It started early, with just #17 of the series that would later be renamed Uncanny X-Men. As we've pointed out in past Cover Convention's the "none shall survive" actually makes this one a twofer.

Continuing with Uncanny, #32 showed a triumphant Juggernaut standing over the X-Men. It was far from the last time we'd see this style of cover with Cain Marko, either...

Like here, with #67 for example. This is notable for him also taking down the Human Torch. Taking that theme, we'll see if the X-Men have ever been defeated on a cover by one of Torch's enemies in a little bit.

But first, when X-Men was gaining new numbers despite being reprints, it did occasionally get new covers to go with it. Such is the case here as Mimic takes down the team in a reprint from their earlier years, the cover of #75.

The Hellfire Club is giving the X-Men some trouble in their books right now, but back in Uncanny X-Men #132, they actually defeated them! (on the cover)

Sure enough! Here's the Fantastic Four's greatest enemy. Right there on the cover of Uncanny X-Men #145, they feel the wrath of DOOM.

And a few years later, it happens again. Yikes!

Jumping forward a bit, let's see how the first team of young mutants, the New Mutants are doing. #60 was far from their only "lots of us are dead" cover, but it's certainly the creepiest.

The New Mutants' dead bodies also littered the covers of other books, like here when Colossus tries to fight for their lives against demons of Limbo in Uncanny X-Men #231!

That doesn't mean only youngins get stomped, of course. When the original X-Men regrouped to form X-Factor, it only took them until #4 to have most of them lying dead on the ground.

Likewise, when X-Men relaunched, by the end of the first year, #12, the extremely famous villain everyone knows, Hazard, piled up the X-bodies. Oh, Hazard, what a legend he became!

Going North of the border won't save you from being piled up helplessly, either, as Alpha Flight demonstrated many many times in their first ongoing series. Like here, on the cover of #26!

And here, only three months later on the cover of #29!

And just in case you forgot they liked this cover style, they reminded you up in the hundreds at #112, as well.

You were just thinking, but have Heroes ever stood over piles of bodies? Yes, like Havok here on Uncanny X-Men #270.

Wolverine stood over his friends and teammates' bodies more than once, like here when he was Apocalypse's Horseman of Death in Wolverine #146

Or like here, when he's pretty clearly just last man standing on Deadly Genesis.

Or here, in the alternate universe of Mutant X. Moral is, where Wolverine goes, piles of bodies follow.

Remember when we said Juggernaut kept doing this? Well that's his shadow here on Uncanny #334 for proof!

A UK reprint series, Essential X-Men loved the body count covers. One of the best examples is this reprint of Onslaught, mostly because both Franklin and Onslaught have huge goofy grins on their faces as they stand over the bodies of the FF and X-Men.

As we begin to wind down, we come back to the Uncanny X-Men and also get to touch on another Cover Convention: silhouettes! #446 has a "mysterious" figure with the X symbols on her, who has taken down the team!

And back just before the "Age of Apocalypse," there was a mini-crossover called "Legion Quest." While this wasn't one of the numbered entries in the story, X-Factor #109 was the entry that included a pile of bodies.

X-Force's copious amounts of muscles, shoulder pads, and pouches couldn't protect them from being piled up in a heap on the cover of X-Force #58.

The "adjectiveless" X-Men has never forgotten its roots, once again making a heap of frequently-piled-up Wolverine, Gambit, and Rogue on #104...

And again 80 issues later, again including Wolverine, and again at the hands of a former friend.

And finally, we leave you with this, because even in the far future of 2099, there's nothing quite like bodies thrown helplessly on the ground.

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Cover Convention: Mutant Bodies EVERYWHERE!

Date: 13 September 2011 Time: 08:50 PM ET
Tuesday brought news of Avengers: X-Sanction, the latest Marvel project from writer Jeph Loeb and artist Ed McGuinness, that was first teased as "Cable Reborn."

With the news came this image to the left, feature Cable standing over the fallen bodies of several Avengers members, seemingly (but surely not actually) dead.

It's a striking visual, and certainly not the first of its kind. The history of Marvel (and superhero comics in general) is full of superhero pile-ups, but quite often it's the reverse of what we see here with the triumphant Cable X-Men characters lying in prone positions.

With that in mind, Newsarama has assembled some of the best X-covers of that ilk, and without further ado, let the bodies hit the floor.

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