Wolverine's Top 10 Comic Book Fights w/ His Film Co-Stars

Wolverine sure gets around. The mutant fighting (sometimes killing) machine has had documented battles against armies in multiple countries, solo battles against vicious enemies, team battles where he usually plays the deciding role, and he does it all with an attitude that can't be matched. The healing factor-equipped beast of a mutant that goes 'SNIKT!' sure knows how to fight, and his big-screen solo adventure launching Friday, May 1st is sure to have some of his best yet. <p>He's had some huge knock down drag outs against people from all over the Marvel Universe, but here we'll take a look at his top ten fights against other characters from <b>X-Men Origins: Wolverine</b>, to give you a "fighting chance" for what to expect from the potential blockbuster... <p><i>by Lucas Siegel</i>

Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, Wolverine Vol. 3 #55

This wasn't exactly the most well received story by fans or critics, but it did feature one heck of a fight between the life long foes. The culmination of that battle comes when Wolverine uses the Muramasa Blade, a supernatural sword designed to halt healing factors, to kill long-time foe Sabretooth once and for all. Well, or until he gets better and comes back, as he inevitably will.

Wolverine vs. Gambit, Uncanny X-Men #273 & 280

Wolverine and Gambit haven't fought too often in the Marvel Universe, but when they do it's always a fun one. In this instance, Gambit got the W during a fight in the Danger Room. Granted, Wolverine was already a bit worn out, and it wasn't exactly a fair fight. To distract Logan, Gambit called up a simulation of Lady Deathstrike as a distraction, then punked Wolverine. Don't worry, Wolverine fans, he got his revenge just 7 issues later in #280, when he beat Gambit in a much more fair one-on-one fight, stopping just short of killing him with a claw to either side of Gambit's neck.

Wolverine (and Colossus) vs. The Blob, Uncanny X-Men #142

Colossus clearly thinks Wolverine is nothing but a tool. Not in the jackass sort of way, more in the jackhammer sort of way. If something is out of reach, Colossus throws Wolverine at it. If something is too big or has too strong of balance, like The Blob does, Colossus uses Wolverine as a fulcrum and uses a pylon as a lever to knock Blob off his feet. One of the most ingenious uses of an indestructible adamantium skeleton ever.

Wolverine vs. Deadpool, Cable & Deadpool #43

Another short one, but this was the easiest way anyone has ever dealt with the Merc with a Mouth. Wolverine was busy storming Hydra, and he had no time to deal with anyone or anything in his way, especially Deadpool. So, when the man in Red and Black wound up in Wolverine's path, Wolvie did what anyone with razor sharp adamantium claws would do, simply severed Deadpool's head from his body. As his healing factor has shown to be nearly unstoppable, Wade Wilson <i>did</i> get better, but it was a good show by Wolverine.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Ultimate Sabretooth, Ultimate X-Men #12

Their hatred carries across universes. Over in the off-shoot Marvel Ultimate Universe, Wolverine and Sabretooth had a somewhat similar past, both having been in the Weapon X program. After a day of being chained up, heckled, told his family had been killed by Sabretooth, watching his past go up in flames, and being brought to his death, Wolvie finally broke free for a big showdown. They tore into each other like monsters, as Sabretooth said, until Sabretooth attempts to drown Wolverine in a river. Wolvie reaches up, but not too high, jamming his claws in for the low blow and sending both of them careening off a cliff.

Wolverine vs. The Blob, Uncanny X-Men #225

This is a simple and funny one. The scene is Dallas, TX. The battle is X-Men vs. Freedom Force. Blob decides to take out the deadly Wolverine first, being launched into the air by Avalanche, and lands square on the feral mutant. Fred Dukes laughs it up ... that is until he gets a rude surprise; Wolverine, with a simple Snikt! jams his claws directly into Blob's rotund posterior, sending him jumping and howling in pain.

Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, Wolverine Vol. 2 #90

It's Wolverine and Sabretooth in a battle to the death! Or something like that. Seriously, though, this lead-in issue to the "Age of Apocalypse" storyline features Wolverine, upset that Sabretooth is on the Xavier Institute grounds, deciding that his near-equal foe just plain shouldn't live anymore. They destroy the mansion (cause <i>that's</i> never happened before) in this fight, and it ends with a dare. Wolverine has two claws out, Sabretooth proceeds to threaten that if Logan doesn't kill him then and there, he'll hunt down and destroy everyone he ever cared about. Just as Wolverine pops the middle claw (which would drive it straight into Creed's brain), the world goes crystalline, as it's re-ordered into the alternate universe tale, "Age of Apocalypse".

Wolverine vs. Deadpool, Wolverine vol. 2 #88

Checking on Kane, the latest product of Weapon X, Wolverine stumbled upon Deadpool for their first big face-to-face. The battle is brutal, with guns blazing, claws slashing and stabbing, including a vicious gut-check that doesn't slow Wade Wilson down at all; in fact, he returns the favor with his swords, spouting out his now trademark humorous one-liners the entire way. Deadpool clearly won this battle against the then-metal-free Wolverine, lending a nice sense of rivalry to the two in the future.

Wolverine vs. Weapon X, Marvel Comics Presents #79-84

Having recently been infused with an admantium skeleton, being driven nearly mad, re-discovering his claws, and experimented on like a toy, Wolverine was frankly a bit pissed off. He cut a swath through the Weapon X Facility, taking down innumerable soldiers and scientists, despite their best efforts including tranquilizers, live ammo, an electronic control harness, and extreme temperatures. He easily kills those involved in his upgrade only to find out it had all been within virtual reality. Wolverine then actually broke free, turning a lot of his dreams into reality.

Wolverine vs. Sabretooth, Uncanny X-Men #212-213

This is the gold standard for hand-to-hand combat in comic books. Never before and never since has there been a fight that has exuded such utter hatred and anger. The fight, inside the Morlock tunnels underneath NYC, starts out looking like Sabretooth will handily defeat his shorter opposite. Then Wolverine drops a wall on him. Sabretooth comes back in the next issue with a vengeance, easily taking down Rogue and Psylocke single-handedly. This time the fight travels across the Xavier Institute grounds, going through a roof, and into the water twice. This is the fight people continue to talk about as <i>the</i> example of Wolverine and Sabretooth's mutual hatred.

Wolverine's Top 10 Comic Book Fights w/ His Film Co-Stars

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