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AGE OF ULTRON Covers, Art, New Teases Revealed

Date: 18 January 2013 Time: 11:36 AM ET
In Diamond's monthly retail interview with David Gabriel, SVP of Sales at Marvel Comics, he brought along some new Age of Ultron covers, teasers, and even some new interior art.

It will come as no surprise that Gabriel promised variants for every issue. He didn't reveal much about the story, aside from two hints. Issues #7 and #8 will show a Marvel Universe that no one has seen before, and Brian Bendis promises major repercussions for one of his books in particular.

"The fallout of Age of Ultron has a HUGE effect on Guardians of the Galaxy," said Bendis. "When you see what happens at the beginning of Guardians' second arc, the scramble to get the first arc is going to be astonishing."

Click through the gallery for new Age of Ultron first looks!

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