Top 10 Villains We Want to See in COMIC BOOK MOVIES

There are a lot of comic book movies on the horizon, and a lot of questions surrounding them. And a lot of those questions involve villains. <p>There are ones like <i>Guardians of the Galaxy</i>, where we know plenty of the actors in it, but we don't yet know what roles they will play — it's been reported that Lee Pace and Karen Gillan are both playing villains, but it hasn't yet been confirmed which ones. (The Collector, The Controller and Ronan the Accuser have all been rumored.) <p>Then there's <i>Avengers 2</i>, which likely reasonably will involve Thanos, but to what extent — and what other bad guys might be along for the ride — isn't yet known. There's also the already-announced-to-be-in-development <I>Man of Steel</i> sequel, which will surely bring more of the Superman's supervillains into the fold. Plus, the third and fourth <i>Amazing Spider-Man</i> installments, which we don't know anything about other than the release dates (we're still nearly a year away from No. 2, after all), but will presumably bring on plenty of bad guys. And so on. <p>So, who are the great comic book villains that have yet to be in a live-action film? Let's start with these 10. (<i>Troy Brownfield contributed to an earlier version of this article</i>.)


A third <i>Thor</i> film (follwing this fall's <i>The Dark World</i>) would have to move the dial on the threat level. Once you've already had the Frost Giants, the Destroyer, Loki and soon Malekith the Accursed, where do you go? <p><i>Bigger</i>. Surtur, master of the Twilight Sword, Bane of Odin, presence in video games, etc. would be a swell antagonist. In fact, the climax of the Walt Simonson story involving Surtur features Odin, Thor and Loki in battle, meaning that you have emotional and thematic continuity from the climactic action of the first (and presumably second) film. Synergy!


Come on, why hasn't this happened? Viewers totally accept alien villains for Superman, primarily because Superman is an alien hero. The Skull ship would certainly be an awesome visual, particularly if it involved bottled cities in the interior. <p>The character has been depicted multiple times in animation, most recently this year's <i>Superman: Unbound</i>. Geoff Johns — who wrote wrote the 2008 "Brainiac" story arc — is DC's chief creative officer, to boot. It would take a 12th level intellect to figure out how we're going on six Superman films without the conqueror of Colu.


OK, hear us out here. Yes, MODOK has become something of an iconic cult comedy figure among comic fans. His "I am science! I am genius! I am(sound of Thor's hammer hitting him in the face)" scene in the <i>Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes</i> animated series is nigh-legendary. <P>BUT! MODOK could be right up the alley of the <i>Iron Man</i> film franchise, should it continue beyond this year's <i>Iron Man 3</i>. Consider how great Davros looks on <i>Doctor Who</i>, then realize that MODOK could be a similar sinister/insane/funny presence. Sure, he might not work as the main villain, but man, would he be fun to see.


Just kidding — sort of. Lex Luthor has, of course, been in plenty of live-action films up to an including 2006's <i>Superman Returns</i>; four in total at this point (you'll remember that he wisely avoided <b>Superman III</b>). <p>However, the film vision of Luthor has been fairly uneven. Twice we've seen him perpetrate grandiose schemes for land deals, and not once have we seen him as either his CEO or green-suited armored incarnation. While we're happy that <b>Man of Steel</b> gave him a pass this time around, there's still room for a more traditional, comic-informed version of Lex on screen — and with a <b>Man of Steel</b> sequel already announced to be in development, it's looking very likely that the character will be back in theaters sooner rather than later.


Granted, they'll never, ever, ever, be able to use the "Terminator" name for rather obvious reasons, but Deathstroke is a great villain, particularly if a new Batman franchise gets going. <p>It was interesting to see him on <i>Smallville</i>, but there are many ways to put Deathstroke on film as a central physical antagonist. A wide-ranging sequence demonstrating all of his various weapons would set him off as a unique figure, rather than just another hired gun.


This summer's <b>The Wolverine</b> is the sixth entry in the X-Men film franchise, meaning the movies have made it this far without the government-backed robotic hunters that help typify and crystallize paranoid humanity's hatred of mutants. Sure, there was a brief Danger Room cameo in <b>Last Stand</b>, but it wasn't the Sentinels in full as fans have come to know (and fear) them over the decades. <p>Now, Mark Millar — a consultant on Fox's Marvel movies — has stated that Sentinels will indeed be a part of next year's <i>X-Men: Days of Future Past</i>, a natural move given their prevalence in the original comic book story. So while it seems confirmed that we <i>will</i> see them in a comic book movie, we haven't seen them yet — which is saying something, given how many sneak peeks director Bryan Singer has already given via his Twitter — and how they'll be portrayed in live-action is an ongoing source of curiosity surrounding the film.


If DC ever give Green Lantern another shot in live-action, they might want to think about more colors than green and yellow. When you consider GLs villains, Atrocitus, leader of the Red Lanterns, is pretty cinematic. <p>How can you not love a guy that vomits a napalm/acid plasma? OK, maybe that wouldn't make it past a PG-13 rating, but it's a good bet fans of Cronenberg's <i>The Fly</i> would be pretty excited at the prospect.


Why? Because, as a likely first pick along with Ocean Master, it would mean that there actually was an <i>Aquaman</i> movie — rather than the fictional one starring <i>Entourage</i>'s Vincent Chase.


For the last Marvel pick of the list, we're going to go with the vengeful F/X guy. Why? Spidey has a lengthy rogues gallery that lies untouched — even with Electro and Rhino both making their on-screen debuts next year in <i>Amazing Spider-Man 2</i> — but there's something simultaneously goofy and great about that iconic helmet. <p>Not to mention the fact that someone built around special effects and illusions is perfect for a, you know, film.


As it was said about Galactus, so shall it be said about Darkseid: he's not a cloud, no matter what his non-corporeal appearances on the last season of <i>Smallville</i> would suggest. <P>Let's see Darkseid in all of his Omega glory, surrounded by his court of sadists and backed by his army of Parademons. Could you do that on film? Did you see <b>Lord of the Rings</b>? <p> As to which film he'd fit in, you've got your Superman option and your Justice League option, even if Henry Cavill doesn't think a <i>Justice League</i> movie is coming any time soon.

Top 10 Villains We Want to See in COMIC BOOK MOVIES

Date: 05 July 2013 Time: 08:25 PM ET