The book that started it all, you'll notice that on the cover of Incredible Hulk #1 the green goliath is... Grey! This little blip would later be turned into an in-continuity shift between multiple personalities of the Hulk, something we'll see later!

Often overlooked, Hulk was a founding member of the Avengers (and Captain America was not)! Pictured here teaming up with Earth's Mightiest Heroes to take down Loki, a similar sight will be found in 2012's feature film Marvel's The Avengers.

The Incredible Hulk brawls with a lot of heroes, but it's never quite as fun as when he throws down one-on-one with The Thing from the Fantastic Four. These two have some truly disastrous fights under their belts, and while they usually end in a draw, it's always entertaining to watch how they get there.

While Aaron and Silvestri are dealing with a separated Hulk/Banner situation, it's far from the first time that the two have warred, though most of the time it's an internal struggle.

Hulk holding stuff on his back is a popular image (and one you'll see a couple more times here... bet you can guess which covers we mean!). This one, where he's not just holding something heavy, but the very years themselves, is a fun twist on the trope.

You just don't see straight-up goofy ideas like this one anymore. It's mini-Hulk versus "plague Rats." It's also genius.

After showing up on the final page of Hulk #180, Wolverine took the world by storm on this cover and his first full issue appearance. Since then, he's become a mildly popular character that occasionally appears in various Marvel Comics. You may have heard of him.

Ah, the "No More" trope. We did a whole other cover convention on that, but we wanted to include (one of) the Hulk's personal one amongst this bunch, too.

This one is notable for a couple of reasons: 1) Hulk is about to beat up Mount Rushmore. 2) This was during the period of time when Marvel cross-advertised, noting this comic is also "Marvel's TV Sensation!" Something hopefully we'll see again in the future.

Because Rocket Raccoon you guys. Because Rocket Raccoon.

A call back to the very first issue, this was the return of Grey Hulk, and the start of truly defining the difference between Grey and Green, a line that was later blurred when Green Hulk gained the intelligence and a near symbiotic relationship with Banner in Planet Hulk.

Yes, yes, we've seen Grey Hulk vs. Green Hulk (and you'll see it again in a bit), but how often do you have Afro Hulk watching in the background? Exactly.

Wolverine is back in this classic cover, one of the most iconic images from Marvel Comics. It's been used multiple times and with good reason, both these characters could scarcely look more menacing than with one screaming into the reflection of the other's claws.

"The Incredible Hulk vs. The Incredible Hulk" is one of those tropes that has appeared more than a couple times on the cover of this comic book (ahem... just go back a couple of images). Sometimes it's been literal, sometimes it's been an internal struggle, and always there's been some serious smashing.

Just two issues after our last cover, this one is just amazing. The "most requested villain" for Hulk to fight? Apparently it's jolly Saint Nick. Aaron, Silvestri: take notice. We need a return of Santa Claus, the most dastardly villain Hulk has ever fought!

This one's not particularly iconic, and comes from a strange period with a more human-looking Hulk who wore a t-shirt. But come on, this is just funny. As for the "shocking secret" promised on the cover? Well, we'll never tell!

The "Atlas" pose has been used on a lot of comic book covers (including other Hulk and Hercules covers), but this one, signalling "The Return of the Monster" is our favorite.

It's a "Where the Wild Things Are" parody. Do we really need to say anything else?

When Greg Pak came onto Incredible Hulk, he had to deal with the fact that Hulk had just been exiled out to space. So he did what anyone would in that situation: GLADIATOR HULK. Just about any of the covers from this epic tale could have made our list, but none beats this first image of a stoic, armored, angry green goliath.

Perhaps the most well-known and iconic image of Hulk outside of his first appearance, this cover to Secret Wars #4 shows just what he means when he says "Hulk is strongest there is!!!!" Here he literally holds an entire mountain on his back, protecting the assemblage of Earthers being made to fight it out in a twisted game.

The Maestro. When the Hulk takes over, he changes his name to this musically inclined moniker and... well, if you haven't read this seminal story, you need to. The Maestro would later show up in other peaks at the future, even taking an animated turn.

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to the Hulk and Thing, you know you're going to get an awesome brawl with some truly devastating punches thrown. None, however, can come close to the cover of the third issue of this mini-series, where Thing's rocky jaw is actually coming apart. Each issue had a different close-up punch, making for a pretty cool mini-story of its own!

Like the Planet Hulk issues before it, the World War Hulk covers could have all pretty much been included in this list. Picking one, though, we had to go with the image of Hulk on a throne, those who betrayed him in disarray at his feat. Like the Maestro on his thrown before him, there's just something painfully awesome about "king Hulk."

We had to include one image of "Rulk" and the cover of his first issue is still the one that embodies him the most. Red Hulk's identity was a mystery for his entire first arc, and no one was as shocked as the General himself when it was finally revealed!

Ultimate Hulk has had some... interesting moments, including a strong disdain for Freddie Prinze Jr. But nothing tops him ripping Wolverine in freaking half!

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Cover Convention: HULK SMASH Puny Covers!

Date: 24 October 2011 Time: 08:38 PM ET
This week, The Incredible Hulk #1 launches the Green Goliath's adventures anew, courtesy of Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri [Hear from Aaron here!]. With Hulk and Bruce Banner physically split apart, their internal conflict becomes a literal one.

Over the Hulk's 50-year life, there have been some smashing covers, and some that have become true staples, often imitated but never quite the same.

So let's take a look back and have ourselves a journey through a gamma-fueled smash fest!

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