Carlo Pagulayan cover

Bryan Hitch cover

1st Look: AVENGERS: X-SANCTION #1 Comic Shop Covers

Date: 04 October 2011 Time: 12:00 PM ET
Marvel Comics is offering a special "Comic Shop Variant" incentive covers to retailers for the December-debut issue of Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness' 4-issue Cable vs. the Avengers limited series Avengers: X-Sanction, which Marvel says plays a large role in setting up their big 2012 plans.

By meeting certain ordering incentives, retailers can choose one of the 2 offered covers, by artists Carlo Pagulayan and Bryan Hitch, respectively, which includes an area in which retailers can personalize the covers for their comic book shop.

The standard Ed McGuinness cover is shown here to the left. Click on through to check out the two covers Marvel is offering...

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