Avengers #3 Adi Granov variant

New Avengers #2 Simone Bianchi variant

A Plus X #4 Mark Brooks variant

Uncanny Avengers #7 John Cassaday main cover

And in case you missed the last batch...

Superior Spider-Man #2 Ed McGuinness variant

Avengers #4 Dale Keown variant

X-Men Legacy #5 Jorge Molina variant

Journey Into Mystery #648 Nic Klein variant

All-New X-Men #6 50th Anniversary Variant

Secret Avengers #37 Mike Perkins Final Issue variant

Iron Man #5 Jim Cheung variant

You Can't Keep a Good Marvel NOW! Variant Down

Date: 04 January 2013 Time: 12:47 PM ET
Yup, we got a first looks at even more new Marvel NOW! variant covers, including the Uncanny X-Force #1 Ron Garney Variant (to your left) and new variants from New Avengers and Avengers.

As always, some you may have seen before, but we're certain some you have not. Enjoy...

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