These Are Not the Dads You're Looking For

<p>With Father's Day this weekend and everyone desperately searching for the perfect last minute gift, Newsarama gives a nod to the fathers we all know and love because they're not so good. While movies and comics have taken the definition of "bad dad" to a whole new level, we think these 10 fathers are among the worst. <p>Whether they raised their kids to carry on their own demonic or villainous legacy, sacrificed them in either a literal or figurative sense, or, you know, wished them out of existence in a deal with the devil, these comic book fathers were not quite up to the task.


Okay. So he's decent in Spider-Girl. But in the mainstream Marvel Univese? <p>Again, okay ... we suppose that he was duped into thinking that his daughter died. But Spidey knows that baby-snatching and horrible trickery go hand-in-hand with super-heroics. Did he ever dig deeper, call in Reed Richards (not really a great dad either by any stretch...) or Dr. Strange to check things out? No. <p>Then again, the implication is that "One More Day," when he traded his marriage to Mary Jane and the life of his child to Mephisto to save Aunt May, actually did make him and MJ forget this bit of their past completely. So we guess Peter's not exactly a bad father. He just loves his rickety old aunt more than his marriage and the memory - or even possible ongoing existence - of his own daughter.


Extra-dimensional demon lords rarely make ideal fathers. Just ask Raven. <p>Trigon appeared via a ritual and seduced Raven's mother. Only later did his violent (and let's face it, ugly) true face show. <p>Fond of siccing his giant doggie on his subjects or coldly killing a child just to teach his own daughter a lesson, Trigon's a textbook example of how not to be a parent. And then, in Titans, we learned that he has sons who are chips off their old man's block. <p>He hasn’t been winning any father-of-the-year awards in the New 52, either, still up to his old tricks. Raven may have somewhat escaped his grasp for now, but we’ll see when <i>Teen Titans</i> relaunches (with her an official member of the team) how far the apple has fallen.

Norman Osborn

The inherent disgust factor of the Gwen Stacy revelation aside (If you missed it, Norman seduced Gwen in Europe, impregnated her, and she had his twins. We're sorry to be the ones to tell you), Norman Osborn in any incarnation has never been Dad of the Year. He regularly belittled his son Harry and inflicted severe emotional damage on him; this character trait is so pervasive that it appears in every media incarnation of the character. <p>Norman's treatment was also a factor that pushed Harry toward drug abuse. <p>After his alleged death in Amazing Spider-Man #122, Osborn slunk away to Europe to manipulate events from afar. Of course, that more or less abandoned Harry to eventual death. <p>Good work, Dad!

The Pride

Technically including moms <i>and</i> dads, when the kids in The Runaways used to get together for a play date, their parents would go off to the basement for a charity fundraiser. Or at least the kids thought. They eventually discovered the 'rents were actually downstairs committing murder, sacrificing the blood of young women to giant god-like beings. And although the members of the Pride were apparently killed later, one of the dads, Geoffrey Wilder, came back and killed a member of The Runaways in a last-ditch evil effort at immortality. <p>No wonder they ran away.


Darkseid could almost be forgiven for sending his son Orion to New Genesis in exchange for Scott Free; after all, it was a trade that bought a temporary truce and led to the birth of two heroes. <p>Still, much of Darkseid's energy has been directed toward defeating the prophecy that declared that Orion would overthrow him. <p>If his dogged antagonism of Orion weren't enough, Darkseid's downright hateful to his other son, Kalibak. He's been known to smack Kalibak about or even blast him with his Omega beams. <p>Doesn't quite strike us as an easy guy to ask for the car.

Roy Harper

The sidekick of Green Arrow, Roy Harper was destined to be downright <i>crappy</i> with relationships. The former drug addict really raised the bar, though, when he had a baby girl with the poison-master villain Cheshire. <p>Jade Nguyen then thought, hey, I'm a supervillain, my daughter would be better off with her hero father and all his hero friends around, and gave Roy custody of Lian. Big mistake. <p>First, Vandal Savage learned that Roy (and thus Lian) are descendants of his (something we bet <i>won't</i> ever carry over into the New 52), and tried to use their organs to continue his immortal existence. That one, Roy stopped. <p>But when Prometheus came a-calling to the Justice League, tore off Roy's arm, and destroyed several cities, Lian was crushed in the collapse of their house. <p>At least Lian was apparently wiped from existence with the reboot.


We suppose that Magneto can't be blamed for not knowing that he fathered kids (THREE TIMES!) until much later. We suppose that he can't be blamed for many of the negative forces that shaped his life. We believe that he <i>can</i> be blamed for repeatedly trying to use his children to further his own agendas. <p>Magneto is an unrepentant user, and that trait doesn't generally carry over well to positive parenting. <p>One of his children manipulated his twin sister into altering all of existence, resulting in the loss of mutant powers (and life) of about 99% of the mutants in the world. And that's just one example. <p>Then again, Magneto never had much contact with any of his kids until they were in their teens or older, so how much parenting has he really ever done?


It doesn't get much worse than discovering that everything you thought you knew about your dad was an act he was putting on while secretly scheming to enslave the Earth. And a superhero like Omni-Man doesn't go much more evil than when he leaves the world's greatest superheroes that trusted him in a bloody heap in their headquarters. But Invincible's dad Omni-Man took it a step further by beating his son to within an inch of his life, then abandoning him and his mother. <p>While he's made later attempts at redemption, Omni-Man's got a whole lot of making up to do.

Bruce Wayne

Like it or not, Bruce Wayne, Batman, is not someone who should be looked up to as a father. His first surrogate son, Dick Grayson, seemed to be the only one to make it out unscathed, living a <i>relatively</i> good life as Nightwing. That is, until he was exposed by the Crime Syndicate, and beaten, tortured, and eventually even <i>killed</i> for a bit, before being revived and forced by Batman to let everyone he knows and loves believe he’s still dead. <p>Surrogate son #2, Jason Todd, was <b>beaten to death</b> by The Joker. Surrogate daugher #1, Barbara Gordon, was <b>shot through the spine</b> by... The Joker. <p>Bruce's next surrogate daughter, Stephanie Brown (who has a bad dad of her own already), was very nearly killed by Black Mask all in an attempt to impress Batman. Tim Drake was full on adopted by Bruce (yay!)... after both his parents were killed, partially because of his association with Batman (boo!) <i>Note: Those have both changed in the New 52, with Tim’s parents apparently only being in WitSec instead of dead so… silver linings?</i> <p>And then there's Damian Al'Ghul-Wayne. The son of Bruce and Talia, not only did Bruce not bother to see if his copulation during training years produce progeny, he then by default allowed his son to be raised by <i>assassins</i>. And recently in the New 52, joining his father’s side, while the noble thing to do, also proved to be pretty rotten - yup, he died, too (stabbed through the chest by a crazed over-grown artificially accelerated clone of himself, naturally). <p>We love Batman as much as the next comic book fan, but if Bruce Wayne offers to take you on as ward – <i>or sidekick</i> – trust us: SAY NO!


Quick count: screwed up and got Joe's throat slit. Saw Grant assume his HIVE contract on the Titans and die. Stabbed and killed Joe as an attempt to do something <i>right</i>. Savagely manipulated Rose up to the point where she gouged out her own eye. And that's just in the <i>old</i> universe. <p>Yeah, Deathstroke's a winner all right. And that's all without counting rampant other despicable acts, like nuking a country and having sex with underage Terra. For his callous use of his children and the significant wreckage that each of their lives became, Deathstroke wins hands-down as the Worst Dad. <p>Will he be as bad a dad in the New 52? Well, his daughter hunts down other teenage metahumans for a shadowy government organization, so he's not doing great so far.

FATHER'S DAY: The 10 WORST DADS in Comic Books

Date: 13 June 2014 Time: 05:30 PM ET