Triple Digits and It Feels So Good

Nowadays comic books relaunch all the time, with Marvel seemingly adopting a "season" style approach and renumbering with every major story change. But there are some titans of the industry that have never succumbed to the draw of a new #1.<br> <br> Some of them, like <i>Archie</i>, are due for a relaunch later this year, when issue #666 will see the title's original volume end. Others, like <i>2000AD</i> get by on technicality, with its impressive run of 1918 issues thanks to its weekly anthology status. <p>Still more, like <i>Uncanny X-Men</i> and <i>Fantastic Four</i> have been renumbered and relaunched only to revert to their original numbering when a new milestone is reached.<br> <br> But these ten comics, these are the ones that have held fast, the ones that have kept their original numbering for hundreds of issues, finally resulting in this list of the ten longest running comics with no relaunches. <p>[* for purposes of this countdown, we're making the cut-off issues shipped to comic book shops through Diamond]


Most Recent Issue: 128<br> First Published: 2002<br> Publisher: Dark Horse<br> <br> Though it was renamed with the subtitle "Hell On Earth" some time ago, Mike Mignola's <b>B.P.R.D.</b> has never been renumbered, running for 128 issues as of this writing. While it started as a series of mini-series, its ongoing numbering was placed on the cover as of issue #100.<br> <br> Spinning out of Mignola's <i>Hellboy</i> series, <b>B.P.R.D.: Hell On Earth</b> follows the adventures and case files of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense as they investigate supernatural mysteries around the globe.


Most Recent Issue: 137<br> First Published: 2003<br> Publisher: Image<br> <br> Robert Kirkman's <b>The Walking Dead</b> began its life as a groundbreaking horror comic that has reached a respectable 137 issues, continuing to grow in popularity with the smash his television series it spawned.<br> <br> <b>The Walking Dead</b> follows the travails of Rick Grimes, a former law officer as he tries to protect his family and survive among the zombie outbreak that has killed most of the human populace.


Most Recent Issue: 169<br> First Published: 1985<br> Publisher: AC Comics<br> <br> FemForce is the definition of a cult comic book. Launched in 1985 by AC Comics, <b>FemForce</b> has since published 169 issues - a huge milestone for such a small company and title.<br> <br> <b>FemForce</b> follows the adventures of a group of female superheroes, some of which were created specifically for the comic, and some of which were originally published in the '30's and '40's, having since lapsed into the public domain.


Most Recent Issue: 180<br> First Published: 1995<br> Publisher: Top Cow<br> <br> One of the last survivors of the "bad girl" boom of the '90's, <b>Witchblade</b> has evolved past its scantily clad roots, becoming a sci-fi superhero staple as the flagship of Image's Top Cow imprint.<br> <br> Following the adventures of Sara Pezzini for 180 issues at this point, Witchblade tells the story of a sentient artifact that bonds with women, and its relationship to other magical objects such as the Angelus, and the Darkness.


Most Recent Issue: 202<br> First Published: 1992<br> Publisher: Image<br> <br> Written and drawn by Erik Larsen, <b>Savage Dragon</b>'s roots go past its publication by Image Comics. Now, with a whopping 202 issues under his belt, Larsen shows no signs of slowing down or renumbering his fan-favorite comic.<br> <br> <b>Savage Dragon</b> tells the story of Dragon, a super-powered police officer in Chicago, and has spawned numerous tie-ins, spin-offs, and even an animated series.


Most Recent Issue: 218<br> First Published: 1992<br> Publisher: Antarctic<br> <br> Fred Perry's manga-esque <b>Gold Digger</b> has been going off and on for over 20 years, having been created during Perry's tour of duty in the first Gulf War, amassing a whopping 218 issues in the time since.<br> <br> Telling the story of Gina Diggers, a super scientist and archaeologist, <b>Gold Digger</b> is full of tongue-in-cheek pop culture references and lighthearted humor.


Most Recent Issue: 218<br> First Published: 1993<br> Publisher: Bongo<br> <br> Springfield's first family has given rise to numerous comics in their nearly 30 year career on television, but the longest running by far is the self-titled <b>Simpsons Comics</b>, which has run for 218 issues.<br> <br> <b>Simpsons Comics</b> features the titular family in all-ages oriented adventures, with annual <i>Treehouse of Horror</i> issues that mimic the beloved Halloween tradition.


Most Recent Issue: 250<br> First Published: 1992<br> Publisher: Image<br> <br> Todd McFarlane's <b>Spawn</b> was one of the four original Image titles, and though it's inspired a myriad of spinoffs, the main series has remained a constant of the publisher, having recently published its 250th issue.<br> <br> <b>Spawn</b> follows the story of Al Simmons, a former Special Forces soldier returned to life by the demonic Malebolgia as a Hellspawn - a superpowered agent of hell.


Most Recent Issue: 269<br> First Published: 1992<br> Publisher: Archie Comics<br> <br> Now here's a comic with staying power. Thanks to a dedicated fanbase, <b>Sonic the Hedgehog</b> has managed to stick around more than a decade after Sega's last console was discontinued, with 269 issues under its belt. <br> <br> <b>Sonic</b> did undergo something of a relaunch around issue #226 when its continuity was rebooted, though the numbering remained the same.


Most recent issue: #720<br> First published: 1940<br> (Current) Publisher: IDW<br> <br> The top of the list is one of the original series of the Golden Age, an anthology title featuring Disney's wide stable of characters. Like all Disney comics, it's had some major gaps in publication like four years between the Gladstone and Gemstone days but it's kept consistent numbering throughout its tumultuous journey.<br> <br> Now, having been defunct since its run at BOOM! ended in 2011, the series is set to pick back up with its original numbering, at issue #221 later this year through IDW.

10 Long-Running Comics That Have Never Been Renumbered

Date: 19 February 2015 Time: 09:39 PM ET