillain – assuming he survives <i>Captain America: Civil War</i>. It wouldn’t be a hug leap for him to betray Zemo and join the Avengers, just as he did in comic books. <p>Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: Well, if <a href="http://www.newsarama.com/28990-report-guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-adds-nathan-fillon-as-an-avenger-sort-of.html">these photos are for reals</a>, the legwork on this one might already be done. Nathan Fillion might have a cameo (even if in photo only) in <I>Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2</I> as Simon Williams, star of several in-universe films – and we think that’s just about perfect. Would it be that big a leap to see Williams, a washed-up actor, looking for his next big role as a superhero/villain? As a bonus, what if there was a scene of the Vision learning about human culture by watching old Simon Williams movies?


Yeah, yeah, Peter Parker only <i>just</i> joined the MCU – he hasn’t even officially made his film debut yet. But we’re big fans of Miles Morales, so we’re gonna give him a nod here as well. We’re not sure how he’d join the team – we’re not getting paid to write these movies! – but we’d love to see him make the leap (and swing, and wall-crawl) onto the big screen eventually. <p>Miles could be a compelling addition to a later Avengers team – perhaps even filling the role of Spider-Man in Peter Parker’s absence somehow, as he did in comic books. Miles would also be an escalation for Spider-Man, as he possesses certain powers, like camouflage and an electric sting, that Peter lacks. With rumors that Sony still wants to expand the Spider-Man film franchise, Miles could be the (eventual) key to that. <p> Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: We’ve already <a href="http://www.newsarama.com/28360-casting-couch-filling-out-spider-man-s-supporting-cast.html">made a case</a> for <i>Black-ish</i> actor Marcus Scribner to take on the role, and we’re sticking with it.


Now that <i>Avengers: Age of Ultron</i> has shown what happens when Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk goes on an uncontrolled rampage, how about a full-on, knockdown, drag-out fight with the full team? If those are the fireworks you’re looking for, “Thunderbolt” Ross is the way to go. <p>After making a deal with M.O.D.O.K. to alter his body and become a Hulk, Ross became a villain for a time before eventually joining the Avengers. And that’s what we’d like to see – a military minded, fully intelligent super-Hulk taking on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes before eventually uniting with them against a much bigger threat. <p>Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: Since “Thunderbolt” Ross is already part of the MCU – and he’s returning in <i>Captain America: Civil War</i> - we’ll stick with William Hurt to make the leap to full-on Hulking out.


Marvel’s Master of Kung Fu is a recent Avenger, but he’s got a long history in comic books dating back to the ‘70’s. With Iron Fist already headed to TV, Shang-Chi may seem like overkill, but his deadly hands could add a strong human element to a future team made up of Gods, wizards, and mythical swordsmen. <p>Shang-Chi is a master of martial arts, crafting his body and his mind to be the ultimate weapon. And while he’s often had an element of spirituality, there’s nothing magical about his ability to kick any ass that gets in his way. His stoicism would be a welcome foil for the onscreen Avengers, who have often been shown to pour on the snark and wit whenever possible. <p>Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: We humbly submit that <i>Into The West</i> actor Wen Zhang would be a perfect choice for the Master of Kung-Fu. He’s shown his dramatic chops in <i>Ocean Heaven</i>, but made the leap to action shortly thereafter in <i>The Sorcerer & The White Snake</i>, before transitioning to Western notoriety in the aforementioned <i>Journey To The West</i>.


With Dr. Strange joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe later this year, it’s only a matter of time before Marvel’s magical floodgates open and more of its supernatural characters are allowed into its film world. Enter Black Knight – a character with a recognizable backstory and an easy to digest mystical twist. <p>Bearing a cursed sword forged by Merlin himself, Dane Whitman is a hero who fights to overcome the blade’s bloodlust, and who has often found himself caught in a struggle between his heroic nature, and the blade’s dark personality. <p>If the rumors that Dr. Strange will anchor a new Avengers line-up in the inevitable Phase 4 are true, Black Knight could be an easy addition to that cast, with his magic sword taking the place of Mjolnir, or even Captain America’s iconic shield as the weapon every kid wants to wield. Add in the fact that Dane Whitman is enough of a blank slate to survive some reinvention on the big screen, and you’ve got a recipe for film success. <p>Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: When it comes to Black Knight, it’s tough to cast a character who is a relative cipher. But we suggest Richard Madden, better known as Robb Stark from <i>Game of Thrones</I>. He may seem a bit young, having played a boy king on <i>GoT</i>, but the 29 year-old actor has the presence and gravitas to pull off a modern hero with old world sensibilities. Plus, he already knows his way around a sword.


Kamala Khan seems like a shoe-in for an eventual role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As one of the youngest Avengers, and a fan-favorite, she hits all the right notes for what the future of the studio is calling for. Her Inhuman origins, visually dynamic power set, and “fangirl’s fangirl” characterization would make her a perfect choice to play the same role onscreen as she does in the current <i>All-New, All-Different Avengers</I> - an inexperienced but enthusiastic young hero fighting alongside her idols. <p>Think about it – even if real world time doesn’t line up with movie time, by the time Phase 3 wraps up, the Avengers will have still been an in-universe presence for years. What better way to capitalize on that than to have them directly influence their successors? <p>Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: This one’s a little tough. While actors playing characters of different ethnicities is nothing new and isn’t going away anytime soon, pairing actors who genuinely represent their character’s traits is a hot-button issue at the moment. Given the rarity of Kamala’s Pakistani-American & Islamic background in comic books, there is every genuine intention to get this one as close to right as possible. But there simply aren’t many (if any) well-known young Pakistani-American actresses to draw from. So foregoing the option of Wiki’ing an actress we’ve never heard of, we’re going to suggest <i>Girl Meets World</i>’s Rowan Blanchard. Blanchard is young enough that she’ll still be able to portray a teenage girl by the time Kamala could make it to the screen, and she’s got the kind of goofy charm that would perfectly embody the young Ms. Marvel. She has Western Asia ancestry on her father’s side (Pakistan is in South Asia) and is a second generation American herself, which gives some weight to Kamala’s story as the young daughter of traditional Muslim parents.


Now that Marvel is allowed to use Spider-Man in their cinematic universe, would it be overkill to bring a second spider-person into the Avengers? Not so fast. Aside from their iconography, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman share very little in common. Even their powers are drastically different. <p>In fact, Jessica Drew’s history as a superhero is much more closely tied to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers (you know, the cornerstones of the MCU) than to Spidey’s world. It’s those connections that make Spider-Woman such an obvious inclusion into Marvel’s film canon. <p>And, if they’re really worried about the similarities between Spider-Woman and Spider-Man, superficial as they may be, they can always use her alter ego Jessica Drew as a badass S.H.I.E.L.D. super agent, or even a Hydra double agent as she was in comic books. <p>Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: This was one has Eva Green written all over it.


What better way to introduce Jen than in a franchise that's already got her cousin in it? There's no learning curve from introducing the concept, as audiences already get the Hulk. She-Hulk also brings an interesting dimension of wisecracking personality to the team, another profound difference between her and Bruce (aside from her femininity, of course). <p>She-Hulk has been eyed by Hollywood for quite some time (who can forget the Bridgette Nielsen test shots? Okay, maybe you should), and it would be cool to see her. <p>Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: LARGE professional wrestlers and the like always seem to get the nod here, but given the Hulk is all motion capture CG, a real woman painted green wouldn’t match anyway, so we’re going out of the box to cast the bookish, unimposing Jennifer Walters/wearer of the motion capture suit. How about <i>Masters of Sex</i>’s Lizzy Caplan? Sure, she appeared in a Marvel short a few years ago as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, but it was a minor role that hasn’t been reprised, and Marvel has gotten a little looser with their “one actor, one role” rule anyway.


There's already one Captain Marvel scheduled to join the MCU, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for a former holder to that name -- especially when it's Monica Rambeau. <p>Created by Roger Stern and John Romita Jr. back in 1982, Monica Rambeau has some claims to fame ranging from being the first female Captain Marvel and the first female African-American Avenger. But what earns her a spot on this list is her characterization by Stern and others. <p>Pardon our french, but Monica Rambeau cut through the B.S. pretty quick -- even though she was by far the rookie when she joined the Avengers. Down-to-earth with more than a little sarcasm, Rambeau-as-Captain Marvel quickly rose through the ranks to become leader of the team in the late 1980’s. She was written out of the <I>Avengers</I> in a sea change at Marvel, and changed codenames a couple times, but Rambeau resurfaced in 2006's <I>Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.</I> as Pulsar. Although short-lived, <I>Nextwave</I> solidified Monica's place as someone to watch -- and she came full circle in her lastest chapter as part of the Marvel Universe’s cosmic problem solvers, The Ultimates. <p>Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: As for who we see playing Monica on the big screen? <I>Scandal</I>'s Kerry Washington would be a good choice, and could bring the sass and sarcasm needed to stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and crew.


This may be wishful thinking on our part, but the introduction of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has filled us with hope that maybe the Fantastic Four could join the fray at some point. We’d love to see the FF – or at least one member, <i>any</i> member, as they’ve all been Avengers at some point – drop in on <i>Avengers: Infinity War</i>. <p>As for how they’d get there, we’ve got some ideas, but let’s just say we’d like to see them already primed as full-fledged heroes, no origin story necessary. We all know how the FF got their powers, but what’s been missing from previous film iterations is the family dynamic that’s at the heart of their story. Let’s skip past the appetizer and get right to the meat of the story – and let’s start by adding a little taste to Phase 3’s big finale. <p>Semi-obligatory casting suggestion: You better believe we’ve got a whole cast for the Fantastic Four in our back pockets. Normally, we’d dedicate a whole article to this sort of thing, but for now, we’ll just deliver the bullet points. For Reed Richards, we’re thinking Jude Law could pull off the acerbic science adventurer’s “too smart for you” vibe while balancing it with some unexpected romantic charm. Meanwhile, for his wife Sue Storm, Michelle Williams would be able to balance the warmth and gravitas of the FF’s heart, while playing perfectly off Law. As for her younger brother Johnny Storm, <I>Teen Wolf</I>'s Tyler Hoechlin has the goods to be a <i>slightly</i> more mature version of the brash, cocky daredevil. Meanwhile, for the ever lovin’ blue-eyed Thing, Reed’s oldest friend and co-pilot, we’ve got our eyes on Matt Damon. Sure, the role of the Thing would be largely confined to voice-over (which is how having an A-list art would work, see Bradley Cooper-Rocket), but having a guy with Damon’s charm would certainly make the inevitable moment when sweet Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew temporarily reverts to his human form all the more impactful.

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