UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 John Cassaday Sketch Variant


A + X #1 NOW! Dale Keown Variant

CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 interiors

DEADPOOL #1 interiors

Color UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 Pages, New Variants, More

Date: 31 August 2012 Time: 11:08 AM ET
UPDATED: Marvel NOW! doesn't kick off for another month and a half, but the interior pages are still rolling in.

Today we look inside the pages of Uncanny Avengers, including NEW COLOR PAGES, a new Sara Pichelli Variant Cover (seen right here), a new A + X #1 Dale Keown Variant cover, and Captain America, and Deadpool interior pages.

Interestingly, Captain America is on nearly every page of these three previews, showing just how involved he'll be in the Marvel Universe post-AvX.

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