"The results of last year's Nielsen survey of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 readers reiterated some of what we already knew, we have truly terrific fans who love our iconic characters and even some of the more obscure ones," DC Entertainment VP of Marketing John Cunningham told Newsarama Wednesday.

"The launch of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 galvanized the traditional fan base for superhero comic books: male readers, who were already-or have at one time been-avid readers of comic books. These fans are devouring multiple New 52 titles in print or digital format. The data supports our commitment to holding the line at $2.99 and most importantly telling great stories."

The Full Nielsen: DC's Complete NEW 52 Consumer Survey

Date: 12 April 2012 Time: 10:02 AM ET
Last fall, DC Comics along with The A.C. Nielsen Company conducted a consumer research study via in-store, online and e-mail surveys of readers who purchased DC's The New 52 monthly comics.

The survey with nearly 6000 responses identified New 52 readers demographically and recorded their buying habits where and when consumers purchased their comics, and in what published form.

Since that time, the publisher has shared some of the key results of the survey with the online comics community through blog posts on their official website and in interviews with the press.

Recently, however, DC have provided comic book retailers with a 39 page PowerPoint presentation with more extensive and detailed survey results.

That full presentation follows...

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