Action Comics #1 cover by Rags Morales
2011 DC Entertainment

Action Comics #1 variant cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams
2011 DC Entertainment

REMIX: ACTION COMICS #1 Preview (3 pages added)

Date: 07 September 2011 Time: 12:28 PM ET
Updated 7/7 with three pages added to the opening sequence...

He's young, he's green, he comes of age in a cynical world and isn't afraid to take the fight to anyone that he finds corrupt, even if that means operating above the law.

He's writer Grant Morrison and artist Rags Morales' rebooted new Superman, in the Man of Steel's first major updating of the iconic character in 25 years.

The new, crusading Superman debuts Sept. 7th from DC Comics in Action Comics #1, what the the publisher calls the "cornerstone" of its "New 52" line-wide relaunch of their superhero universe.

Newsarama and its publishing partners present an exclusive six-page preview of the historic 40-page debut issue, the first Action Comics #1 in over 73 years.

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